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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. That's Jennie.
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  2. I meant in the first prechorus
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  3. Yes. Where the fuck are they?

    Why do I do this to myself?
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  4. eck


    Rumours are flying around that they are currently filming their MV.

    #blackpinkinmaymaybejune indeed.
  5. The thing that makes me angry is that the rat said #AprilIsForWinner and Winner released a full album the second day of April and all we got from #MayIsForBlackPink is the "information" that BP just started to shoot an MV after the fans threatened them.

    The fuck.
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  6. Yeah, I can't tell if he's lying, again, because fans threatened something. If we don't get an official announcement next week he's probably BS'n.
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  7. Can I also say they announced they were filming the MV for As If It's Your Last and then released it 2 weeks later, so we aren't that far!!!
  8. Even YG is scared of Blinks

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  9. My god is like they got someone kidnapped and are asking for ransom.

    But if it gets them to comeback, hey.
  10. It's for Stay (Acoustic).
  11. Thank you for what? They’re happy because he posted a hashtag? Dddddddddddd I can’t believe BLINKS still trust that rat.
  12. I thought they will have at least 10 songs by the end of this year but

    5 + 4 = .....

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  13. @roux still being iconique and hilarious I see.
  14. OK but this is amazing
  15. I still can't believe this isn't coming in May.