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Big Brother USA - Season 19

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. It's a shame Alex and Josh seem hellbent on sticking with the house because as much as Jessica and Jason seem unbearable, if those four and Kevin could stick together, they could potentially weaken the other side. And of course Paul is perfectly aligned with both sides. Alex and Jason have said if they can help the other side long enough to see Ramses and Josh out, they'd be happy cause they made jury. WHY are houesguests like this every season?! Do they need the money that bad?
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  2. I'm pretty sure he admitted on the feeds that he's only watched 2 or 3 seasons.
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  3. Really?! What a complete mess. I was rooting for him in the beginning because he’s a queer geek. But it goes to show what anyone will say to get on the show.
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  4. Ramses knows Cody is the target, I don't understand why he wouldn't throw the veto. It just doesn't make sense to me. He apparently put himself up on the block this week because he *knew* the target was strong on someone else, and then he tried to risk fucking up the eviction of said person? No logical thinking at all.

    Like, you throw the veto and flop at it, you get the respect of the people controlling the house. The people that voted out the person you voted for a week ago. He needs to be on their good side. He's not able to think ahead.
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  5. That is so incredibly frustrating, especially because it happens every year. The gang of floaters, instead of teaming up & using their numbers, fall to the decisions of the alliance in power. I really thought Alex was smarter than that, which is why I've been rooting for her, so this is disappointing.
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  6. RMK


    Josh is just so annoying, but part of me feels bad for him because he really thinks he's like Ika Wong. As in, he thinks he's rightfully exposing people, and everyone watching is on his side.
  7. Oh yeah, he's as delusional as he is irritating. They're not getting rid of him anytime soon as he's an easy target.
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  8. I really hate the editing of the show these days. This year is basically The Paul Show, with him dominating the narrative throughout (despite players like Dom actually making moves and forging relationships that we never see). We basically have Paul narrating 3 episodes every week, and rather than focusing on social game of multiple players, all we're seeing is Paul V Cody. The POV winner reveal was like 10 minutes of Jessica and Paul repeating the same things over and over in the DR.
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    Dominique really is my favorite. In the house when the feeds first went live she was trying to strategize with Cody through Mark which totally changed her game. Instead of being direct like Megan she went to Mark basically saying: "Cody doesn't talk that much, and I just want to help him out in this game". Since that point she was the only single person in the showmance alliance. Then the house split, and she made sure Jessica wasn't fully mad at her but that Paul knew he can trust her (and she wasn't at the bottom of the alliance).

    The only time she really messed up (but I don't think it's really that big of a deal) was confessing her love for Mark which I guess Elena expected. She said she was praying against it and disguised it was a brotherly love. In the long run, I can see that totally harming her if Mark reveals it to anyone. I doubt he will though, he kind of likes her too.2
  10. As someone who detests Paul, this is my problem with this season. You're all mentioning things from the feeds, but as someone who only watches the episodes, the only things I know happening are those that involve Paul and Cody. It's boring.
  11. The show isn't so different than in past years. It just so happens that Paul got the temptation + was a target last week and is HoH this week. On the main show, you basically get the HoH narrating everything, especially in the first couple of weeks.
  12. Watching my first episode of the series tonight.

    Can I just say... I really hate how the houseguests talk in the diary room. It's so obvious that they are reading a script, so that the producers have the narration they need. It doesn't seem real. (Well, it's a reality show, shocking I know.)

    But HELLO guy who looks like Wreck-It Ralph and Silver Fox, have their nudes been leaked yet?
  13. HmmmT.. so they're doing battle back. Not surprised.

    I want Cameron back. If it's Cody, I swear to God..
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  14. Also I love that we have graduated from VIP cocktail waitress to VIP concierge
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  16. Only because they can't put "escort"
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  17. Mark is so sexy. Love seeing daddy angry.
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  18. Seriously they couldn't afford a webcam?!?!
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  20. These houseguests are so fucking dumb, omg. Wasting up a chance to get out a big player who is now going to be gunning hard for everyone.

    edit: Never mind. God is real.
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