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Charli XCX - Pop 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. I fucking love her.

    'Out of my Head' pops off. It's basically another great Blue Lips track.
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  2. I can't believe how far we've come since 2014. After reaching peak Charli standom after True Romance (and meeting her) I thought Sucker derailed everything between us. Vroom Vroom did a lot to correct the course but it was just a nice avant garde surprise, not anything to resurrect my faith and the months of silence after extinguised any good will I had. 'After The After Party' never should have been bothered with teebs. But in 2017, she's flourished hasn't she? Abandoning, or really, being barred from releasing her proper album has only ignited a creative fire. I've liked/loved all of her features, Number One Angel is one of my top three releases this year, the leaks have been amazing, and I have so much faith in this being amazing too. I never expected such an artistically successful year after 2014-2016 and it feels good to say I'm still here for her.
  3. I clicked this link on my phone and it logged me out of my US Apple Music account, erasing my entire two years of saved music in the process. Pour one out for all my playlists.

    Maybe this is a sign that POP2 is all I need.
  4. Pop 2 (The Shops). Carly's 'Store' influence x
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  5. If you can get on desktop, you can redownload them easily by adding them all to a playlist and downloading it.
  6. Am I the only person in the world that actually LOVES Sucker? I still get my life to it all the time.
  7. No I love it too. I know @Kirkland is a fan.
  8. My library hasn't synced properly to my laptop for about two years so it was only preserved on my phone (and the cloud, so I thought, but I guess not). I'm on the phone with Apple support rn, maybe I can bargain Charli's new mixtape out of it.
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  9. I rage to the title track at least once a week.
  10. Nope. It has some of her best music and best vocals.
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  11. I enjoy the attitude of Sucker a lot but this is definitely my favorite Charli era.
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  12. Haven't seen the Spotify link posted:
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  13. I love Sucker. It sounds like The Ramones being gangbanged live onstage by characters from Pussy, King of the Pirates.

    @Ferk @Hunterpoop @Michael17
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  14. Wow, right after I unfollowed her other thread. Time to unfollow the Joyride thread!

  15. No, I adore it. Breaking Up is THAT bratpop anthem.
  16. Sucker had some good highs, but nothing else like Boom Clap to capitalise on.
    I still wish So Over You had been a single, and regularly get a lot out of Doing It.
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  17. Sucker is a great album. I love pretty much everything she's released (and not released).
  18. I've always loved Sucker and always will. Sure, it didn't age as well as True Romance, but it's still a great album and so important to her story of being an artist. That said, I feel like Number 1 Angel is the most ~Charli~ album she's done.
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  19. Same. Except for the odd outlier -- cough cough "After the Afterparty" -- her discography is pretty flawless.
  20. I'd love a AG Cook remix of some of the Sucker songs. 'Sucker', 'Need Ur Luv', 'Breaking Up', 'Famous', and 'So Over You' would sound pretty cool.

    Also, can she just kill 'Break the Rules' with fire. Nobody asks for that 5 minute rendition when she performs it live.