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Charli XCX - Pop 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Break The Rules is iconic and the gays are still fuming.
  2. This live version of “Break the Rules” absolutely sleighs:

    Also bye at “hello Spotify, sorry I’m late”. Eternal queen of delays.
  3. The POP2 cover looks so good. So very happy to have new Charli all up in my streaming services.
  4. You'd think she just POP2 a mixtape out without torturing us or a hook? Thank you for your sacrifice.
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  5. Why is this only available for preorder in New Zealand? Not that I wanna preorder the mixtape, but I would like to download the song at least.
  6. Sucker is good and so is After the Afterparty! The former has great deep cuts and the latter has "got glitter in my underwear like it was Studio 54, yeah".

    Out Of My Head is fun. This feels a little more off the cuff than N1A was, but it's a nice treat to round off the year.
  7. Break the Rules has one insane buildup, though. It's very "Charli goes St. Trinian's", but it's inherently cool.

    By the way, that Camila Cabello's new song 'Never Be The Same' would sound amazing with Charli's vocals and some PC production.
  8. Noooooo I love the PC remix so much!! The first time I saw her do it my jaw hit the ground, I’d do anything to have a studio version.
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  9. Because there’s still like ~8 hours or so until US iTunes updates.
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  10. RJF




  11. [​IMG]
  12. Sucker remains perfection.
    The Pop2 cover/title are perfection.
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  13. Ok
  14. Alright Charli calm down.
  15. Sucker came around the perfect time. I was going through a whirlwind of emotions towards the end of high school, crushing over one of my colleagues and I had so many intense feelings that were all over the place. Sucker was equally an escape and therapy. I don't play it much these days, but at the time it was everything my iPod was playing.
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  16. I met Charli at a party and in piss poor attempt to be somewhat professional I told her "I really like Sucker!" and she actually rolled her eyes...
  17. SCREAM. Then did she kick you in the nuts?
  18. Has she done a Miley and disavowed her previous work?
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  19. She does it constantly but I think it’s more like how Madonna used to feel about her older material - for someone who constantly is looking and moving forward, old stuff gets really old really fast.
  20. Yet she still performs "I Love It." The witchery.