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Camila Cabello - Camila (Debut Album & Singles Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Oct 14, 2016.


Was going solo at this time a good idea?

Poll closed May 16, 2017.
  1. Yes, she's gonna KILL it!

  2. She'll flop harder than Nicole Scherzinger.

  3. She'll have a few top 10s and then fizzle out.

  1. Is that some Epic issue with 10 track releases lately? 5H got the same amount of tracks last time. I hope that Republic will snatch her as soon as the album will be released.
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  2. Never Be The Same is a 10 for me
  3. The pre-chorus of Never Be The Same is brilliant.
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  4. It’s not?! That’s my favorite release from her.

    Never Be the Same feels clunky and I’m not sure about the Selena Gomez-esque pre-chorus. Real Friends is nice though.
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  5. What the actual fuck at her including the same song twice. No Camila. Also no OMG or I Have Questions? Where's that deluxe edition? Messy.

    Real Friends is a bore. Her worst solo song so far. Luckily Never Be the Same is gorgeous.
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  6. 10 tracks? Bit stingy love but I’ll take what I can I guess...
  7. Not her dropping OMG as well. She's ruthless.
  8. If Crying isn't a UK bonus track they've really missed a trick. Why drop an actual minor hit single?
  9. None of these two songs builds on Havana so... Fifth Harmony reunion in 2019?
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  10. These are the other songs that have been mentioned before:

    Inside Out
    It’s Only Natural
    A Good Reason to Go
    She Loves Control
    Sangria Wine
    Scar Tissue
    The Boy
    Must Be Love

    I think She Loves Control will be on the album considering that was one of the more recent songs mentioned.
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  11. She sounds horrible on the pre-chorus.
  12. That album is too short! She better release a deluxe with at least 6 extra tracks.

    I haven't listened to Real Friends yet, but the studio version of Never Be The Same gave me the chills. So so so good. My favorite song so far
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  13. Real Friends over OMG or I Have Questions is not the one. It honestly best be the worst song on the album.
  14. Both songs were ok, not what I was expecting. I guess they'll grown on me at some point, I hope.
  15. Maybe...add them to your playlist where you find they fit?

    Similar when fans complain about 15+ song records being "too long" or having "too many fillers..." delete them?
  16. Camila girl wyd? I'm pissed. After ALL THE MONEY thrown at you, we get a Love Yourself retread and that horrible Bad Things falsetto?
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  17. How many albums is her contract with Epic for?
  18. Awww, Real Friends is cute. It's not amazing, but it's a cute track
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  19. ddd Real Friends is shit
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