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Britney Spears - Glory

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Saturdays4Eva, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. B10 for 2018, around the time of the Baby One More Time's 20th anniversary, sounds perfect to me
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  2. (not) Here for her X(X).
  3. Did those friends happen to be gay?
  4. What would that have to do with anything? If being gay invalidates opinions on pop stars than this entire forum is a useless pile of rubbish.
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  5. You can take a deep breath now. It just doesn't seem like the kind of song that would have much appeal outside her fanbase.
  6. Yup, but they didn't know Glory existed.
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  7. I have a lot of non-gay friends who listened and liked Change Your Mind
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  8. I can tell you for a fact that straight guys (and girls), who aren't Britney fans, love the song. I went to a house party on Saturday and the song got played a few times and everyone started bopping hard when that bass kicked in. I've seen people bop to it at the gym as well. It's a good song.
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  9. Change Your Mind is played at gyms?? Why do I never come across things like that.
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  10. I've heard invitation at an Italian restaurant once and recently Just Like Me in a taxi. Glory works in mysterious ways
    But why did my taxi driver pretend this was his first time hearing a deep album track of Britney's 9th album?
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  11. Outside of gay clubs and friends houses/cars, I haven't really heard any Glory tracks aside from Make Me. Strangely (and annoyingly) enough I used to hear Britney Jean (Tik Tik Boom, It Should Be Easy, Til it's Gone, Body Ache) everywhere, especially at the gym.
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  12. Is her moving over to Caesars a legitimate rumour? I read it a few months back but was wondering if there was something concrete it was attached too.
  13. Larry said that, basically, this residency is over and anything is possible after that. I imagine she'll be back in Vegas by 2019 or so, and I'm sure most venues will be offering big bucks. Caesars is just one of many options.
  14. I just can't see her at Caesars in terms of their marketing and the people they have. She is a good fit for Planet Hollywood (they are both part of the Caesars company anyway so I really can't see how a move to a different theatre would make any impact).
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  15. Ah, I see thanks! Yeah I'd imagine every casino will offer huge amounts to get her to move! Caesars would be a bit sedate for her, would it not? However I suppose it would bring a younger crowd into Caesars Palace.
  16. I've been on a strange Willa Ford kick after discovering her on satellite radio and she reminds me of an even more sexed-up Britney, especially the I Wanna Be Bad video. She's also practically nonexistent on this forum, her only thread is from 2006. Just wanted to throw that out there haha
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  17. Before Britney, Planet Hollywood really had no one. Just a few years ago the strip was full of artists who were long past their prime. Now, you have Britney, Jennifer Lopez, and some of the biggest EDM artists in the world calling the strip home (Calvin Harris has a 3-year-deal with Hakkasan). The idea is to try to draw in a younger crowd, which is exactly what Britney did for Planet Hollywood. I'm sure Caesars would jump at the chance to have a hipper headliner on their roster, whether it be Britney or someone else.
  18. I was obsessed with Willa Ford back in the day because of 'I Wanna Be Bad'.
    Her other singles were good too, got the album but honestly don't remember anything about it now :/
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  19. Release another goddamn single this album fucking deserves it @RCA @teambritney
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  20. Her looks in the I Wanna Be Bad video reminded me of Britney's in Do Somethin' and she even mentioned Britney in her song Tired which I found pretty funny. I also learned all of this in the past 24 hours
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