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Big Pop Girls 2016 VS Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Why yes, yes you have done enough damage already.

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  2. 12. Freedom
    11. Slumber Party
    10. Sorry
    9. Love On The Brain
    8. Needed Me
    7. All Night
    6. Thinking Bout You
    5. Touch It
    4. Same Ol' Mistakes
    3. Formation
    2. Kiss It Better
    1. Into You
  3. It's better to post this on unpopular opinions thread but anyway :

    12. Same Ol Mistakes
    11. Love On The Brain
    10. Kiss It Better
    9. All Night
    8. Freedom
    7. Thinking About You
    6. Touch It
    5. Needed Me
    4. Slumber Party
    3. Formation
    2. Sorry
    1. Into You
  4. Am I the only one forgetting about Needed Me being still in? I think the time has come for that song to leave.

    Thinking Bout You, too.
  5. I'm not even mad about Joanne being out before Glory 'cause I'm pretty sure it'll have a higher average in the end. I think. Right? Someone reassure me here. Anyway:

    12. Slumber Party
    11. Needed Me
    10. Freedom
    9. Same Ol' Mistakes
    8. Thinking Bout You
    7. Love On The Brain
    6. Sorry
    5. All Night
    4. Touch It
    3. Kiss It Better
    2. Into You
    1. Formation
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  6. 12. Needed Me
    11. Touch It
    10. Love On The Brain
    9. Slumber Party
    8. Thinking Bout You
    7. Into You
    6. Freedom
    5. Same Ol' Mistakes
    4. All Night
    3. Sorry
    2. Formation
    1. Kiss It Better

    My 3 remaining 10s and 11 in the top 4.
  7. RJF



    You have to wonder just how much longer we can put rates on like this before we're well and truly reaching with the things the albums have in common in order to put them against one another, but at the same time, perhaps we don't. It's maybe slightly more difficult to see because we're in it right now, but we're now reaching a point where all of the more established girls (give Ariana time; that's all she needs) are nearing over a decade or more in this business... and they're all going strong. Still making splashes, still getting hits, still selling out arenas. Popstars aren't really meant to last that long. Our media has a shelf life for them; "right okay you've had your time even if you're still excellent and exciting it's time to move ok bye" but here, in this group, there is still an interest. They endure. That's what they have in common.

    I don't believe you endure without taking chances. By the sheer nature of doing it, taking chances surprises people, grabs their attention, makes them look at you in a different light. It can revitalise not just the audience, but the artist too. Despite nonsensical claims about releasing this album to somehow placate people who thought she was too out there to begin with (Oh but wait I thought she had always been releasing "just" pop music and needed to drop the artistic delusions. Funny how arguments shift.), Joanne was anything but safe. Returning to the pop scene was always going to be difficult. Lady Gaga left an indelible mark on pop music in her time, and after being away for so long, it was a struggle to really see her in the context of 2016 as RnB surged and tropi-pop ruled. And of course, like I've said before, the problem with being so definitive for a certain time is that, whether we like it or not, time marches on and can leave people behind if they're unable to change with it.

    So what did Lady Gaga do in the face of that? Tell trends to fuck off and do her own thing, and it worked out pretty well.

    Gaga's albums are always so ferociously ingrained in the context of their release it's hard for them to just let them exist on their own in your head. Born This Way was an excellent album at the time, and six years free of the fuckery that surrounded the year of its release has only made it even more so, and I believe this album will be the same for those who aren't sure of it. The two actually have a lot in common; essentially being reflections of their creator's soul at the time, while dismissing current trends in pop and just doing what came naturally. And yet despite that, Joanne still holds up as a great pop album. It's warm, expansive, catchy, fun, emotional, bizarre, and perhaps all these things will be appreciated more when the weight of expectation (which is always huge for Gaga; heavier than it is for most artists I think) has lifted, and the fog all the preconceived notions that cluttered the release has lifted.

    But then, Gaga has always been the one out of all these girls who has spoke to me the most, even if I didn't know it at the time, so perhaps I'm more inclined to buy what she's selling. She has more or less managed to deliver to me what I wanted even if I didn't know I wanted it. So yes, give me mirrors on the ceiling, give me fifty dollar bills in my waistband, give me wild nights with bad men, give me a million reasons, give me over-earnest calls for peace and love, and a friend to stumble home drunk with at 4AM, dancing in the streets and reminding me what I did with my phone when I got in last night. Give me an album that heals, that reconciles restless spirits, both living and dead, that reminds me not to be so hard on myself, and puts it all to me honestly and powerfully. It's that kind of power that doesn't fade; a true connection, an eternal image, a protest outside a skyscraper at 3AM with tear stained cheeks and a sign that says love can conquer all. I'll take it every time, in whatever shape it comes in.

