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Celebrity Big Brother / Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. The less said about her shelved hip-hop project 'Ghetto Cunt', the better.
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  2. I've literally spent the last ten minutes screaming "Nooooooooooo" at my screen.
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  3. I'm still sad at how done wrong sweet Jess (and Chloe) were done in the last CBB
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  4. Nashville? Fuck that hook Megan up with Vanessa Feltz boyfriend and create another bop like this.
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  5. Fight me.
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  6. 0:27
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  7. Is that the Lily Allen co-write?
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  8. After 84 years Necklar appeared on Loose Women
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  9. There better be a duet with Stephanie Davis.
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  10. I'm glad she planned ahead and wore her spectacles, I couldn't have survived an interview with this

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  11. I saw a bit of that interview. Every time she spoke I could just hear Kim saying "You're a saddo!". I wish that's how it had actually happened.
  12. I will be bitterly disappointed if they don't now...
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  13. June 4th start date apparently!
  14. Isn't that the BGT final date?
  15. I wish they would take the opportunity to make a political statement. They definitely could with the segregation and the pairs and rumored English village countryside set-up.
  16. I need Kim back on my TV, I miss her already.

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  17. Spread the word, everyone.
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  18. Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby were made for each other.
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  19. I don't often use the word vile but in their case it is very apt.