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Big Pop Girls 2016 VS Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. @RJF thanks for running this and continuing to give the forum a reason to exist.
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  2. Not Peter removing the character limit just AFTER this finished.
  3. RJF


    An absolute mess.
  4. Isn't it a good thing, that it came after? @RJF managed to get likes across double or even triple posts from the same users, whereas with longer posts, those wouldn't have been duplicated?

    When it comes to other types of posts, like the leaderboard, then I can see it, if that were indeed the case.
  5. RJF


  6. Thanks for this @RJF, basically a forum-defining event. I wasn't able to post much in the last week as I was travelling but the top ten had me shook and I've not righted myself quite yet. Formation and the meltdowns after left me quite emotional, actually.

    What an incredible year. Literally.
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  7. Sorry to bump such an old thread, but Reddit's /r/popheads just did a similar rate for Glory, Lemonade, Joanne, and ANTI.

    But the /r/popheads top 10 was uh.... different:

    10. Sorry (7.92)
    09. 6 Inch (7.99)
    08. All Night (8.09)
    07. John Wayne (8.25)
    06. Hold Up (8.30)
    05. Love on the Brain (8.41)
    04. Formation (8.55)
    03. Kiss It Better (8.56)
    02. Freedom (8.57)
    01. Slumber Party (8.66)
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  8. If my math is correct, that rate had 129 voters. Great to see that Kiss It Better and Formation are basically confirmed universally excellent with their consistent placings.
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  9. What the fuck at that Top 2...

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  10. K94


    I'm screaming at Britney being shut out the almost whole top 15, only to end up winning.
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  11. Well they didn't include Dangerous Woman so the 'no taste klaxon' was already going off before I even clicked any links to that rate.
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  12. Freedom as the best from Lemonade feels so random.
  13. RJF


    Thank God for Ariana Grande.
  14. I still think about this all the time. The savagery.
  15. @evilsin are you enjoying yourself sis
  16. I'm reliving the savagery that was the beginning of this year for the second day straight and I'm only on page 110.
  17. Iconic rate and everything, but, @RJF, can you fix all of your song artwork links? Thanks.

    I assume you're done with fixing Madonna's rate at this point...
  18. RJF


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  19. Oh, so you forgot to finish fixing Madonna's rate, huh?

    I knew it!
  20. RJF


    It looks like the artwork is back up. Thank fuck.
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