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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. One thing I hated about Medùlla was the booklet, the black on black lyrics was so impractical!

    The Volta cover is amazing, I love it
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  2. Yeah. Medulla cover was amazing. The inside booklet was stupid.
  3. I have to agree that booklet was ridiculous. How ever the vinyl sleeve are more a gunmetal black/grey which works a lot better. I love the hairy seaweed and scribbles - I must did it out and take a look.

    I hate the Volta cover and the album, but I love the crochet, face paint and fine images!!!
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  4. Volta was a departure. She was literally stepping back and being more playful. Not my favourite cover and while it seems quite random in the mix, I think it describes that shift, perhaps best out of all albums. It doesn't have to be my favourite for it to still be amazing, I think what it communicates is right.
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  6. *gling-gló*


    Someone claims to have heard an official stream of the album. They have posted their impressions on the Radiohead At Ease board and the Björk subreddit. This is what they had to say:

    I heard the album today... I can post the notes I made while listening to it but there is no proof. I do not have a copy myself and I am not going to provide details of how I heard it because I wouldn't want the people that allowed me to hear it to get into trouble.

    I can say there are 14 tracks, track names I can remember are 'arisen' 'loss' 'future forever' 'courtship'.
    Oh and the gate is track 3.
    Whether you want to believe me or not is entirely up to you ;)
    No leak, was an official stream... it was indeed labelled utopia and there was a track called that too.

    right second listen through now. just gonna write a few thoughts as i go. first track is called arisen. lots of almost old school stabs with a skittering beat on that one. definitely sounds very light and fluffy and different to the gate.
    second track reminds of aurora. harp and ocals and then a gentle kick comes in halfway through which evolves into skittering patterns again. submerged almost whale noises. vespertine feel all over this.
    third track is the gate.
    fourth track opens with vocals wood winds and then in come strings, very orchestral and then gentle skittering beat and choral voices. 10 minutes long!
    fifth track beat is basically a homogenic beat with flute and orchestration of vespertine.

    had to cut this listen short as was already running late for work but gonna listen to it again next week so if it hasn't been leaked will post more thoughts then. definitely much less arca than the gate. best way to describe it for me is vespertine, homogenic and vulnicura mashed up with hints of medulla in some of the vocal elements (beatbox etc)

    As for sonics, the birdsong etc is largely between songs and as part of the textures in the background. Instrumentally lots of wood winds/flute/harp. There are still quite a lot of strings although they feel considerably less over bearing than vulnicura.

    it's a long album, over an hour. track titles i remember are body manners, loss, courtship, utopia, arisen, future forever.

    it feels like 4 distinct movements which is how the version i was listening to was split between vinyl sides. the files were labelled as vinyl sides a1/a2 etc

    it's definitely an easier listen than vulnicura although way too complex to really get a grip on after a couple of listens. the gate definitely feels like a bit of a false start, weirder than much of what is around it

    some of it is very beatless. the tracks that do have beats are split fairly evenly between homogenic style skittering rumbles and the more vespertine style of intricate programming with a lot of power taken out. there was one track in particular that was quite choppy and breakbeaty but it had been treated in a vespertine way

    as far as poppy goes i wouldn't say much of it was instantly poppy there were a couple of tracks that were more in that direction but also a lot of long track lengths and slow builds

    there was one [song] that definitely had a pretty strong hook near the end, although definitely not in a debut/post way more a vespertine kinda hook. it was definitely more accessible than vulnicura for me but it's way too early to make any real conclusions. like i said main frame of reference was vespertine, vespertine, vespertine for me.

    it definitely i feel reflects the time in which she was making it, the moma exhibition, bjork digital etc the first time she has really looked back. but as i said i have barely begun to digest it. the things that are different is there's a lot of strange sonics going on, weird samples etc underneath it all.

    Take it as you will!

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  7. I missed that return to the 90's moment!

    Wow I had no idea the press still bothered her!
  8. Wig.
  9. Oh wow, he confirmed there's at least one hook on the album. I give in, just preordered Utopia, take my money B.
  10. She never had a title track on her albums and The Gate must be the opener not track 3.
    She also told she had violins overdose after Vulnicura, so I doubt she put them on utopia.

    I thought about posting the rumour here too, but I call it fake.
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  11. Plus she was still finishing the touches of it some week ago, it would be strange of putting it on stream right after, especially considering what happened with Vulnicura (not that it was available for streaming, but still).

    It does sound fantastic, but it also feels too good to be true, to have so much information before, at the same time I do not understand why would someone lie about it
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  12. Yeah, I agree. Especially when he is naming songs. Btw, too good to believe (Vespertine, Vespertine, Vespertine).
  13. In fact the fact he named randomly four tracks smells fishy.

    I also would be unhappy to get another album before a real announce, without a cover and whatsoever, because with a stream going around the chances are a bit high.
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  14. It does sound a bit too good to be true. 14 tracks?!

  15. I'm sold. Hold me.
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  16. Actually, we know the album was mastered last month, so it's very likely the final version is already available!

    I'm not sold but I do think it's plausible. It's just that the spiller doesn't appear to be a very gifted writer and the lazy repetitive descriptions water the tea down considerably. They seem to rely too much on comparisons with her previous work but that is a habit most people have when discussing B's music, including many in this very thread.

    As for the strings, we did know the version available to the press in June missed some instrumentation. Maybe it was the strings? After all, the overdose quote is from October 2016, so she could have changed her mind in the meanwhile and added some for texture. Didn't @Itty Bitty Piggy spot a cello in the intro of The Gate?

    And the titles, to be honest, if someone had told me Features Creatures and The Gate were actual songs and the album was called Utopia, I would have called bullshit too. Arisen appeared on a copyright database some time ago and I can picture a Courtship, even if literal as fuck, considering how simplified and straighforward Björk's relationship with words seems to have become with time (I mean, again, UTOPIA).

    WE'LL SEE. I'm super excited either way! FLORIDITY! OPENNESS!
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  17. Hmm. I guess we won't know until we hear it if this is true or not. Based on that information it would make me slightly more interested in this project.
  18. SO: proof has emerged the tea spiller does have links to the music industry. He works in tour production for big British names (Placebo, Massive Attack) and it looks unlikely he would make up such elaborate fake T just for the fun of it.

    On the other hand, he had described The Gate as "sparse haunting vulnicura feel with some of the warmth of vespertine", so what is there to distrust is his tragic describing skills.
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  19. I love their song A Hard Day'ss Night.
  20. I think a lot of people would be drawn in by someone describing it as Vespertine meets Homogenic. I question this though as I thought the mood/vibe was meant to sound upbeat and positive and not much on those albums really are.
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