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BLACK GIRL DEBUT MAGIC™ - #60 (two-way tie!!!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mr.Arroz, Sep 26, 2017.


Which album will be crowned the best?

This poll will close on Jan 17, 2018 at 9:38 PM.
  1. Santigold (2008)

  2. Goldenheart (2013)

  3. Aquarius (2014)

  4. Broke with Expensive Taste (2014)

  5. Ctrl (2017)

  6. Take Me Apart (2017)

  1. Mess. But Bonustracks rarely do well, so kind of expected.
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  2. I thought Dawn would have at least one out already and I'm happy she hasn't.

    I still want Azealia, SZA, and Kelela to own the top 20.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. #82


    Unstoppable - 7.115

    10 x 1 (@lalaclairi_)
    4 x 1 (@LE0Night)
    My score - 8

    Track background: Produced by Diplo and J. Hill, “Unstoppable” is track nine on Santi White’s self-titled debut. Clocking in at 3:32, the song was later sampled by Drake on his 2009 mixtape, So Far Gone, which shot the rapper to mainstream success, and included an additional feature from Lil Wayne.

    My thoughts: So this track is definitely fun, but like many of the comments agree, I think that after a while, it does plod along. Even so, I prefer there to be empty rather than the vocals both Drake and Lil Wayne thought to throw on it. The album definitely has better, and more expansive songs to offer.

    Your thoughts:
    @TRAVVV - I know this should be a bop, but I don’t find the hook strong enough to sustain the greatness of the rest of the track.
    @digitalkaiser - Probably my least favorite song on the album, I wasn’t ever really drawn to this but the production does knock quite a’s almost Tron Legacy-esque with the backing synths. Even still, I never skip it on a playthrough of this album.
    @Bangers&Bops - Santigold and Diplo giving us those Laurie Anderson-style robotics with a coldly affecting Sly & Robbie beat stole my wig.
    @soratami - Easily the worst song on the album. The chorus is quite grating
    @ohnostalgia - Honestly, this sounds like a bizarro nursery rhyme. Get that children under 12 audience!
    @constantino - This is great, but it has always felt a bit like an interlude to me because it’s so repetitive.
    @Remorque - *sings to self while getting ready for work on this grey Monday morning*
    @Solenciennes - I wish the chorus was a little more developed, it’s a solid effort overall but it falls on the wrong side of repetitive for me.
    @Trouble in Paradise - The reggae-esque beat is fun and I enjoy the sass of the chorus, but the song never really progresses past this initial coolness.

    Live performances:

    And that one viral hit

    Another one later!​
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  5. That had better be the last we see of Santi for awhile.

  6. No hateration in this dancery


    thank you
  7. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    She lives in the future, being bitter about the past is all she has prussious
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  8. @Mr.Arroz will you be posting the scores others have submitted so we can shade them appropriately?
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  10. I do not want to repeat myself too much considering the averages, but with the 4th song out already above a 7?!?!? What kind of monumental top 10 averages are awaiting us?!
  11. Tinashe and Santigold getting multiple cuts before one single Dawn song leaves? What kind of alternate reality is this.

  12. [​IMG]



    [300] - 7.128

    9 x 1 (@LE0Night)
    4 x 1 (@happiestgirl)
    My score - 7.5

    Track background: Written and produced by Andrew “Druski” Scott alongside additional writer Carla Carter, [300] is track 15 on Richard’s debut album, which was majorly produced by “Druski” himself, overall. Not much data is available for this online (from what I can see), so enjoy these minuscule crumbs.

    My thoughts: Huh. So lemme be clear. While I love Dawn, some of her album, even for me…can blend a bit. This one of dem songs. Luckily she’s grown and diversified over the course of her 5/6-year solo career, and my penchant for memorable melodies, and even just tracks alone, is all the happier for it. This is pleasant, and has a nice, even-paced energy, but that’s not exactly the highest praise that one could exactly give, is it? In any case, her lowest track scoring a 7.1 makes sense to me for the state of her career and what she was producing at the time. She’s got tracks that will definitely stab me in the heart harder when they leave, so I’d rather save my breath for actually singing those the better praises that they deserve. Peace out, boo.

