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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Can't Nobody's English version actually got an adds date in the US in 2011, I believe, so that's more of a push than Blackpink will likely get even though the US is much more receptive to k-pop now. Not sure what the follow-up was internationally (I think they just gave up outside of Asia?), but I believe they were doing okay / consistent in Korea for 3 more years until YG basically locked them away after Bom's prescription scandal.
  2. Every release with 2NE1 was such struggle but BLACKPINK are getting even worse treatment.
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  3. [INFO] BLACKPINK HOUSE will be having ENG SUBS available already as soon as it’s uploaded to their channel! This was confirmed by their pd-nim~ #BLACKPINK

    Also yesterday in birthday post to Jisoo, YG confirmed that Teddy is producing their new track and that he's been working hard on it lately, but the problem is it's confirmed TRACK. Nothing about an album or even a mini at this point is ridicilous as they are coming back in Q1 for sure.
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  4. fuck you for using that avi
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  5. At least with the So Hot Remix we can say they released two digital singles domestically last 2017.
  6. Their reality-show(?) BLACKPINKTV is out now, it's already subbed so you can watch freely.

  7. Just judging from the thumbnail, I'm imagining it to be a bake-off sort of thing. I could live with that.
  8. Seeing Blackpink shop for furniture is cute.

    But you know what would be cuter? An album.
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  9. I was just reading people's posts during the time that BP debuted and scream at the good sis @Aries predicting these days:

    The only difference is YG moved on to another project after one year, not even 2 or 3.
  10. 2017 Stats [DIGITAL]

    #6 BLACKPINK 3,111,108 [3 Songs]

    Girl Groups
    #1 TWICE (+2,741,514) [+26 songs]
    #2 Red Velvet (+1,525,755) [+20 songs]

    Approximate Streams/Number of songs (all groups)

    I wonder if YG saw these and see that they are already Baby Digimonsters and could be quite a selling machine if he actually you know...
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  11. [​IMG]

    Even with one sole digital release to their name for the entirety of 2017 they're still bestsellers, incredible.