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Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. I think we've argued over this a few times.


    - would've been the best cover.
  2. He sure loved Vespertine, that's obvious
  3. 'Unzoom' it a little bit and it's done.
  4. Not really though.
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  5. I do think I heard cello but can't be sure.

    The Vespertine references I'm going to choose to take with a punch of salt before I get too excited.
  6. Bjork is one of the very few artists I still buy without listening because I've never, ever, ever been let down.

    No amount of leaking is ever going to make a difference to me. If it's a controlled leak, fine. If it's someone abusing their trust i don't want to even hear it.

    I appreciate it being hidden behind a spoiler.

    Not listening la la la la la
  7. Nothing's leaked, you know.
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  8. Except my bladder.
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  9. I mean, Vespertine or Homogenic are empty qualifiers: they mean different things to different people. We can't know for sure what the guy was getting at with the comparisons, especially because I'm under the impression he's just forcing broad lazy references onto the new music so everyone can understand. It is questionable if "Vespertine + Homogenic + Vulnicura + a little Medúlla and an easier listen than Vulnicura but very complex at the same time and not really poppy but some of it kinda and with hooks but not proper hooks" helps anyone understand though. It's just confusing.

    But if I interpreted his words correctly, he thinks it's Vespertine-y because of the overall airy vibe (I'm thinking Batabid), the instrumentation based on sweet-sounding instruments like woodwinds and harps and the fact some of the beats are chopped and interlaced. Homogenic is in reference of what he calls "skittering rumbles" and I'm pretty sure he simply means other beats are more full-souding, fast-paced and distorted. Complex vocal architectures should stand for what he calls Medúlla. Vulnicura is maybe Arca-like sonics? The oversized length of the tracks? I don't know. I suspect the "beatless" comment could refer to folky flute-based moments like the intro and vinyl outro of The Gate.

    If you put down what he says in single elements rather than an impossible hodge-podge of different albums, it makes much more sense. Those overcomplicated descriptions of the beats seem to simply describe Arca's work to me, for example, and the rest things we more or less knew already.

    We should also remember that we are the ones who assumed the album was going to be upbeat. The reviewers have described it as "light and airy and future-facing" but no one has explicitly said it is was going to be happy-sounding and in the major key.
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  10. Probably entirely new instrument, Stringy McFluteface
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  11. That guy needs to learn a description that isn't "skittering beats a bit like verspertine."

    Reading his review again, what sort of reverse Paul Morley experience?
  12. I appreciate reviews but Björk is one of those artists that seems almost indescribable? She can't be pigeonholed.
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  13. You just pigeonholed her as indescribable ..unpigeonholeable?
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  14. Indescribable is so sparse as an adjective it doesn't really count as pigeonholing.

  15. I believe the reviewer now and agree with you he may not be good with words... (like me).

    Something is happening today... I feel it.
  16. Yeah, we're getting something from FKA twigs about braids.
  17. Just drop the release date at least, I Need To KNOW...
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  18. Album cover and tracklist would be nice. That would happily tide me over.
  19. I feel like even if this guy is real every description has been Vespertine or Homogenic since even Crystalline. I'm just excited to hear it for myself! If there's seriously 14 tracks, I'm really excited although I'm excited for even 8 tracks to be honest
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  20. I don't think she's ever done as many as 14 tracks on an album, right? Almost seems too many but I'm sure (if it's true) they'll all work in 'unison'.
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