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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Saturdays4Eva, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Ray


    All around the world, straighty boys. They're just so straighty!
  2. Reaction videos make no sense to me. I'm an old.
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  3. ke$ha should have kept that song for herself.
  4. Ray


    Same here. Wake me up when Sam Hunt starts taking his top off and doing reaction videos.
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  5. "It's Britney Biiiiiiitch, I'm Nicki Minaj, and that's Ke$ha!" is such a moment.
  6. Every time I listen to the original I keep expecting the dubstep break. I hate that it's not available on Spotify. Same with S&M.
  7. Coldney at her best.
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  8. I ain't talking poultry when I say this chicken's f-r-i-i-i-e-d-D *Chicken Squawking*

    2011 was a weird time.
  9. The S&M remix is on Spotify in Canada. It's under Rihanna's singles.
  10. That's when I realized how young he was! "He only graduated high school in 2012?!"

    I think he was still hot then, tbh.
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  11. That Billboard Awards performance still has me cringing. Nicki sounding like someone spilled water on her motherboard & Britney looking like her battery is low. A mess.
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  12. Truly the worst televised performance of her career - much worse than the 2007 VMAs. She looked she was holding in a shit while simultaneously not having a shit to give.
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  13. Oh, I meant with just the two of them.
  14. Britney singing a hook on Nicki's next album would be great.
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  15. OMG SUCH GROWTH, now it's avocados for breakfast!!1
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  16. Apparently, Britney has a song called "King Of My Castle". It's still unknown if it's old unreleased track or B10 track.
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  17. Random: I see Get Outta My Way on there, which Britney wanted and went to Kylie.
  18. I vaguely remember Lucas Secon rumored to be working on one of the albums but I don't remember which one. Get Outta My Way would've been on the table for Femme Fatale, right? So maybe that one. Everyone and their mom submits songs to Britney so its hard to remember what album who was attached to.
  19. BML


    That honor goes to 'Big Fat Bass' on Jimmy Kimmel, actually.
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  20. Speaking of which (these were around the same time.)

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