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Big Pop Girls 2016 VS Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. The fact we got Samba Party into the top 10 is still cracking me up. Snatch that only top 10.
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  2. Seriously. I did when I made that horrible Meghan Trainor joke.
    You mean getting pissed in pubs every other night?

    Thank you so freaking much for this rate. This was so so so extra and I loved every moment of it. I'm still dizzy after reading the winner's post.

    ♥All hail the behemoth Into You♥
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  3. This has been truly a legendary rate, @RJF, so thank you for hosting this flawlessly. Sorry I didn't submit much commentary though. I tried but life got in the way. That trick.

    But seriously, even though this rate has seen such tragic moments, I'll still more likely remember the fun moments I had following this more than the tragic ones. Now all that's left to complete the RJF Experience is participating in the Top Answer Game. I'm perched. x
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  4. Thanks @RJF for hosting such a messy, iconic rate. You know just the right buttons to push, at the right times to keep people interested and make all of us do the absolute most. Bravo!

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  5. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    My morning shower singalong to Into You was lit today
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  6. Thank you @RJF rate was amazing and you made it even more enjoyable with your perfect hosting.
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  7. @RJF


    Thank you - it's been an absolute blast.
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  8. @RJF I'm so glad you hosted this, I loved reading your Joanne thoughts (and you weren't that mean to Britney so yay).
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  9. R92


    @RJF You're an absolute legend for this.
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  10. I'm so proud to be among that iconic Top 10 for Dangerous Woman. Thrilled my 11 has taken the crown. It was between Same Ol' Mistakes and Into You, but I decided doing the whole "give my 11 to the song that needs the help" strategy wouldn't have felt right.

    Thank you for running such an iconic rate and doing it so flawlessy, @RJF. I think you got your wish on the "tear each other apart" front.
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  11. @RJF queen of pop.
  12. I worked on this loosely for 2 hours. My thank you to @RJF.

  13. About as long as it took to make in the first place because of the epilepsy triggering flashes.
  14. Did someone say epilepsy?

    *bops to Into You*
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  15. Yay at me appearing in the top 10 overall scorers. Thanks @RJF this has been such a fun rate to follow, and Into You is more than a worthy winner in my eyes.
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  16. When does the next Round of Top Answers begin, precious?
  17. Yet another fantastic rate under your belt @RJF, well done on all accounts! It really did feel like a fitting tribute to the pop gals' greatness last year, and I'm glad to see all five of 'em put up a good fight.

    Here's to our big pop girls!

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  18. Well done, "Into You". The only song here in the pantheon of Gay Dance Classics™.

    And thank you @RJF.
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  20. @RJF I'll get you yet.
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