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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Make'em whistle like a missele boomb, boomb!
  2. BLACKPINK won another Best New Artist Award, this time from the Seoul Music Awards. And the girls are serving looks!

    They also performed Playing With Fire and Boombayah (!!!). The camerawork sucked big time but Rose sweeping that floor more than made up for it. Kii.

  3. Anyone know what their new Youtube video is about? I have no idea what they're saying but I assume it's the announcement of a new channel called BLINK. I'm probably completely wrong though.
  4. BLINK is the name of BLACKPINK's fans. I cannot comment on the said video because I have yet to watch it.
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  5. Didn't even realise that their fanbase had a name yet. So, collectively are they Blinks?

    They should have coordinated with TWICE so that their fanbase could be Twinks.
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  6. OK, so even though I liked this post, I didn't watch it until after I'd liked it.

    The performance looked like a bit of a mess didn't it? Like, there were a few flaws that were more easily noticeable. The execution of some of the choreography, particularly the transitions when they'd take on the lead vocal, was a bit sloppy. The live vocals themselves didn't seem to blend well with the backing track.

    Not sure if this was because of how the awards show itself was produced and run, or just the girls having an off night. The camera work didn't do them any favours, but I wonder whether stuff like their vocal mixing was out of their control as well.

    How'd other performances on the night fair in comparison?
  7. He


    The vocal track is odd because it's not live at all, it's a pre-recorded track.

    Boombayah is a bit of a clunky routine with some great moments, too much too do and too little time, so they always look like they are rushing to hit the next move.

    That said, Rosé looked spectacular.
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  8. Stumbled across these girls a couple of weeks ago and very much in love.
    I'm a sucker for the member who almost looks like the odd one out, so the first singer (Ji-Soo?) is my fave right now.

    I sent Boombayah to a friend and he said the blonde one frightened him because she looks about ready to cut someone.
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  9. 3Xs


    Hope YG is taking note of the GLOBAL appeal of songs like BBY.

    And not long before Whistle and PWF join it *giggles*
  10. at least jisoo is not in the dungeon… even if i don't really see the point of this apart from maintaining a presence in the media.

    i would actually like to see them live even for four songs.
  11. Háaa! the one on the bottom right doesn't seem happy at all for the bike ride and achievement.
  12. Finally! BLACKPINK and 2NE1 interaction (it's only Dara but whatever).

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  13. So... when are we getting a new song?
  14. There isn't official news about the date , but i saw the members talking about their new MV and even Jisoo posted a few seconds of their MV's behind the scene in the Instagram . And since they are doing quarters , it should have been on February , but i guess it is going to be on March.
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  15. All 4 songs so far are on constant replay.
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  16. YG's new policy is to only let them out of the dungeon if they're wearing a mask:

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  17. 3Xs


    Global group just doing global things *giggles*

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  18. Just release a new song girls.
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  19. I asked a Blink in IG about comeback news and she said their comeback is going to be in May!
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  20. I just found this. Rose's tone is very beautiful.

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