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Celebrity Big Brother / Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. I seen The Daily Mail article and one of the photos she has her phone tucked down her pants. This is not cute.
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  2. I'm no psychic but I can sense a greenie being hocked at you in very suspicious circumstances.
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  3. Those Danniella pics are hilarious! The epitome of ‘I called the paps on myself’.

  4. Life coach! Daniella is gonna have a fit when she sees Kerreh has said she doesn't know if she is using drugs and that she can help her.
  5. Kerry has mugged her right off, I'm embarrassed to know her.
  6. Twitter just peaked.
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  7. Watch out Kerry Katona cos Stephanie Davis has literally not got an acting job since that iconic quote from Danniella.

    "You’ll never work again. I'm embarrassed to know ya."
  8. I screamed! I thought it was Angie Bowie but still.
  9. Not Primarni redefining fashion once again.
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  10. Yas! GC for Masterchef 2018, Imagine her peeling the potatoes I can't wait.
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  11. Oh my days the producers of Masterchef have signed up John Partridge too. We all need to watch and live post this.
  12. I hope The GC doesn't cut froo to da bone again.
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  13. Yet more memes coming our way!

    Next step - Strictly!
  14. And don’t forget the woman without whom we would not know Toneeta...


    It’s Frankie Bridge!!!!!
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  15. But who will save us from the trolls now?
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  16. Was this Masterchef cast picked with Popjustice reality TV squad in mind?
  17. Plus eye candy in the shape of AJ Pritchard and Josh Cuthbert!
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  18. Also Dolly Parton's sister Stella (hew??) has potential to be iconic.
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  19. Fantastic last page, gheys and ghewls!
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