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Celine Dion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DiscoIgor07, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. This is such an atypical look and vocal performance from Celine. I love it.
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  2. Rob


    I've just booked tickets to see her in Vegas on New Years Eve and I am beyond excited!
  3. Celine Dion is one of my favourite people on the planet. I just had to say this right here, right now.
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  5. Can we get some appreciation for this underrated/overlooked pop gem from her last album? WHAT A QUEEN.
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  6. Her latest album, Encore Un Soir, is in my opinion, the best she's ever done. Well produced, and her vocals... so impressive! L'Etoile is my favourite of the records. Just.. wow
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  7. I would love a new English pop release in 2018. The time is ripe for her "Believe" moment.
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  8. Yes, bring it on! Curious to hear the Sia tracks - hopefully they'll make the cut
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  9. She's due to release early next year. I would love her to do something unexpected and have her "Believe" moment but Sony seem to be only interested in presenting her as the queen of ballads. Especially in the US.
    A well produced pop album would be amazing. Hopefully she's taking some risks and we don't get what the last English album was. A mishmash of sounds at odds with each other. Half of the album was great, half was really terrible schmaltz.
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  10. She managed herself for Encore un soir, right? That gives me hope for the new English album.
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  11. The French albums are always so much more creative and varied. I'm still hopeful though as she seems to have been more freer recently and her summer tour was such a success.
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  12. Yes, I prefer her French albums over the English ones. It seems as if she's singing more relaxed, less forced and less 'over-singing' on the French ones. She experiments on the French records more - in styles, in vocals. Lots of love for the French albums here !
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  13. I want a French mixed with English warm disco inspired album. Will she ever come through?
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  14. No Aldo was still her manager then and the album was executive produced by Valérie Michelin (she also exec produced 'Sans Attendre').

    As of the latest update, the new English album is being led (and once again exec produced) by Sony's John Doelp.

  15. And finally a reunion with Stephan Moccio, who co-wrote 'A New Day Has Come'.
    SO can't wait for his song!

  16. Oh, wait... so this is actually coming and soon!?
  17. I don't think it's that soon. She said in a recent interview it was most likely going to be fall 2018.
  18. She actually said "possibly Fall '18, but it could also be sooner". So my guess Fall at it's latest.

    There's speculation (and a lot of hope) she will release the album on her 50th birthday, March 30 (which is on a Friday). There are also rumours going around the album is almost done.

    Anything can still happen!
  19. I think a Spring album would be great this time around. I want new and bright uplifting anthems from Celine when the sun is shinning and everything feels fresh and new after the winter.
  20. No more covers please! Unless they’re as good as All By Myself or Drove All Night.