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Boy Group Debut Singles Rate || ★ 4 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE ★

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by karmarisma, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. I will try but honestly I’ve heard about 3 of these songs before and it’s likely anything pre-2015 will sound dated and as I have no nostalgia with the songs, I’ll tank them all.
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  2. This will be such a moment for me. Starting from FTISLAND/SHINee - I WAS THERE. I don't even need to listen to those songs again.
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  3. Girls Girls Girls is looking to be a 6 for me.

    Please fly here and yell at me.
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  4. [D-12] 12 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE
    To hopefully get you unnies a bit more perched I thought I'd talk about some debuts that didn't manage to make our list.

    So I've chosen 5 of the BEST and WORST unlisted boy group debuts (please note I haven't included male subunits here).

    I'll start by posting a tragic debut first (very soon). 1 point to anyone who manages to guess any of the groups in the list (let's play this the SLICE way - gomawo unnie: @Slice of Life).
  5. Just starting to go through the playlist now and it's okay for me to actually kinda love TVXQ's debut right? It's like exemplary 90's boy vocal harmony fluff and i'm here for it. Although this is only the second song so I fear for what's to come....

    EDIT: I spoke too soon - the Super Junior video just came on....
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  6. I can do you some scores, but probably won't be able to do commentary on every song. Is that okay?
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  7. I bet like three out of five worst debuts are bands I stan.
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  8. Rating these songs made me realise boygroups really do the same stuff more often than not and it's whoever does it best that gets the most attention at that moment.
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  9. Same thing applies to girl groups though. K-Pop is concept-driven.
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  10. Yeah, but girl groups are waaaaaaay more dragged for that than boygroups are. The way people talk about boygroups (outside of here, of course) one would think all of them release different stuff and do different concepts all the time.
  11. I don't know if you were here for my rant about Infinite/Vixx/Beast and how they were doing the same concept for the last 4 years.
    I think the difference is, with the exception of a few girl groups, boy groups are the ones with the rabid, die-hard fans that will buy up everything they release. So, they aren't as much at the whim of the general public. They can just rely on their fan clubs to buy a RIDICULOUS amount of physical copies. As a group, they don't really have to challenge themselves.
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  12. Oh, yeah, definitely. I think this is another point where the big 3 (mainly SM and JYP, YG is too damn lazy for that) groups differ from the others? Like, SHINee and EXO never do the same concept twice and whatever criticism you have towards Super Junior and GOT7, they both try to vary in their releases.

    It's just disappointing, I guess? Because these boys have a lot of talent and are very hard-working. If the companies were fucked to give some good variety to their groups maybe the general public would take idols' works more seriously.
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  13. Boy groups fandoms are solified. It's usually same age target group, so they sell shitload of physical albums. Girl groups have much more general public appeal. That's why they **** on digital charts with singles while selling much less of physical albums.
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  14. Unclench GOT7's bleached, dried-out scalps.
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  15. I *think* international fans skewing to boy groups contributes to this inflated perception of importance of boy groups in Korea amongst the GP in k-pop fans when, like you said, they mostly do well with album sales, while the GP (reflected through single tracks) are more interested in girl groups.

    The Top 5 selling GG singles of 2016:
    #1. GFIEND - Rough
    #2. TWICE - Cheer Up
    #10. Mamamoo - Melting
    #25. GFRIEND - Me Gustas Tu
    #26. Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely

    The Top 5 selling GG singles of 2016:
    #46. Block B - Toy
    #68. EXO - Monster
    #77. BTS - Fire
    #79. WINNER - Sentimental

    This is probably why tons of girl groups get popular with cute concepts, move on to something new and the GP ignores it, their company freaks out and rushes back to serving cutesy concepts.
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  16. On a less serious note, some of this stuff...


    It's making me seriously reconsider the score I was gonna give Mama.
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  17. Mama is kind of trash due to the dramatic chants.

    What Is Love would have been my 11 if included.

    The Mandarin version though.
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  18. To think Chen had only been training in SM for MONTHS.

    Ryeowook teas.
    Yesung doesn't deserve the high notes he gets.
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  19. Yes, but that D.O high note though... Talent.
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  20. Problematic Legends - 6.6 (4 x 1 / 8 x 1)
    National Icons - 5.5 (2 x 2 / 7,5 x 1)
    Infamous Nugus - 5 (0 x 2 / 8,5 x 3)
    Sole Survivors - 6.9 (5 x 1 / 9 x 1)
    Hunger Games - 7.3 (4 x 2 / 10 x 2)
    Archangels Of The New Wave - 7.3 (5 x 1 / 10 x 2)

    I didn't even use my -1 and my 11 is pretty obvious so nñn

    I got into the conclusion that I'm better off stanning the boygroups I already do and leaving the other five gazillion fangirls to stan every single boygroup alive.
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