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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mr.Arroz, Sep 26, 2017.


Which album will be crowned the best?

This poll will close on Jan 17, 2018 at 9:38 PM.
  1. Santigold (2008)

  2. Goldenheart (2013)

  3. Aquarius (2014)

  4. Broke with Expensive Taste (2014)

  5. Ctrl (2017)

  6. Take Me Apart (2017)

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. Sza and Santi amounting 4 songs out in the first 7 tho. What's wrong with you?!

  3. The top 10 is going to be vicious with these scores as high as they are.

  4. Braving my inner-saboteur to finalize some new results.


    See you soon, chickadees. Four results at 10 AM EST!
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    - 7.269

    Highest score: 10 x 5
    (@Petty Mayonnaise, @TRAVVV, @Bangers&Bops, @Solenciennes, @K94)
    Lowest scores: 5 x 2 (@Sanctuary, @BML)
    4 x 1 (@A&E)
    3 x 1 (@kermit_the_frog)
    2 x 1 (@happiestgirl)

    My score - 7

    Track background: The final track on Goldenheart, it was once again produced by Andrew “Druski” Scott (surprise, surprise, muthafucka), with a sample of Claude Debussy’s “Claire De Lune”. Thanks for the sample clearance from the otha side, my graveyard hunty.

    My thoughts: LOL who remembers how this one goes. Kidding….a bit. This is another pretty track that really melds into everything on the album tbh. Cohesion, yes. Cohesiveness, yes. Memorable? Hmmm. Its placing here is really rather…understood.

    Your thoughts:
    @TRAVVV - Just gorgeous.
    @digitalkaiser - The piano in this is so dramatic and beautiful, even if the song feels like it’s not really up to much in my opinion, I think the tone of the track is conveyed beautifully through the production.
    @Bangers&Bops- Sampling Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.” legit snatched my wig and threw it out into the universe. I was not prepared for such a gorgeous outro.
    @KingBruno - The only reason why this doesn’t get full marks of me is because it heavily relies on the sample. It’s a very good closing track though.
    @Kuhleezi - 'Claire de Lune' is entirely spellbinding and Debussy continues to be that influential bih (compare Janelle Monaé's own Say You'll Go for reference). It's really one of the most dreamy and ethereal things that's ever graced our dirty little world, it's pure bliss.
    @happiestgirl - This song is such a shame. I love the Clair de Lune more than anything but somehow it does not sound good combined with her voice
    @ohnostalgia - What a gorgeously achey piano moodpiece. Echos upon echoes of brilliance
    @constantino - A fitting closer to an experimental and dynamic album of sonic exploration; something skeletal, restrained and direct. Unfortunately it begins to drag a bit after the halfway mark.
    @Remorque - At first I thought this was really unremarkable, but it's kinda grown on me...
    @Solenciennes - Fantastic album closer, just Dawn and the piano. She really just shines across this album in a way that a person rarely gets to do in a girl group and I’m glad her hunger for creativity and strong work ethic has been relentless in the years since this was released. She got it so right on this album.
    @Trouble in Paradise - The "Clair de Lune" sample is perfect. A beautiful closing track that really demonstrates Dawn's unique creative vision.

    Live performance(s):

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  6. This is such a "would be an amazing 59 second interlude, but wading through 4 minutes made me want to give up at life"

    The only bad song on Goldenheart (in my opinion)
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  7. K94


    Wow ok
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  8. Got something to say precious

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  9. K94


    I hope Dawn don't catch these girls in the studio


    Also I didn't know this started so hi.

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  10. Surprised this is out before a lot of other songs on Goldenheart (lookin at you "In Your Eyes"). I thought it was a perfect ending to the album and ended up one of my highest rated Dawn songs.
  11. I am speechless that anyone wouldn't have In Your Eyes in their Top 5 from this rate Goldenheart!
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  12. Uno


    These averages are all very high for early boots.
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  13. The made-up (by me) award for "Highest Rate Average In 2018" goes to...
  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Goldenheart out already?!

    catch my hands philistines
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  15. #78


    Watch Me Work - 7.346

    Highest scores: 10 x 2 (happiestgirl, constantino)
    Lowest scores: 3 x 1 (theelusivechanteuse)
    1 x 1 (kermit_the_frog)
    My score - 9

    Track background: Originally a US Best Buy and Japan bonus track, “Watch Me Work” was later released online in many markets as a digital single after some desperate twinks uploaded the track to Youtube, labeled as Rihanna’s new single. The mess led to RCA being a mess themselves and throwing together a quick 256kbps AAC file for wide consumption. Sadly, however, Tinashe’s career neither exploded nor improved. At least though, in the end, we got a 2009 Wynter Gordon cast-off bop.

