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Broduce 101 Rate ▴ Hindsight Is 10/10 ▴ DEADLINE FRIDAY 9/1!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by mokimbird, Jun 29, 2017.


Would it help to extend the voting deadline?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Produce 101 was, as we all know, a watershed moment for K-pop. Beyond launching middling national girl group I.O.I., the show also launched less-than-middling careers for many of its 101 98 girls, as long as their lack of determination (or hospitalization) didn't stop them along the way. Mnet, inspired by the ratings goldmine they unwittingly stumbled into, went for a second season; 101 98 boys, inspired by the smell of spectacle, joined. But would fortune be as kind to the bois of B.O.I. Wanna One? Could Mnet capture lightning in a bottle twice? And, perhaps most importantly, would PD oppar Ahn Junyoung have enough sound effects in his library to make it through eleven weeks?

    The answers to all of these questions...are coming up after this commercial break. No, I'm just kidding. I'm Popjustice citizen/non-citizen producer representative mokimbird, and I'm contractually obligated to include that phrase at least once every week. The real answers, my fellow Sassy Unnirs, lie in your hands. It's showtime the Broduce 101 rate!


    1. Rate performances (and, if you’d like, trainees) out of 10, using the Broduce ballot attached here. Comments (and sass where appropriate) are strongly encouraged, as we have two hours to fill each week and mere numbers won’t cut it!
    2. One 11/10 for performances/trainees each - make sure to save them for your fixed picks!
    3. Decimal points acceptable. Negative scores are not.
    4. Upload your ballots to the (legal) download site of your choice and PM me the link by Saturday, July 29! This is not a strict deadline, but please keep it in mind.


    Team Battles:

    10 out of 10 Team 1Team 2
    Call Me Baby Team 1Team 2
    Replay Team 1Team 2
    Mansae Team 1Team 2
    Sorry Sorry Team 1Team 2
    Shock Team 1Team 2
    Be Mine Team 1Team 2
    Boy in Luv Team 1Team 2

    Vocal Position: If It Were YouPlaying With Fire
    Spring DayAmazing KissDownpour

    Dance Position: Right RoundShape of YouPopGet Ugly

    Rap Position: Boys and GirlsFearWho YouRhythm Ta

    Concept Evaluation: ShowtimeI Know You KnowKnockOh Little GirlNever

    Misc: Nayana (Pick Me)Super HotHands on MeAlways

    THE TRAINEES (1-20)

    1. Kang Daniel (강다니엘) MMO (Hard CarrySorry Sorry (2)Get UglyOpen Up)
    2. Park Jihoon (박지훈) Maroo (My Childhood Dream + ChoiceBoy in Luv (1)Get UglyOh Little Girl)
    3. Lee Daehwi (이대휘) Brand New Music (HollywoodBoy in Luv (1)Playing With FireNever)
    4. Kim Jaehwan (김재환) Independent Trainee (Hey Mama!Sorry Sorry (2)DownpourNever)
    5. Ong Seongwoo (옹성우) Fantagio (That’s What I LikeSorry Sorry (2)Get UglyNever)
    6. Park Woojin (박우진) Brand New Music (Hollywood10 out of 10(2)Get UglyNever)
    7. Lai Kuanlin (라이관린) CUBE (Get It Poppin’ Boy in Luv(2)FearNever)
    8. Yoon Jisung (윤지성) MMO (Hard Carry10 out of 10 (1)DownpourShowtime)
    9.Hwang Minhyun (황민현) Pledis (Because of YouSorry Sorry (2)DownpourNever)
    10.Bae Jinyoung (배진영) C9 (GrowlBoy in Luv (1)Spring DayOh Little Girl)
    11. Ha Sungwoon (하성운) Ardor & Able (Very GoodBoy in Luv (1)DownpourShowtime)

