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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. You know damn well, Bjork would have worked with the ghost of Arcimboldo
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  2. I welcome and love technology and I think it's exciting what is on offer. But so much of what see at the moment is just novelty without actual substance - and that is my point here - but it's the wrong place to discuss given the Gate film with Andrew Huang is such a purposeful use of it, it's so incredibly over the top and extreme but it's entirely appropriate.

    When photoshop first hit people had empty photos with crazy photoshop filters and affects. But it's like a lot people didn't even realise for a good decade, just caught up in the spectacle of it, thinking it was enough. It's going to take some time before that wears off with 3D because there is so much more of a spectacle on offer and It's a new generation picking up what has been done before and rehashing it in 3D. But so much of the excitement and buzz is about what a computer can do, not the art itself. I don't really get the organic bit so much given the aesthetic is so plasticised but I agree that the idea of it is there underneath.
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  3. Okay but it feels a little strange to disassociate Björk with digital art when it has been such a powerful vehicle for her vision since the beginning of her career. The album\singles artworks of Post and Homogenic, the Hunter video, "my favourite word is TECHNO!", the ugliness of the fan-made Volta videos, her creative bond with Andy Huang, Biophilia's medical clips and the whole Vulnicura's VR experience... She is the pioneer and the continuer of it. She is Arca and Jesse's mother. She was having business lunches with Nick Knight when Kanye produced Jermaine Dupri records (I mean, the Homogenic cover, damn it!). It makes sense she still finds it an apt medium to materialize her inner world. If there is someone who has the right and the credentials to perpetuate and exploit the possibility of 3D and digital with its current champions, it's most certainly her!

    Then, if the problem is you don't find much value in the computer art of our times, it's completely your right. But Björk does!
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  4. That's only natural, when prospective was discovered, so many painters at the beginnigs just use it for the sake of it and to create delight and excitement for the (few) spectators, then after time people actually thought about the possibilities and the problems that has to be solved after such a grandiose discovery! We are experiencing that now. We have so many possibilites with web and technologic art and its platforms, Jesse Kanda is using those to create a dynamic and fluid world, which you could feel as ''real'' and physical as the one we experience outside our screens and laptops.

    But this conversation it is perhaps going off rails, but the art student in me takes over at times hehe!
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  5. Sorry, I think you misunderstand me. Bjork is a digital pioneering goddess and I love her for that, that couldn't be any other way and Homogenic is actually one of my favourite covers. But I don't think Kanda is right for her Album cover. I could be totally wrong but we'll see.
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  6. If I'm being honest, I would dislike a Kanda-by-the-numbers cover too! But I highly doubt Björk would marry his distorted mutant look passively and without compromise. We know how precise and uniform her vision for album covers is: her guidelines have been more or less constant for every major release so far. Jesse himself is a more versatile artist that he's given credit to be. Let's remember LP1 has one of the most gorgeous covers of the decade. We shouldn't be afraid of whoever she chooses to employ: it is Björk the one we trust!
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  7. Where are the album details?
    I'm starting to worry about this "November" release date.
    I've noticed albums for January are starting to get announced...
  8. Honestly the last thing I'm worried about is the album cover. She always comes through the most brilliant artwork. It's the music that is a corcern.
  9. The cover for Volta sucks.
  10. I will fight you.

    I don't understand the general hate people have for everything Volta.
  11. I love the Volta cover
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  12. "Earth Intruders" is on that album. That's one of her best songs.

    Oh, are you referring to the much superior Hispanic American, East European, Universal special editions, and the Universal Music Indonesia cover? That's actually a great cover.
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  13. No that one is pretty "meh"
  14. [​IMG]
    This is a great image. Is the fact that it's not a tight portrait and "ruins the flow" of the rest of her album covers what peeves people? It's such a vibrant picture, with a goofy heart to it that just POPS for me. She needed something this over the top after the inky (literally) Medúlla imagery.
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  15. No, it's the fact that she looks like a Björkian version of Mrs. Potato Head that peeves me.
  16. Yes.
  17. I love the Volta artwork
    The CD packaging/sticker however...
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  18. My sticker has always been fine and still sticks and unsticks
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  19. My Grindr bio.
  20. The colors are gorgeous, but why did they have to put her inside of a giant tomato??