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Big Pop Girls 2016 VS Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Dec 5, 2016.

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  2. Thank you so much for this rate @RJF truly an incredible undertaking...and you knocked it out of the park!
    What a wild ride this has been.

    I've come to terms with the winner, but I still would have liked to see Formation at #1. However like many have said, we are all winners here.
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  3. Still haven't forgiven you for that small fuck up that led to Glory getting shafted even MORE but yas iconic rate @RJF
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  4. I started a new job in the middle of the Ariana rate and it damn near killed me.
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  6. This was such a fun ride, @RJF and just want to say thank you for keeping the pace and always making me cackle at your shade.
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  7. Another great rate, per usual. @RJF

    Listening to Into You after the results, it kinda all comes together and makes sense, doesn't it?

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  8. This is too coherent to be me!

    @RJF thank you for another impeccable rate. It's so much fun participating in these rates when the a) material is so fucking good, b) there's a great group of people voting, and c) the host goes to the ends of the earth to keep us entertained. Second only to the iconic Madonna rates. Here's to the next one x
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  9. I meant to say thank you for this. All of this.
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  10. Wow this is the first time I've ever been in the Top 10 scorers. Iconic.
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  11. Honestly an iconic rate. Into You winning makes me feel better about losing Sometimes at #40 which is still just WRONG.

    Also, I was working on a gif of Into You as Mariah & Formation and Kiss It Better as the guys she steps over, but I had to go to Peppa Pig's show with my nephews and niece before I finished, so please pretend I actually finished:
  12. Thank you @RJF. A truly iconic rate!
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  13. @RJF showed once again who's the boss in these rates. I loved being part of it.
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  14. Basic choice for winner, guys, but it was inevitable after Formation fell.

    Anyway, thank you to @RJF for another amazing rate and for keeping the results coming at a perfect pace. This rate helped relieve some stress!
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  15. This rate was lit, 2016 was lit, @RJF is lit - thanks for the hard work, as always.
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  16. Perfect ending. Love y'all!
  17. [​IMG]

    Thank you, @RJF!
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  18. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Astonishing rate, perfect winner. There's no other rate host quite like you @RJF - can't wait for your next one, whatever it may be.
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  19. The fact we got Samba Party into the top 10 is still cracking me up. Snatch that only top 10.
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  20. Seriously. I did when I made that horrible Meghan Trainor joke.
    You mean getting pissed in pubs every other night?

    Thank you so freaking much for this rate. This was so so so extra and I loved every moment of it. I'm still dizzy after reading the winner's post.

    ♥All hail the behemoth Into You♥
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