    I'm going to try and wrap this up because I've already written about this album twice and long form posts have become more and more wearisome on the forum in the past year or so, so I'll just bottom line it with this: this album was a complete restorer of faith in Lady Gaga for me. Faith in an artist who I've always thought was brave and fearless and doing whatever the fuck she wanted because it was what she felt at the time. Faith that she could still surprise me and blow my mind. Faith that things can change without becoming alienating; that artists can grow up without us growing apart. And perhaps most of all... that the next step into the unknown is going to be exciting, because she's open to and capable of anything, and there's no way of telling what direction she's going to go, and that it's all going to be okay.

    After all, it's just another day, right?

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  8. RJF




    1. Slice Of Life - 9.654
    2. MrMannacroix - 9.538
    2. Mr.Arroz - 9.538
    4. Synthline - 9.385
    5. Andy French - 9.308
    6. Jwentz - 9.269
    6. ohnostalgia - 9.269
    8. Sprockrooster - 9.231
    8. R92 - 9.231
    10. Kuhleezi - 9.154


    1. Raisin Hell - 4.423
    2. Laura Vanderbooben - 5.231
    3. lemonsqueezyy - 5.462
    4. Phloo - 5.5
    5. supersoon - 5.577
    6. BML - 5.885
    7. Sanctuary - 6
    8. GhettoPrincess - 6.231
    9. Oceandrive - 6.308
    10. Oxygen - 6.462
    10. Call My Name - 6.462
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  10. I'm getting a 7.740 average for Glory without knowing where Slumber Party fell, but since RJF just edited the graphic it's going to come down to wire as to whether 7.845 beat it or not.
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  11. RJF


    Just realised I had the Standard/Deluxe scores round the wrong way on that graphic. Fixed now!
  12. [​IMG]

    and not even an active participant in groupthink boop!
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Those Top 10 scorers make quite the roster of great taste. The Bottom 10 scorers, well that's not a proud group to be in.

    My 9.091 standard average means I was a lot closer to the former.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Despite rating Joanne at a time I wasn't 100 percent feeling it (or more accurately, feeling like something was """""""missing""""", when it wasn't at all, it was all me), I have really come to love it. I think that, while the theme of healing and hope care and love that runs through it all was a balm to some at a very trying time late last year, it didn't work for me. I didn't need that at the time, I needed fight songs. And actually, over time, it's not so much that it's opened to me, but that I've opened up to it. I got it on first listen, I realise. I just wasn't ready to listen.

    Lady Gaga looks a bit like my late grandmother. It wasn't until my sister almost jokily reminded me of that fact, after we'd both collapsed on the sofa after singing and dancing to Grigio Girls together, that I really understood this album. I thought about my life, my sister's. All the shit that's gone on, the good and the bad. Joanne is almost entirely free of guile. It's honest, and very vulnerable. Unafraid to be so. That she finds healing in the sadness of her own family tragedies and sadnesses is also a request of us, from her, to do the same.

    I find something to critique with every Gaga album, and I guess I hear from everyone that my taste in "fave" tracks of hers is weird, but it doesn't really matter. I think with this one, she finally did it. She nailed it. And oddly, that's also allowed me to appreciate even the stuff I used to quite dislike in her earlier albums.

    Thanks, Gags.
  16. '6 Inch' has grown on me immensely even in the past week or so. It did phenomenally to make it this far, even if it was a bit surprising.

    Also, @Kuhleezi is absolutely right: the entire outro is so Janelle - I think it every time I listen. It's the sudden, unexpected brightness and warmth of "Oh, gonna make you feel" (or whatever the lyric is) that invites the comparison, because like @RJF suggested, Janelle's domain is the light where the rest of '6 Inch' is so dark.

    So anyways, brilliant song and a good showing. 'Needed Me' to vacate next.
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  17. I do love Joanne, despite me being rather vocal about the tracks I don't care for as much. Such a comforting, warm album for me.
  18. I think the standard coming out of this with an average score of 8.019 is pretty amazing.

    As for these folks:

  19. Guy


    Joanne has grown on me immensely since listening to it for the first time during this rate. It's the only album I've actually gone back to and listened to in full again since the rate started. If I were scoring it today, my average would have easily been 1.5-2 points higher.

    Also, I don't get the praise for Needed Me. It has one of the worst choruses in the whole rate, and I very much hope it misses the top 10. That being said, the other 3 rihmaining Rihanna tracks should go top 5, to be honest.
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  20. Disrespectful fuks