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Big Little Lies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MollieSwift21, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Then let voters, shareholders, consumers change that ... I doubt the people behind a TV drama or it's audience can change things (or remotely needs to) …
  2. I actually felt the men of the series got far too much screentime/development.

    Also, what's a sex pest?
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  3. K94


    That point just does not compute. Every main character was formed by their actions rather than specific character traits. Each of them had a moment that made us smile, laugh, gasp, cringe etc. because that's how human beings work. We're not all good or all bad and none of the characters were portrayed as such (including Perry). Like we're talking mostly rich, white, straight men - they could have really turned them into awful caricatures. However, their characters were nuanced and they showcased their vulnerability as much as the women. Not everything has to have a male saviour at the helm.
  4. I really enjoyed this - was it better or not as good as the book?

    I recently just read another book by the same author, called Truly Madly Guilty and it was pretty good!
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  5. MILES better than the book. The book is a fun, trashy quick read, but doesn't have near the amount of character development or those incredible performances to bring the roles to life. I enjoyed it, but haven't read any of her other stuff, so will give Truly Madly Guilty a shot.
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  6. God is real.
  7. Wait
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  8. Let's not do more of this ladies.

    Honestly though, looks like they're in makeup &/or interview chairs while being fully made up. I'm guessing this is just a promo opp (interview, sketch, Buzzfeed video, photoshoot) leading up to EMMY noms.
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  9. I'm afraid that "voters, shareholders, consumers" are the least likely groups to try and change longstanding (and often unfair) stereotypes. In fact, films (and let's be straight, this is a film masquerading as a mini-series) are often hugely influential in encouraging people to see other perspectives and points of view.

    I appreciate that you would personally prefer a more "even-handed" approach to characters of different genders - however, I feel like I've seen far too many stories containing minimum screentime female characters, all presented as the same "trope" (mother, hooker, fantasy object) to last a lifetime.

    That this show gave me a swathe of well-developed, flawed female characters (and plenty of "unpleasant" male characters with limited screentime, which was important to the story, not just "window-dressing")? I loved it for that.

    Equality comes in a variety of shapes.
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  10. This... got overlooked, @ibelieveinsantogold. I can't imagine what you're going through (and how watching this show would make you feel, fuck.) Did you get anything out of this show that could improve your situation at all? I hope so.

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  11. But why was Renata the only one to pronounce Madeline's name differently?
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  12. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's the best 7 hours of television I've ever watched. The character development. The build up. The pay off. Fucking hell.
  13. I recall reading an interview Laura Dern where it was a choice she made for the character - something like she felt Renata would go out of her way to pronounce it incorrectly to be petty/sound posh/etc.
  14. Other thoughts:

    1) Every single actor in this was fantastic, children included.

    2) Unbelievable soundtrack. I want Chloe to make me playlists.

    3) Reese's Madeline was my favourite character and I thought she owned every scene she was in, but there is no way Nicole isn't cleaning up next awards season. What a fascinating, nuanced, troubling performance from her. Astonishing stuff.

    4) The therapy sessions were fucking outstanding. Difficult and upsetting and perfect. Best on-screen therapist since Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.

    5) The Obvious happened, but The Obvious was the right thing to happen. It was the story that was being told. It never came across as predictable because the tension it gave the second half of the season was essential.

    6) Please, please, please no second season. It was perfect and nothing more needs to be said.

    I'm in love with this, even though it broke my heart.
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  15. Just finished it. Loved it. I was not expecting Reese Witherspoon to be my favorite either. Beyond the writing and fantastic performances from all the women, I was struck by how well the show was edited.
  16. When TV shows take over our lives (last time we stayed in Montauk because of The Affair): when we rented a car on the south coast of France and made it a point to listen to Michael Kiwanuka's amazing song and pretended we were in Monterey.

    Notes: Nicole Kidman's fake teeth still bug me. Also: I blissfully had no preconceived notions about Shailene Woodley, loved her.

    And no second series, please, thanks girls. x
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  17. Was it just me or was Nicole Kidman's accent all over the place at some points.
  18. No, she got terribly Australian during one of the therapy sessions, if I remember correctly. A review I read picked up on it as well. That just leaves Elisabeth Moss for ALL THE AWARDS, I guess.
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  19. Elisabeth will compete on Drama Series and Nicole on Limited Series.