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Boy Group Debut Singles Rate || ★ 4 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE ★

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by karmarisma, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Getting through the Infamous Nugus section is a STRUGGLE. I'm only halfway through but my gosh already so many auto-tuned spiky black and/or white suits in dimly-lit futuristic abandoned scaffolding sites...

    I was bopping HARD to 100% though.
  2. Absolute perfect :) Comment on what you feel like <3

    Also I'm loving all the discussion happening here
    To add on to this Discourse (tea)

    I think both boy and girl groups have the problem of being quite stagnant and it really is a matter of what you as a person/fan/lover of music prefer. For example, Infinite have been doing a similar thing for the last 2-3 years but you'd have to be an avid follower to know about their in-between Summer Songs, and light fluffy stuff. I don't think it's bad to stick to a concept/sonic style, as long as you keep releasing good music - provided that they keep putting a new spin on it (e.g. GFriend style - similar music/song setup but different concepts and arrangements).

    Another thing is that it's not worth blaming boy/girl/coed groups for their concepts since most decisions are made by the company and most idols have very little input, especially girl groups (unless you're a group whose concept is self-composing like Big Bang, Pentagon, Seventeen, EXID etc.)

    What I do agree with 100% is the girlies always get more flack for these things. Anyways, the solution to all this is to basically just enjoy whatever you want to enjoy.
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  3. [D-11] 11 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE

    Worst - the first Reveal
    F.Cuz - Jiggy

    You could basically write-off this song from the start considering it's called Jiggy, but then there's that horrid autotuned growling at the start. But hey, the autotune continues to attack us till the very end and although I found myself bopping to the beat, I was struggling. Then it continues on to be the same song as almost half the debut songs in this rate. Let's not even talk about the outfits...what are those white fur vests?
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  4. I'm in.

    Score Averages:
    Problematic Legends - 7.125 (Highest 9 / Lowest 4)
    National Icons - 6.95 (10 [x2] / 3.5)
    Infamous Nugus - 6.3 (10 / 2)
    Sole Survivors - 7.8 (10 / 5)
    Hunger Games - 8 (10 [x4] / 4.5)
    Archangels Of The New Wave - 7.58 (10 / 5)
  5. Map6's debut when they were APRINCE, "Hello", (I think that was their debut ddd), was cute.
    Phantom's debut is good for k-pop electroballads despite the try-hard violent video.

    I can't think of any awful ones likely to be included ddd. BIGFLO, B.I.G, Alphabat's debuts are kind of awful cause of their choruses, but it'll probably be gag acts like that group Bambino's company created with a bunch of people from Brazil.
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  6. I finished scoring, but I'm hesitating between two groups for my 11. I also didn't use my -1... yet.

    Problematic Legends - 4.87 (Highest 7 / Lowest 2)
    National Icons - 7.86 (10 [x3] / 5)
    Infamous Nugus - 7.15 (10 / 3)
    Sole Survivors - 7.93 (10 / 6)
    Hunger Games - 8 (10 [x2] / 6)
    Archangels Of The New Wave - 8.75 (10 / 7)
  7. [​IMG]

    Problematic Legends - 7.5000 (10 x 1; 3 x 1)
    National Icons - 7.1364 (11 x 1; 10 x 1; 2 x 1)
    Infamous Nugus - 6.2188 (10 x 1; 1 x 1)
    Sole Survivors - 7.3750 (10 x 4; 1 x 1)
    Hunger Games - 7.8667 (10 x 5; 3 x 1)
    Archangels of the New Wave - 9.1667 (10 x 4; 8 x 2)

    Overall Average - 7.3333

    Now onto @Squashua unnie's rate... The struggle to finish all these rates is real dddddd.
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  8. Don't forget what "all" means though.
  9. [​IMG]

    Problematic Legends
    - 7 (10 x 1; 3 x 1)
    National Icons - 6.89 (10 x 2; 2 x 1)
    Infamous Nugus - 6.95 (11 x 1; 10 x 1; 4.25 x 1)
    Sole Survivors - 7.84 (10 x 2; 5 x 1)
    Hunger Games - 7.82 (10 x 1; 4.75 x 1)
    Archangels of the New Wave - 7.79 (10 x 0; 6 x 1)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Overall Average - 7.38
  10. The best thing about listening to these songs for the first time is that I don't even know how I'm SUPPOSED to feel about these. I'm excited to see/dreading seeing how my first impressions compare to the people who actually know these dudes.
  11. This was my constant thought process throughout.

    Am i destroying people's nostalgia-driven robotomised faves? Probably.


    Am I stanning something considered absolute garbage? Yes

  12. Am I unwittingly giving points to wildly problematic groups?

  13. These results are going to get so messy yall.

    @karmarisma assembling ha arsenal to destroy all of our reputations.

  14. Thank fuck I have a reputation of stanning trash.

  15. [D-4] 4 DAYS TO VOTE

    THANK YOU UNNIES FOR SO FERVENTLY PARTCIPATING AND KEEPING THIS THREAD ALIVE (I'm currently working 9 hour days so computer time has become very limited)
    We have 7 ballots in, but let's aim for 10-13 shall we?

    @Monkey0 You asked me to send you death threats...the time is soon approaching...

    They say that people do things at the last moment because diamonds are made under pressure. But shall we have another unlisted DIAMOND of a debut?


    You've probably seen me rave about this song before but ISN'T IT A BAWP? I know we're all delusional about our faves and often overestimate our abilities at forming groups but as a group formed completely by fans - they real work together as a cohesive unit. The beat is so dynamic and the occasional 'whoop' scream in the background has me movin' and groovin'. Also THAT DANCE BREAK

  16. All I can say is...I don't need to build an arsenal because you all destroying your own reputations here

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  17. Wait, but can I submit on Saturday tho (by 11 PM CET)? I want to be extra messy in commentary!
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  18. Sent in my scores without commentary because I don't know when I'll be home this weekend and didn't wanna leave you hanging.

    If commentary comes through I will send it your way.
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  19. Some of the outfits in these videos are

    K-Pop fashion rate anyone?
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  20. I know my winner...