    My thoughts: Bop, bish. Press ‘play’ and the bussy is reawakened once again.

    Your thoughts:
    @Sprockrooster - What a bop. I can see why it is left out of the album though.
    @TRAVVV - Remember when I thought THIS was basic? And now she’s releasing Light The Night Up or whatever…
    @Bangers&Bops - In lieu of all the “work” songs that have been released within the last few years, this one is in the top five.
    @soratami - I'm glad this was a bonus track because it really doesn't fit the album at all and besides it's not exactly great
    @KingBruno - Rihanna could never.
    @Mr.Arroz sidebar:

    @happiestgirl - I hadn’t heard this one before! It’s so fun to listen to
    @AshleyKerwin - Remember when we thought that getting this video trending would turn things around for Tinashe? Ha.
    @ohnostalgia - Was she forced to put this out by RCA?
    no, just desperate Grindr misfits
    @constantino - SUCH a bop. So contemporary. So catchy. So fresh. So much hit potential. Such a missed opportunity. Why, Tina, why? This deserved to be a single, let alone an album track. Bonus track my arse.
    @Solenciennes - Give me that 2009 Jade Ewen abandoned solo career material we never got! This sounds dated as hell but it’s a bop.
    @Trouble in Paradise - This song suffers from all of the "work" themed songs that have followed it -especially cause they're better. It's fun with some solid production.

    Live performance(s):

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  16. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    It's good in a "we worked with RedOne, Lady Gaga's producer" kind of way but looks sloppy next to most of the rest of the songs in the rate, I'm guessing its basic bop core is why it survived as long as it did.
  18. #77


    Anne - 7.436

    Highest score
    : 10 x 4 (@constantino, @Petty Mayonnaise, @A&E, @Trouble in Paradise)
    Lowest scores: 4 x 1 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi)
    2 x 1 (@kermit_the_frog)
    My score: 7

    Track background: The final original composition on Santigold’s debut, “Anne” features haunting vocals from Santi, laid above a sparse, minimalist beat. (Not much more to be found on the ’Net). Thankfully a terrific remix comes next on most editions of the LP.

    My thoughts: I really think it’s rather… pleasant. Not much else. I wouldn’t voluntarily choose it, but once it’s on I wouldn't be skipping either. Compromise, I guess.

    Your thoughts:
    @digitalkaiser - This is a hidden moment on the back of the album, I hope people rate it highly. I’m a sucker for Kooky vocals and she serves them in spades on Anne. The production is on point as well, it’s almost ethereal in quality but manages to still contain propulsive moments.

    “My name is Anne, I'll take a stand
    I'll hold my head up dig on in
    You can bait me for the hell of it
    I'll take it for the hell of it”

    I just... so much wig, so little time.

    @Bangers&Bops - Santi offering a subtle yet absorbing beat laced with enticing vocals and haunting lyrics.
    @happiestgirl - What a mysterious little song
    @ohnostalgia - Vaguely thunderstorm-ish, which garners automatic bonus points from me.
    @constantino - This ooky-spooky nocturnal BOP, though. Shakira is quaking. I can’t even articulate why I love this so much but there’s something about it that just really clicks with me. [*Bops in downtrodden droning indie electronica*]
    @Remorque - One of the more subtle songs on the album, yet underneath that subtlety there's still something that kinda stings...
    @Solenciennes - The howling and melancholy production make it a good pairing with My Superman but I’m a bit thrown off by its placing on the track list.
    @Trouble in Paradise - This was my high school jam when this song first came out. "LES Artistes" may have been my theme song, but this was my personal manifesto. The lyrics cut right to the core "I may lack virtue, but I'm pentitent" -especially when you're a Catholic kid coming to terms with his same sex attraction. The production and Santi's voice contain an almost haunted melancholy that still gets me nearly 10 years later.

    Live performance(s):

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  19. Anne is already out...
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  20. Y'all want another one
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