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Celebrity Big Brother / Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. 2014

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    This is getting...a lot now
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  2. What were people's opinions of Danica vs The Situation during the Julie Goodyear series?
  3. I really like Andrew’s tartan tee, does anyone know where I can get it?
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  4. I’d even root for Carcinogen over The Situation so I hope you get equal time from someone else.
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  5. That she deserves to be fucking handcuffed.
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  6. I'm no fan of The Situation at all. I think he's quite awful.

    Initially I thought the housemates were being quite judgemental of Danica based on her career alone, but then when you could see she was playing games I went right off her.

    Julie is an absolute icon.
  7. I've just started rewatching the first CBB that I ever watched as it went on- The Hopkins/Price/Perez year. TV gold. I forget about Patsy and then she comes and makes it the fucking best.

    I miss having something to watch every day and seeing Shane/Courtney being gracious and serene. The summer series is going to be shit and full of the usual SubZlisters but at least they got it kind of right for a few episodes one week this year.
  8. I honestly can't remember anything about that series other than the bit where Katie had the whole house gathered around a table as she told the story of how she walked in on her boyfriend fucking her best friend. Iconic
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Danica is in my all-time top ten favourite celebrity housemates, just above Julie Goodyear. Someone will reply to this with a mocking GIF but they're wrong. The 6 or 7 people who are going to like that post are also wrong.
  11. I want Andrew and Shane to have their own show so I can follow the love journey
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  12. We'll get a WOW Presents web series and we'll all deal with it.
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  13. Danica was fucking iconic. Yas feast on toxic masculinity, sociopathic queen!
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  14. For anyone who didn’t catch Danica’s big break:

    Say what you like about her but she was/is stunning.
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  15. "We nose each other" dead.
    I can only imagine the mugging off Steph Davis got during this.
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  16. "Hi babes why are you hanging out with my ex?"
  17. Andrew posted a photo on Instagram captioned “Apprentice reunion” and sadly I thought to myself “but what about the DCC?!?!?”
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  18. I seen Courtney at Classic Grand on Wednesday night and she was so amazing. Such a worthy winner and was so so grateful. Someone shouted out "I WOULD DIE FOR ANDREW BRADY" and Courtney was like. Wow. No. Why die when you can live??? then went on to say how amazing he is and how she genuinely didn't think she'd win. A queen.