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Camila Cabello - Camila (Debut Album & Singles Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Oct 14, 2016.


Was going solo at this time a good idea?

Poll closed May 16, 2017.
  1. Yes, she's gonna KILL it!

  2. She'll flop harder than Nicole Scherzinger.

  3. She'll have a few top 10s and then fizzle out.

  1. This is my takeaway from this album. If she came out with a typical pop record, it would have gotten lost because there are already quite a few female artists who fill that space (and do it well). By taking this route with her music, I think she definitely succeeded in standing out. Depends on whether you think she stands out in a good way or a bad way, but she made her point.

    I have only listened to the album twice so far and the one that made an impression on me was Something's Gotta Give. It's outstanding and I'm already looking forward to hearing her perform this live. I will have more thoughts on the album as I listen to it nonstop for the next few months.

    Agreed also on someone's comment about the order of the songs. I would swap Into It and Something's Gotta Give. It's only right that the album ends with a ballad.
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  2. Is this getting a vinyl release? Does anyone have the CD?
  3. Never Be The Same is number 4 on global Spotify, Yas! Easily the best track here.

    Havana is number 1.
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  4. She Loves Control = BOP

    3rd single please!
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  5. I've got very controversial feelings about album. In my opinion this is a LP of one song - Havana, 'cause other aren't eye-opening or inspiring for me. Yeah, there are couple of songs there to be beloved after re-listening,but the first time this is pretty average. I guess Something's Gotta Give&Never Be the Same are not more worse than Havana.
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  6. When I am controlling things

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  7. Never Be The Same has grown on me immensely. It's great, and it totally makes sense as a single.
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  8. On my first listen.
  9. Her US Spotify numbers are pretty impressive...
    #4 Havana
    #6 Never Be The Same
    #34 Real Friends
    #44 In The Dark
    #74 Into It
    #77 She Loves Control
    #81 All These Years
    #107 Consequences
    #115 Inside Out
    #123 Something's Gotta Give

    While this is good, I do wonder if this is mostly down to payola. I’ve had the album pretty much on repeat as I’m a fan but I’ve had Spotify give me a notication twice letting me know this is out and to got listen to it... payola or not, these are great numbers and if helps with her SPS then keep it up Rodger lol (her manager).
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  10. I have the CD.
  11. It's frustrating because I like her and she has potential so I'm not sure why this is the debut, her desire to write it all herself is to her detriment I think.

    I made a little Spotify playlist for everything I like all things Camila and it makes for a cute 11 track album.

    1. Crown
    2. Crying In The Club
    3. Havana
    4. Love Incredible
    5. OMG
    6. Into It
    7. Never Be The Same
    8. She Loves Control
    9. Inside Out
    10. I Have Questions
    11. Somethings Gotta Give
  12. It's not a big album, it is quite lowkey, feels maybe not reductive but flat at times. Flat considering the hype we got. I was expecting more instrumentation and hit-me-in-the-face melodies. Not necessarily ambitious and stuff, but with 4 solid bangers, 2 solid ballads and the rest. And what I found on Spotify today was a draft of an album. Now I get the notebook promotion/images we got before.

    But, at the same time, while not so loud, it is cute and growing. A good choice for a tea time/coffee time.
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  13. A spectacularly solid endeavor, teeming with jubilant personality and smoldering exuberance, awash in a mixture of confidence and contemplation. In the grand tradition of solo departures, it feels a perfect showcase for her abilities to stretch between balladry and boppery with an almost effortless swing; yet, at the same time, there lingers a resistance to totally declare independence, creating an atmosphere more cozy than confessional.

    Perhaps most tangible is the pervasive acoustic-laden, chilled-out vibe, opting out of a full-on dance record that may have cheapened her individuality, which is, quite frankly, marvelously stamped upon each track. It feels deeply personal whilst holding much depth, opening the doors for more fascinating possibilities and pathways to embark upon.

    A nice, smooth collection of lowkey-pop nuggets.
  14. "Into It" is a bop.
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  15. I can't believe how popular she is. She's literally one of the biggest stars on the planet right now.
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  16. I'm really enjoying this. She Loves Control, In the Dark and Real Friends are my faves on the first listen.
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  17. In the Dark won't leave my head.
  18. She Loves Taking Wigs Control is an album highlight on the first listen
  19. Bought the CD yesterday in HMV in the UK. Love it - never liked Fifth Harmony, though.
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  20. The sparse, galactic atmosphere of In The Dark is incredible.
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