    Your thoughts:
    @Bangers&Bops (8) - A strong, militant R&B sound in which she could give King Leonidas a run for his money marching into battle and conquering her enemies unlike Leoindas…
    @happiestgirl (4) - Honestly this song sounded exactly the same as like five other ones on this album
    @ohnostalgia (7.5) - I’m drowning in a sea of mythology slash religion and I’m not even mad about it.
    @constantino (8) - Out of all the deep cuts on Goldenheart, I probably spent the most time with this, because its place on the tracklist - 15th in a mammoth 16-song lineup - means it faces a massive disadvantage. Listening to it in isolation, it really shines.
    @Remorque (6) - This fails to ignite any interest in me... I get what she's going for, but she's trying to make it a bit heavy for the sake of it being heavy...
    @Solenciennes (8.5) - Reminiscent of the intro to the album, again works well within the context of the album to tie it all together in sounds and lyrical content but otherwise I don’t have much to say.
    @Trouble in Paradise (6) - I enjoy the narrative the lyrics create but unless you're really paying attention the song just sort of happens.

    and that's all folks. Got a few business meetings but results will resume tomorrow night!

    that's EST before y'all start acting out
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  13. I'm feeling nice.



    Wavy (Interlude) [feat. James Fauntleroy] - 7.231

    10 x 2 (@paperboyfriendd, @TRAVVV)
    5 x 3 (@Sanctuary, @soratami, @Heaven on Earth) fuck y'all!
    My score - 9

    Track background: Coming in at number eleventh (/Raven) on Ctrl’s tracklist, “Wavy” is joins many track on the LP in providing space for another male collaborator, this time James Fauntleroy - who’s worked with industry heavyweights such as Drake, Kendrick, J. Cole, Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Big Sean, Vince Staples, among others. Clocking in at one-minute and sixteen seconds, it is the album’s sole interlude, and is produced by The Prophet & ThankGod4Cody.

    My thoughts: OK, WHEEEEWWWW. BUT BOP. I fucking love this, her vocals, and literally James Fauntleroy GLITTERS AND MASSAGES THE BUSS. Get with the winning team, hoe. Beeteedubs, download Rated R cos James is all on dat shit and all I can do is tell you to YAS again. With luscious harmonies, a steady groove, and a playful vocal delivery, it’s been one of my favorites to return to over and over again on Ctrl.

    Your thoughts:
    @Sprockrooster (9) - Interludes always get trashed in rates, so let me up my score a bit.
    @TRAVVV (10) - Generally speaking, everything Fauntleroy is an immediate 10.
    @paperboyfriendd (10) - I want "Just give as much as you take, forgive as much you hate or get the FUCK out" as a tattoo. When that beat thumps in it's such a euphoric feeling. How is this just an interlude :(
    @Bangers&Bops (8) - A short and sweet interlude and should’ve been a little longer.
    @lalaclairi_ (8) - Any interlude that has assistance from James Fauntleroy is great (see also: James Joint).
    @Kuhleezi (9) - Her falsetto is so compelling. (This is also a couple synths away from being a Tinashe interlude and I'm living).
    @AshleyKerwin (8) - I don't get why this got the shaft. Maybe she's saving the full length for a deluxe?
    @ohnostalgia (7) - Cute, I suppose.
    @constantino (6) - Not sure why we’re rating a 1.16 interlude but her flow is on point so I won’t be too harsh.

    @Mr.Arroz sidebar: BECAUSE WE ARE,

    @Solenciennes (7) - It’s a shame this is only an interlude, it’s good.
    @Trouble in Paradise (6.5) - Brief but pleasant interlude with nice cozy production. The duet aspect works nice, I would love more of this type of vocal play in the future.

    Live performance(s):

    See y'all LATE tomorrow. Mad love to all my voters!

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  14. Poor Wavy, should have been turned into a full track though. I only scored it a 7 because it was just an interlude, meh.

    SZA could be headed out early.

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  15. The crazy high averages definitely won't help the interludes and shorter tracks. I can't say I'm crushed by any of the cuts yet, though I am nervous y'all are gonna see some of my scores with the commentary. I definitely did some fan favorites a little dirty...
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  16. It's okay, this is Fight Club after all.

  17. When you didn't leave commentary so your low scores can't be exposed.

  18. Uno


    Azealia stays winning.
  19. [​IMG]

    Who's to say I won't expose you anyway
  20. That's never stopped me. I'm perched for @Mr.Arroz's expose.