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Camila Cabello - the hurting the healing the loving (Album & Singles Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Oct 14, 2016.


Was going solo at this time a good idea?

Poll closed May 16, 2017.
  1. Yes, she's gonna KILL it!

  2. She'll flop harder than Nicole Scherzinger.

  3. She'll have a few top 10s and then fizzle out.

  1. Feels like gayola for some reason.
  2. I know I could count on you.
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  3. Ariana and Camila were/are close or friends. No clue about the other two (the Lorde admiration could be... squad-ola).

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  4. Lorde is friends with her (Taylorsquad), and Charli has wrote songs with her for the album. (?)
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  5. Shut up and do what they are telling you bubblyjayy.
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  6. I Have Questions sounds rather brilliant actually...

  7. Album out in September, apparently, @11:49.
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  8. I mean Charli's stanning is not exactly exclusive. She's basically stanned for everything that's come out in the past 2 weekd. Selena, Harry Styles, Halsey, DNCE, Cashmere Cat, Cara Delevinge's shaved head...
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  9. A @Vasilios greek τσάι.
  10. Well the video got me back on board for the next single, because her voice has its signature mystique back in the ballad section. But what a set of questionable decisions by her team. Usually when stans blame team decisions for a flop they're just projecting to avoid blaming the music or the star, but it would be fair here if things do go south. The promo team gets an A but as for the rest....

    Releasing a lead single where the star does an unimpressive copy of someone else, even though she clearly hasn't actually lost her signature sound. Tying it to a washed out, overly long video where nothing happens and she doesn't show any of the dorky charm that built her a fanbase but instead tries to come off much older than her age. Inserting the single after half a ballad trying to tell a story that's not even 1/10th as interesting as they seem to think it is. Plus Youtube's search somehow losing the video. Plus winding up releasing on the busiest pop day of the year so far.

    Well, let's see how it goes. Here for the next release.
  11. September???? That's a long wait!
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  12. I seriously don't fucking understand the YouTube thing, did they forget to unblock the search terms after it leaked the other day?
  13. I could have used this song on many a roudy night in 2010.
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  14. Remember when youtube started hiding LGBT related videos in restricted mode? #camren confirmed!
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  15. Google isn't good at managing those kinds of manual tweaks on their sites. If it can't be done by algorithm somehow, they're not interested. Plus music is obviously irrelevant to them considering the tiny fraction of revenue it brings in. That's why they've gotten beat on audio streaming, and why labels are trying to push videos on Spotify now. Don't forget they bought Youtube, they didn't build it themselves.
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  16. It'd go so well with Te Amo, Cheryl's Amnesia and Lose Control by Kerri Hilson.
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  17. Sia karaoke is fun. The Genie sample is cute.

    I have quesions sounds promising.
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  18. Bibi Bourelly wrote I Have Questions with Camila.
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  19. I Have Questions is... fine? Why is it in the video at all? It makes no fucking sense.

    The rest of the video is also fine. I feel like it would be better executed if it was less pale blog realness.
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  20. The video and I Have Questions are both useless.
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