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Big Brother USA - Season 19

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. How rude of them all to walk past the memory wall while Cody's photo fades to grey. Have you no sense of BB tradition!!!
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  2. Chenbot, so shady! "...your SHORT time in the house."
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  3. If Ramses actually went home and Cody stayed for another week it would've been an interesting week in the house. Watch him be the one who ends up coming back.
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  4. Cody is so weird. I would self-evict too if I was in the house with him. I'm afraid he'd murder me.
  5. I hope someone not from the showmance alliance ends up winning this HOH competition which unfortunately seems...doubtful.

    Cody may be absolutely unsufferable but I kinda hope he wins the battle back because Big Brother is not worth watching without its drama.
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  6. Alex probably has a good shot, she came in second in the last endurance comp. This kinda of competition also tends to favor small-framed women.

    Depending on the type of competition for the battle-back, Cody is almost a guaranteed shoe-in. The teased 'block' is the only thing that I see stopping his return, but I anticipate it'll be a hard feat to accomplish.

    Pretty bummed that the den is already over this week.
  7. RMK


    He walked out on them so they don't care.

    I think Christmas set up Dom, because right now Paul is about to cut her off all together. They don't know the third vote, and I doubt they'll suspect Christmas.

    It's a women's HOH. Elena and Alex are in. Jason is struggling.
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  8. Uno


    Alex won.
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  9. RMK


    I'm annoyed.

    My thoughts:
    Elena is going to use Alex to do the groups dirty work. Either put Jessica/Ramses/Josh up, and backdoor Dom or put her up directly. They don't like her, and it completely sucks.
  10. I'm cackling.
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  11. I was shook that Cody seemed to have a personality in his interview!
  12. I'm sort of hoping that
    Matt gets booted, just because I want someone who would put up a good fight against Cody in the battle-back. It'd be great if Jess got booted, too, though, so that only one of them is left in the house even if Cody comes back in.
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  13. Yeah i was surprised he came of well in the interview. I still think he’s an absolute douche but i hope he comes back in the house to stir shit up.

    Christmas voting live from a hospital is a definite #ButFirst. Big Brother US will do anything to keep a narrative going.
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  14. RMK


    *DJ Khaled voice* "ANOTHA ONE"

    In all seriousness I hope she's fine in the end she seems okay right now.
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  15. Well there goes my fav...
  16. Why the fuck does he want Paul to win?

    Isn't Paul a man-child who lives at home with his wealthy parents that fund his ventures? I don't have the stomach to vote for somebody like that to be awarded 500K or whatever.
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  17. Dominique is so awful, I really wish she goes now.. She's so obsessed with Elena being jealous while Elena tried to save her by talking to Alex. She can go on Thursday and god won't save her.
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  18. RMK


    No, I think he's doing something aside from it and he is actually huge (as in on social media). He's one of the most liked next to Christmas this season from the GP.

    I HAVE NEWS on noms, and race is involved.
    So Dom and Jess are now nominated.

    Alex told Elena it's only because she told her she's suspicious of her (Elena). Dom feels a bit betrayed, and is saying that it may be because she is black that she is targeted. She got up after noms and only hugged Mark and walked away. Elena did make a deal with Alex that she would be safe, and was close to noms. Not a fan though, of this new attitude.
  19. Wow this week is shaping up to be awful...
  20. RMK


    I'm about to check Jokers updates and feeds.

    Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best.