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Celine Dion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DiscoIgor07, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Getting down to this very early at work right now.

  2. Saw her last night. What an absolute treat! Talent and humility go hand in hand with her like nobody else. The setlist was incredible and Le Ballet was an absolute MOMENT. That guy was so hot.
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  3. My parents are going to see her tonight, so I was secretly hoping one of them would back out and give me their ticket. Queen of vocals.
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  4. I've been obsessed with the One Heart album all week because of it. The run of I Drove All Night/Love is All We Need/Faith is so, so good. It's Celine at her most pop.
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  5. Love the whole album, except the song One Heart. So many good memories from that time, it was so soon after the A New Day... album and I didn't even know she was releasing another. I was out in HMV and there it was. It reminds me of summer every time I listen to it.
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  6. I remember being really surprised that One Heart (the single) didn't take off. Guess radio stopped supporting as much at that point - cunts.
  7. There were so many other better single choices available. Love Is All We Need, Reveal, In His Touch, Naked...
    I think One Heart is the weakest song on the album. I hate that clunky intro that sounds like a piano falling down the stairs and the lyrics are so insipid. The hair during that era was a choice too, and I cant help think it made people view Celine as older than she was. The Taking Chances era hair and look really helped repair her image.
  8. I cannot wait until Saturday. Celine's first Glasgow visit in 21 years! Last night of the tour as well so will be quite special.
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  9. I really hope that Sony have recorded the UK shows for a DVD release. I would love to have a show of hers that I have been at on DVD. And she just sounded amazing. It would be good to release it around the time of the new album early next year or around Christmas time.
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  10. I haven't read much in this thread but now feels like a good time for Celine to make a comeback? Is she working on something?

    She's quite present in the press with these fashion choices she's been making and I think following Rene's death people are kind of curious to see what she would do next, in the nicest possible way.

    I know she'll never have another hit single but I'd like to see her have a presence outside of Vegas again. Seeing her pic in Vegas everywhere last week felt nice, she's so reliable as an icon, she deserves to have another big hit album.
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  11. She's been recording for a while, new album out first quarter of next year I imagine. Three new Sia tracks apparently I just hope it's a bit more like A New Day Has Come, Falling Into You. I'd rather a positive feeling album, with of course some great power ballads.
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  12. Her fans on Instagram have been killing me thinking she's in a relationship with the dancer , he's as gay as a multipack of glitter wrapped in a bedazzled rainbow flag
  13. I imagine it's going to be about living in the now and new starts
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  14. He's delicious.
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  15. That he is ly9kK0D.gif
  16. Yes... I'm ready for such an album. Life affirming realness please Celine. Give me those anthems.
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    Spilling those Life's About To Get Good Teas!
  18. God- you've all killed me into buying last minute tickets for tomorrow. *hasn't been watching Ticketmaster for 3 days for a good seat*
  19. You won't regret it. A few people have told me it was the best gig of their lives.
  20. One heart is my favorite Celine album.

    I know what love s, breaks my heart it is so fucking beautiful.