    12. Jung Sewoon (정세운) Starship (SugarBe Mine (2)Playing With FireOh Little Girl)
    13. Kang Dongho (강동호) Pledis (Because of YouBoy in Luv (2)Playing With FireOpen Up)
    14. Kim Jonghyun (김종현) Pledis (Because of YouSorry Sorry (2)FearNever
    15. Im Youngmin (임영민) Brand New Music (HollywoodBe Mine (2)Boys and GirlsOpen Up)
    16. Ahn Hyungseop (안형섭) Yuehua (Just Right10 out of 10 (2)Get UglyOh Little Girl)
    17. Yoo Seonho (유선호) CUBE (Get It Poppin’Sorry Sorry (1)Spring DayOpen Up)
    18. Kim Samuel (김사무엘) Brave (With YouBoy in Luv (1)Get UglyShowtime)
    19. Joo Haknyeon (주학년) Creker (What Makes You BeautifulBoy in Luv (1)Right RoundOpen Up)
    20. Choi Minki (최민기) Pledis (Because of YouReplay (1)Playing With FireOh Little Girl)

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  2. THE TRAINEES (21-101)

    21. Kim Yongguk (김용국) Chun (ABoy in Luv (2)If It Were YouOpen Up)
    22. Kwon Hyunbin (권현빈) YG K+ (My HouseSorry Sorry (2)DownpourI Know You Know)
    23. Lee Euiwoong (이의웅) Yuehua (Just RightBoy in Luv (1)Who YouOh Little Girl)
    24. Takada Kenta (타카다 켄타) Star Road (Sayonara HitoriBe Mine (2)Spring DayOpen Up)
    25. Noh Taehyun (노태현) Ardor & Able (Very Good10 out of 10 (2)Shape of YouShowtime)
    26. Kim Sangkyun (김상균) Hunus (MichigoReplay (2)Who YouShowtime)
    27. Jang Moonbok (장문복) ONO (Boy In LuvCall Me Baby (1)FearI Know You Know)
    28. Kim Donghyun (김동현) Brand New Music (HollywoodBe Mine (2)Boys and GirlsI Know You Know)
    29. Kim Donghan (김동한) OUI (Blood, Sweat, TearsCall Me Baby (1)Shape of YouI Know You Know)
    30. Kim Taedong (김태동) The Vibe Label (Rhythm TaMansae (1)Shape of YouI Know You Know)
    31. Seo Seonghyuk (서성혁) WH Creative (woo ahShock (1)Amazing KissI Know You Know)
    32. Kim Yehyun (김예현) Widmay (HerBe Mine (1)If It Were YouI Know You Know)
    33. Lee Geonhee (이건희) RBW (You’re The Best/Um Oh Ah YeahReplay (1)Amazing KissOh Little Girl)
    34. Lee Woojin (이우진) Media Line (BabyBe Mine (2)Spring DayShowtime)
    35. Park Woodam (박우담) HF Music Company (WhistleMansae (1)PopShowtime)

