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Boy Group Debut Singles Rate || ★ VOTING OPEN ★

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by karmarisma, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Book your ticket, baby!
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  2. I'll do this.
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  3. FIRST OF ALL, LET ME EXTEND A WARM WELCOME TO THE 10-15 OF YOU WHO HAVE ALREADY GUARANTEED YOU PARTICIPATION IN THE RATE. Please save me from being sent to the Uni+! now that a week has passed since I opened up this rate, it occurred to me that most of you probably haven't heard of a good 30% of the groups in this rate. So I thought I might educate some of you girl group loving unnies about some of the lesser known groups (i.e. every group that is not SHINee, based on KPJ's tastes - whic). (If this seems like a flop idea, feel free to let me know) | There's also a good 60 groups in the rate, so I'm yet to decide if I'll be able to do one for all of them...

    I thought that I'd start with a group that has risen from flopdom to achieve great success this year.

    Our first group will be none other than
    Nu'est (which stands for New Established Style Tempo...not 'Newest'), best known for setting a new Kpop record of first music show win after a whopping 2044 days.

    Nu'est debuted with Face and although it wasn't anything groundbreaking for a boy group debut,
    it's still the most viewed KPop boy group debut MV which shows that they were a pretty big deal when they debuted.

    Their members are [L-R]: Baekho (Kang Dongho), Aron (Kwak Youngmin), Ren (Choi Minki), JR (Kim Jonghyun), and Minhyun (Hwang Minhyun)

    You may be surprised, but the Nu'est boys actually have an absolutely stellar discography. Their main genre music is 'urban electro', which makes up a part of their official group greeting.

    Their early works (2012-2013) were a bit more generic - powerful boy band bops (in a good way). To be honest, I'm mostly leaving them out because 'Sleep Talking' happened (I'm going to save you all from having to see the monstrous styling they were given). This will forever haunt me in my dreams. It's a shame because the song is an absolute BOP.

    BUT they really discovered their 'urban electro-ness' from their GOAT masterpiece 'Re:Birth' onwards, so let me link you to their 3 (well, 4) absolutely stellar albums.
    RE:Birth (2014) - FACE, Action, Sleep Talking, Hello, Goodbye Bye
    Q Is. (2016) - Overcome
    Canvas (2016) - Love Paint
    W,here (2017) - Where You At

    Now, most of you probably know the boys from Produce 101 Season 2 - or from Ren performing a flawless rendition of Girl's Day's 'Something', but let me summarise some of their most iconic moments from the past 5 years.
    But yeah, this basically scratches the surface of this group, but I hope you all found it informative (?). If you think this is a flop idea/not really worth it please let me know. Or if there are specific groups that you'd all like to know more about. Or if this just isn't a good idea (insecure first time rate-holder here...)

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    I love this segment already.
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  5. I can't believe I forgot to mention that Ren is a HUGE Lady Gaga fanboy. I remember laughing till I cried when Minhyun once called her 'Gaga Noona'.

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  6. Iconic.
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  7. Just a reminder unnies ~
    5.__ weeks left before ballots are due

    (and 1 week before my exams start)

    Let's save our boys from flopping more than some of them already do on MelOn every year.
  8. Is this still happening? Well, gonna start rating this weekend yath. ♡♡♡
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  9. Y'all better vote to save your aging oppas, I was ruthless to the oldies.
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  10. Sorry about this thread being a bit dead. I have exams and am somehow a bit of a mess atm. But the show is still happening so please send in your scores :)
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