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Big Brother Canada 6 - Game On, Eh

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. BBCAN5 premieres Wednesday March 15 at 9pm EST on Global.

    The new season is officially Returnees VS New Houseguests.
    Returnees are Neda, Kevin, Cassandra, Gary, Sindy, Bruno, Ika, and Dallas.
    Check out the new houseguests here.

    Weekly episodes air Monday & Wednesday at 9pm and Thursday at 8pm. Feeds are free once again this year! This season's grand prize will be $100k cash, $30k from the Brick and a new 2017 Toyota '86 Sports car.

    New cast interviews, Pt. 1

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  2. New cast interviews:

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  3. I wanna get excited about this mess again but BBCan4 was such a let down.
  4. I still think it was better than a lot of the most recent US seasons, but it lacked what made the first 2 seasons so great (and even season 3, to a slightly lesser extent). I really hated that the brothers won, because I think Phil just had an awful, ugly personality. The way he repeatedly spoke to Cassandra near the end of the game was terrible. Overall the casting definitely wasn't as exciting, but I did love the internationals + Cassandra.
  5. Yeah I agree with you. I don't think I actually finished any US season since... BB14, maybe? I always quit in the middle. And the only BBCan4 houseguests I didn't really hate were the ones you already said plus Mitch. That cast was unbearable.
  6. My lack of faith in their casting is the one reason I might prefer a Canada all-stars right now, but I also don't trust them to choose the right players to come back. I'd probably rather they do a new cast but not try so hard to go after 'pretty people' like they seemed to last year (and like BBUS has for years now). The first two seasons were great because they actually cast interesting, unique people with different stories & experiences, and there was lots of different gameplay.

    If I got to pick a BBCAN All-Star cast with 4 players from each year so far, excluding the winners, I'd say:
  7. My ideal All Stars cast is pretty similar.
    Guys: Alec, Gary, Adel, Kenny, Jordan, Godfrey, Kevin, Mitch
    Girls: Talla, Ika, Neda, Sabrina, Naeha, Sindy, Cass, Loveita
    But I wouldn't mind seeing Jillian, John and Sarah playing again too.

    It seems like this season's theme is "space" and the background features a lot of stars. Huh.
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  8. I'm really excited for another season. The last one was a bit dull, but there's just something about the Canadian series that I like so much better than the American one (and I say this as an American & a former BBUS employee). It strikes a nice balance between the American and UK versions of the show.
  9. I'd love to see the first 3 winners battling it out. I think one of the reasons I love season 1 - 3 so much is because my favourite players won. And our lists are super similar - I struggled with not putting Sabrina in. She's entertaining as hell, but I feel like BB was too much for her mental health. She seemed to really go off the deep end in there. Honestly, I'd pay to watch the entire S2 cast just go in all over again.
    What did you do on BBUS?! I need to try out for BBCAN next year. My friends have been trying to push me every year to go to the auditions and I always get cold feet. I'm not sure how well I'd do under 24-hour surveillance. I definitely like the Canadian series the best of any that I've watched, though.
  10. I'm seeing lots of speculation that Neda will be there. Apparently fans think that her sister has taken over her social media the last few days, leading them to believe that Neda is sequestered. Also (ugh) everyone seems to think that Peter Brown will be there.

    My favourite speculation so far: that they're having a team of all-star internationals, including Tiffany Pollard.

  11. In what now seems like another lifetime, I was a logger (watches the house live and takes detailed notes in a computer system of shots/content so producers can later search clips to create episodes) on Big Brother All-Stars (7) & Big Brother 8.
  12. So apparently only eight houseguests will be returning players. Fans VS Favorites?

    Cass, Ika, Neda and Sindy would be perfect casting but Dallas? Bruno?
    Give me Godfrey and Mitch instead of these two.
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  13. Well, I'm officially rooting for Kevin, Neda, and Cassandra. I really can't stand Gary, I hope he gets cut right away... I honestly think he has an awful, awful attitude of entitlement. I get that he's entertaining (for some people?), but I'd take just about anyone over him. Bruno & Sindy are both fine, though not overly exciting. Ditto for Dallas. Ika will be fantastic.
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  14. Not a fan of Gary either, really grates on me
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  15. The new cast is what's annoying me the most. Four new houseguests so far and they're all 23-25. I hope there's at least one other older houseguest in the next batch, but I sort of doubt it. I'm really sick of seeing a bunch of young, pretty houseguests. I mean, throw me a few, but not a cast full of them.

    If we get one more goddamn bartender...
  16. BB Canada has been light years better than the US version for years now so I'm perched for this.

    However, it looks like they've already screwed the casting up... Such a wealth of great players & characters to choose from and we're getting freaking Bruno? I need to see Cassandra, Sabrina, Kenny & Ika all play again.
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  17. 2nd post has been updated with new cast member interviews. Here's the returnee interviews so far:

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  18. Full cast announcement is here.
    Yas @ there being a 53-year-old woman. I guess someone has to go home first...
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