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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. I don’t really get what the strategy is with them. Like YG is supposedly a top tier company, should they not be churning out music left and right? I mean 2NE1 dropped the blue print for them to pick up where they left off.
  2. While I'm absolutely pissed at YG for his mistreatment of BlackPink, I'm also kinda amazed by how they continue to be such a prominent GG with such little promotion and energy put into them. Talented queens.
  3. Can we demote YG from the Big 3???
  4. He


    I mean... they’re part of the biggest entertainment agency in Korea. That’s the extent of it.
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  5. That and the few songs they’ve put out have all been 9s or 10s (except Stay).
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    But a hit over a year ago wouldn’t be getting you new endorsements now. It’s simply the YG effect.

    Hope they comeback this year.
  7. It's officially May in Korea where they at YG??? I'm not waiting a minute more

  8. I didn't know May started on April 30 in Korea!
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  9. I......

    I'll be back tomorrow
  10. You'll get an IG hashtag from YG saying #Itdoesntmakesense on May 30 and you will deal.
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  11. YG with the BLACKPINK comeback announcement every day of January
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  12. Worth repeating.
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  13. collab coming

  14. He


    A CF collab sure.

    Blackpink retired from music.
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  15. Isn't it the time to change the thread's title to "A thread for complaining about BlackPink not releasing music"?
  16. I freaked out when I saw Dua x BlackPink
  17. Click clack badda bing badda booom
    All eyes on me when I step in the room
    You don’t know?
    Better ask somebody
    Watch your man hit the deck like pang pang pang
    Rang pang para para pang pang pang
    Raise your glass to the roof like chan chan chan
    Hands up lit with a bottle full of henny
    Watch your mouth
    When you speak my name Jennie

    I know Lisa can't sing, but I really need YG to give Jennie the rap parts, she's really good/much better than her.
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  18. In what world can't Lisa sing? I really wish they gave her more singing parts as she's better than a lot of vocalists in other groups and she's better than Dara as well so that says something.
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  19. I mean, it doesn't take a whole to be better than Dara but Lisa is decent.

    Saw this on Twitter "BlackPink really took the title As If It’s Your Last seriously." lmao
  20. Her vocals on Playing With Fire the first verse is just beautiful.