    36. Jeong Dongsu (정동수) SHOW (SoreumShock (2)Amazing Kiss)
    37. Park Sungwoo (박성우) HIM (Love SongBe Mine (2)Shape of You)
    38. Hong Eunki (홍은기) GON (The 7th Sense10 out of 10 (2)Right Round)
    39. Yoo Hoeseung (유회승) FNC (ReplayBe Mine (1)Right Round)
    40. Woo Jinyoung (우진영) HF Music Company (WhistleMansae (1)Who You)
    41. Joo Jinwoo (주진우) MMO (Hard CarryCall Me Baby (2)If It Were You)
    42. Yeo Hwanwoong (여환웅) RBW (You’re The Best/Um Oh Ah YeahReplay (1)Right Round)
    43. Justin (저스틴) Yuehua (Just RightReplay (1)Shape of You)
    44. Lee Gwanghyun (이광현) Starship (SugarReplay (1)Rhythm Ta)
    45. Byun Hyunmin (변현민) K-Tigers (Fire10 out of 10 (2)Right Round)
    46. Yoon Heeseok (윤희석) Jellyfish (Chained UpCall Me Baby (1)Amazing Kiss)
    47. Kim Seongri (김성리) C2K (ApologyCall Me Baby (1)If It Were You)
    48. Kim Sangbin (김상빈) Independent Trainee (HolupBoy in Luv (2)Pop)
    49. Kim Taewoo (김태우) Naruda (Good Boy10 out of 10 (1)Rhythm Ta)
    50. Lee Junwoo (이준우) F ENT (Kiss KissReplay (2)Shape of You)
    51. Zhu Zheng Ting (정정) Yuehua (Just RightReplay (1)Pop)
    52. Kim Namhyung (김남형) SHOW (SoreumSorry Sorry (1)Right Round)
    53. Lee Kiwon (이기원) 2Y (Love Me RightShock (2)Pop)
    54. Lee Yoojin (이유진) Namoo Actors (Cat WalkBe Mine (2)Rhythm Ta
    55. Yoon Jaechan (윤재찬) The Vibe Label (Rhythm Ta10 out of 10 (1)Pop)
    56. Kim Yongjin (김용진) WINGS (Good BoyMansae (2)Spring Day)
    57. Lee Insoo (이인수) Independent Trainee (HolupBoy in Luv (2)Pop)
    58. Kim Dongbin (김동빈) Kiwi Media Group (Chewing GumCall Me Baby (2)Boys and Girls)
    59. Kim Taemin (김태민) Han Areum (Black10 out of 10 (1)Fear)
    60. Ha Minho (하민호) The Vibe Label (Rhythm TaSorry Sorry (1))

    61. Seong Hyunwoo (성현우) The Vibe Label (Rhythm TaCall Me Baby (1))
    62. Joo Wontak (주원탁) 2able (As Long As You Love MeMansae (1))
    63. Choi Dongha (최동하) Independent Trainee (Hey Mama!Sorry Sorry (1))
    64. Jeong Joongji (정중지) Wayz Company (GrowlMansae (2))
    65. Kwon Hyeop (권협) Maroo (My Childhood Dream + ChoiceSorry Sorry (2))
    66. Im Woohyeok (임우혁) Blessing (Boys and GirlsShock (2))
    67. Jeong Hyojun (정효준) YG K+ (My HouseShock (1))
    68. Son Dongmyeong (손동명) RBW (You’re The Best/Um Oh Ah YeahShock (1))
    69. Lee Seokyu (이서규) IT (Zero ConductCall Me Baby (2))
    70. Kim Hyeonwoo (김현우) YG K+ (My House10 out of 10 (1))
    71. Choi Taewoong (최태웅) MMO (Hard CarryReplay (2))
    72. Cho Jinhyung (조진형) CS (Let Me Love YouShock (2))
    73. Yoon Yongbin (윤용빈) Banana (TT10 out of 10 (2))
    74. Han Minho (한민호) IT (Zero ConductCall Me Baby (2))
    75. Yoo Jinwon (유진원) Blessing (Boys and GirlsReplay (2))
    76. Kim Yeonkuk (김연국) IONE (If You DoMansae (1))
    77. Jeong Sihyun (정시현) GNI (Again&AgainCall Me Baby (2))
    78. Kim Chanyul (김찬율) The Jackie Chan Group (You’re The OneMansae (2))
    79. Choi Seunghyeok (최승혁) Yuehua (Just RightShock (1))
    80. Lee Hoolim (이후림) YG K+ (My House10 out of 10 (1))
    81. Kim Jaehan (김재한) MMO (Hard CarryReplay (2))
    82. Kim Chan (김찬) Independent Trainee (Hey Mama!Be Mine (1))
    83. Jang Daehyeon (장대현) OUI (Blood, Sweat, TearsCall Me Baby (2))
    84. Yoo Kyoungmok (유경목) Totalset (Love Me RightShock (2))
    85. Choi Hadon (최하돈) The Jackie Chan Group (You’re The OneMansae (2))
    86. Park Heeseok (박희석) Gini Stars (Beautiful NightShock (2))
    87. Ryu Hoyeon (유호연) IONE (If You DoReplay (2))
    88. Cho Gyumin (조규민) IMX (MTBDMansae (2))
    89. Wang Minhyeok (왕민혁) Gini Stars (Beautiful NightShock (1))
    90. Choi Junyoung (최준영) STL (Hit Me10 out of 10 (2))
    91. Jo Sungwook (조성욱) OUI (Blood, Sweat, TearsMansae (2))
    92. Kim Dohyun (김도현) Gini Stars (Beautiful NightShock (1))
    93. Jo Yonggeun (조용근) HF Music Company (WhistleSorry Sorry (1))
    94. Lee Gunmin (이건민) RBW (You’re The Best/Um Oh Ah YeahBoy in Luv (2))
    95. Jeong Woncheol (정원철) HF Music Company (WhistleCall Me Baby (1))
    96. Choi Heesoo (최희수) IONE (If You DoBe Mine (1))
    97. Choi Jaewoo (최재우) RBW (You’re The Best/Um Oh Ah YeahBe Mine (1))
    98. Lee Jihan (이지한) PAN (OverdoseBe Mine (1))

