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Big Brother USA - Season 19

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sanctuary, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. RMK


    Did anyone watch tonight?

    It's sad Dom is being targeted.
    Jason won.
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  2. Alex is my favorite player in ages. She makes moves, thinks through her decisions, wins competitions, and doesn't care about hurting feelings along the way.

    As much as I hate Paul, I love the idea of he & Alex secretly working together. Tear the couples alliance apart.

    Bummed Mark & Dom have become targets, but they really haven't done much to secure themselves outside of their alliance - dumb move - and Elena being more of a comp threat will only work to their disadvantage.

    I'm hopeful Dom or Jess can win the veto & things can be shaken up even more.
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  3. Alex doesn't really make moves lol. She just does what Paul says, like the rest of them. If she made moves she wouldn't put Jessica up. Also her reasoning to put Dominique up is so shit, like if she said something about Elena what does that have to do with you?
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  4. It's just so incredible that Paul could have this much power. He literally picked Dom to be the target because he sensed she wasn't one of the many blind disciples and they all just jump on the bandwagon. Alex is a fool for wasting her HOH on someone who would have not come for her. I'd have put Matt and Mark side by side. She talks about wanting to make big moves, that would have been one. Sure, she'd piss of Elena, Raven, and probably Dom in the process, but she'd still have Jessica, Ramses, Josh, Jason, Kevin, and probably Paul to work with.
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  5. Paul having this much power is ridiculous, but it's all because he's still safe. My hope is that once he's not safe, everyone turns on him (I'm sure that's not likely, but I can dream). That said, I appreciate his constant interest in stirring things up. As annoying as he is, he knows how to make the game better for viewers.

    Alex putting up Jessica was the smartest move. She's obviously not her target, so she can still keep both sides of the house happy. Dom was clearly turning on Elena in her talk with Alex, despite doing nothing but the couples' bidding up until now, so I see why Alex suddenly feels like she's a shifty player that's not entirely trustworthy. Dom needs to turn on the entire couples group, and team up with the outliers. Simply turning on Elena wasn't smart; the couples will always stick together. She needs to do more for her own game instead of trying to save this group that doesn't care about her.
  6. I did enjoy Cody calling out how ridiculous Paul's safety power is during his exit interview with Julie. He's not wrong.
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  7. It was the first time I thought "okay maybe he's not completely awful". I'd love for him to return, and if the evictee is who I think it will be this week, he is surely a shoe-in. I'm praying Dom gets the temptation but I see America going for someone useless like Kevin or Ramses.
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  8. The current top 3 on Jokers is Kevin, Alex and Jason, so expect one of those three to get it.
  9. None of them would use it, surely? I missed last night's episode so only got a vague description of what the temptation even is this week from Twitter.
  10. RMK


    She's making the moves for him, but she totally agrees with everything he's saying. In other words, they are on the same page it just so happens this is her HOH and she's looking like a puppet. She had this all in mind before winning, probably.
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  11. I'm not clear on what it's supposed to be. Apparently you can stop an eviction from happening or stop the returnee from coming back, OR wait to use it in the next 4 evictions.
  12. RMK


    Alex is the fan-favorite in the country outside of Jokers, surely she'll get it.
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  13. I'm really finding it hard to care much about this season. I'm not entirely sure if it's the cast or the twists or what, it's just not clicking for me like most Big Brother seasons do. I think it's the fact that I don't really have a clear favourite like I usually do by this point. Everyone is just sort of there.
  14. RMK


    I really like this season despite expecting it to be a dud. I too don't have a favorite but the house is really shaken up all the time. I want the next season to be BBCAN5 levels of drama, though.

    My prediction for Top 5 would be:
    Alex - She legit just wins everything, and if not Paul she'll stick around.
    Raven - Who is literally going to evict the girl who is the sweetest making everyone birthday cakes, other food, and cleaning. Her spot is guaranteed.
    Matt - Likable, and it's amazing how un-noticeable both him and Raven are when it comes to picking noms for the block.
    Christmas - No ones going to to turn on her I feel.
    Kevin - As weird as it sounds looking at Karen from BBCAN5 she stayed in the game at a long stretch because who cares.

    This is also me hoping someone realizes Paul is playing everyone.
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  15. Paul is so goddamn annoying.

  16. Dom calling Paul a snake is the most exciting thing she's done this season. That said, not a good week to do it.

    I want Cody back for the sole purpose of taking Paul down a notch. I'd like to think he'd break up the couple as well, but that all sounds too good to be true.
  17. RMK


    The fact I have Live feeds but I'm never on to witness any of this exposure/drama.

    Like... He's acting like Josh but he has America on his side. UGH.
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  18. ddd. Jesus.
  19. RMK



    Fan Favorite cancelled. I haven't looked to make a conclusion myself, but Paul was honestly fine. I never liked him as much as everyone I know who watches the show, but WOW.
  20. Good Lord, why don't they ever learn?!

    Just get him out now & let's move on. What'll actually happen is the entire house will support this deplorable display and he'll still make it to the finale while making even more racist/sexist remarks along the way with nothing but laughter from the other houseguests.