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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by _hazzie_, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I've become completely obsessed with Spring Rain after watching this

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  2. 3Xs


    @1:47 >>>>>>>>> your non-multitalented faves

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  3. The US album is actually amazing. It's almost like the Blackout Part II that we never got from Britney.
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  4. I love how half of this thread is praise for Implode.


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  6. scat queen
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  7. Okay, taking off the stan visors I can say her new Japanese album scalped me. I was not expecting it at all since her Japanese career has been a shitfest for years. Even the previously released songs sound fresh in it mostly because I barely played them. I'm so happy she's so active lately.
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  8. when the album comes on Spotify, I will listen.
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  9. Album previews

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  10. Why not full album though? We deserve it!
  11. Yeah why not just put 3 more songs on it. Kind of makes no sense.
  12. Only One is a full album and it also had 7 song dddd. Go figure.

  13. [​IMG]
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  14. The album is her most solid release in almost a decade. I like every song.
  15. uh

  16. I didn't think the album had many great songs aside from the title track, Shattered and Fox. This mini sounds more modern and has better production to me.
  17. I keep thinking she’s singing “One Shot, Two Shot - now I’m on / One Shot, Two Shot - pass the bong” in the chorus/post-chorus and I’m bopping more so imagining it as Korea’s answer to 2 On.
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  18. Oh my god thank you for (inadvertently) reminding me that this happened:

    "I listened to your CD, like, two days ago. It's very cool." Dddddd
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    1. close to me (Unchained Ver.)
    2. Make Me Complete (Unchained Ver.)
    3. Only One (Unchained Ver.)
    4. FLY (Unchained Ver.)
    5. 私このままでいいのかな (Unchained Ver.)

    I am so excited for alternate arrangements of all these songs.