    99. Han Jongyeon (한종연) Maroo (My Childhood Dream + Choice)
    100. Nam Yoonsung (남윤성) IONE (If You Do)
    101. Kim Shihyun (김시현) Chun (A)​
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  3. I will participate in the trainees rate. I don't know many of them but will rate the ones that I know.

    I'm not sure about the performances rate cause I didn't like them that much and actually stopped watching the show since episode 7 but I will try.

    @He are you in ?
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  4. I missed out on the Season 1 Rate but I'll be gladly participating in this one!
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  5. I hope it's okay if I participate even though I didn't watch the show. I'm gonna rate the performances only so I won't hurt your favourite trainees.
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  6. Just give Hyeongseop, Eunki, Justin, Jung Jung, and Euiwoong all 10s and everyone else zeroes xx #JusticeForYuehuaBoys*

    *I know Eunki isn't even from Yuehua but he's leaving his flop label anyway so they should snatch him up to continue his love story with Jung Jung.
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  7. Oh my God. I love Eunki and Jung Jung. I hope they get reunited somehow. Kweens of the Dance Floor!
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  9. yesssss!!! so excited to hear your thoughts (and for the Yuehua boyz to get a well-deserved boost) ;)

    so excited to hear all your thots!!

    hahaha, we would be honored to have iconic rate kween Slice of Life be part of this!

    i'll also take this moment to put in a plug for my bias (and avatar), SexyBabyOhMyLady Park Woojin.

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  10. He


    I'm not sure I can do it since I watched like three episodes.

    But I'll decide later on if I wanna boost Baekho's scores.
  11. I actually rated everyone that I know except Baekho. I'm waiting for the result of his case....
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  12. He


    Innocent until proven guilty.

    But yeah, if he's guilty I can't support him. Though he'll still be hot.
  13. man, some of these performances are way better/worse than i remember them on rewatch.

    -both Be Mine teams are charming in their own way, but neither quite gets the vibe right (although team 1 gets a little closer).
    -the Shock performances are much better than they have any right to be.
    -i could have gone my entire life without watching that slaughtered version of Boys and Girls ever again, and yet i did.
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  15. @mokimbird only the first five people that you tagged will get an alert. You need to tag the others on a new post.

    Also I'm still doing this but looking at the scores that I gave so far, I'm going to be the villain of this rate.
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  16. He


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  17. > : )

    i will anticipate the rise of antihero Alouder98 unnie.

    and i will cheer on academia unnie!! best of luck with the end of school, He.

    and for @Sanctuary @Monkey0 @Reboot @BEST FICTION @aznjesus ... *eyebrow wiggle*
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  18. shout-out to @Alouder98 for submitting the first ballot!!

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  19. hi, folx! just a reminder that the soft deadline for submissions is July 29; how are we feeling? if people would like an extension i honestly wouldn't mind at all, i know there have been lots of rates happening recently. :)
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  20. An extension sounds good!
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