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Charli XCX World - Discography Rate [WINNER]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by digitalkaiser, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. constantino -
    "This is...insipid. It’s just a bunch of tropical house cliches chucked into one melody-void song. It sounds like a ad reject. First out please."



    Mura Masa - 1 Night (Feat. Charli XCX)
    Average: 7.774
    Highest scores: @aniraz @RUNAWAY @Andy French @Posh Spears @collxtion @superultra @evilsin @thefaceofyou @Remorque @2014 @Number @Blob 10 @Kuhleezi 9.5
    Lowest scores: @constantino 2 @Sanctuary @blissteria 4.5

    Poor sweet constantino, if only you'd realize this would be the last collaboration in the extras to fall! Not that the competition was particularly intense for it, but this track is pretty deserving of its place. One of the more recent collaborations to be featured on, Charli serves us basically the blueprint of a genre that was quickly loosing steam near the end of 2017. Had they released this some time before they did, she might have gotten herself another hit out of it! It basically does tropi-pop in the best ways and manages to still sound fresh and summery now. My journey with this song has had it's ups and downs, for whatever reason I initially disliked the basic-ness of this track but quickly realized it's all sorts of brilliant, simple and effective at creating the perfect mood. I LIVE for the hook.

    collxtion waxes poetically about the genre and this song; "“Tropical” as a concept seemed to be running on vapors when 2017 finally rolled around, so naturally Mura Masa and Charli arrived just in time to prove there was still gas in the tank. Where the prevailing trop-house winds were dominated by synthetic breeziness, 1 Night is earthy and natural, an exercise in restraint." I absolutely agree, and so does evilsin "This is peak tropical house to me and I'm very tempted to give this my 11. The only thing that stopped me this being Mura Masa's track. Still what an amazing slice of pop music. Certainly in Top5 of the best tracks of 2017 for me." Had you given this your 11 I would have had to knock 3 of them out in a row so I'm glad you didn't! superultra adds; "I love when Charli does tropical house better than every artist ever."

    Some of you had some delayed reactions to this, Fantasy writes; "This song always came on at the gym last year, yet I’ve only discovered just now that it’s Charli who sings on it ddd." Meanwhile, I've successfully converted OspreyQueen; "Does it count as a rate discovery if you didn’t care for a song on release but in retrospective you realise it’s a total bop?" Maybeso.gif Animalia finds this track forgettable; "Cute and I love those PC Music vocals on the verses, but the chorus falls kinda flat for me. I've heard that song a thousand times so I don't really have much reason to come back to this." but Mirwais Ahmadzaï think's its HIP and HAPPENING "Apple Music played this a lot on their trendier radio stations. Definitely one of her better features."

    Posh Spears will always fondly remember a party; "This was definitely a staple for me and my friends back around the time it came out. Good times. As much as I think the various vocal effects she uses work in her favor, it’s nice to see her more raw vocal moments that are still present on her recent features."

    With our last collaboration in the XCXtras out, there's very little room for your faves to be safe.

    Get ready girls!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Mirwais nailed it, Emotional is a true gut punch, especially if you've ever found yourself in that situation...
  3. I’m terrified my 11 is on the chopping block soon.
  4. SuperGod won! (and Boys too, of course)
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  5. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    1 Night is brilliant! The features section deserved a bit better tibb..... also Breaking Up is a real loss too.
  6. That's going to be it for today! I'm going to work on the eliminations list in the main post and try to get some work done!

    I know I said superultra writeup would come, but I decided to do something different for that at the last minute so I will post that when it's ready.
    We are pretty much at the point where every elimination is going to hurt for me with all this talent remaining, so I'm going to slow down the pace to 3/4 a day.

    Also on that note, I'm trying to work on my write-ups to be more interesting and contain more thoughts/facts but the initial eliminations were more 'teasers to the main event' so I haven't had as much to say. I'm generally not a wordsmith but I think I can pick that up a bit now that we are getting into the thick of some songs that really resonate with me, and you all had much more to say about those as well so anticipate some longer reads with less elims per day. I'm still learning, thank you!

    I didn't realize when you follow a formula and type these out every day you start to notice your...shortcomings dd.
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  7. Yeah wow, this was a hard round of elims. I almost gave 1 Night my 11 too, but had the same second thought as evilsin.
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  8. 1 Night deserves so fucking more.
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  9. You're doing a great job digitalkaiser!
  10. [​IMG]
  11. I thought I gave commentary. Annoyed to see it go but I already knew it wasn't as popular on here so i kinda expected it.
  12. I can double check!
    Could very well have missed, if I find it I'll add it in to the post.
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  13. So Far Away deserved better. Beasts.
  14. A good, 10-worthy punch!

    I'm starting to get scared for my 11 as we move further along...​
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  15. Taking a little breather, not having a very good day.

    We'll be back with some more eliminations this evening if I'm feeling it, otherwise full steam ahead tomorrow~!
  16. It's completely fine to take the day off, take care! @digitalkaiser
  17. Just catching up now, and while every elimination hurts, none of these results are very shocking or too incorrect, so I'm happy.

    Also, I know this was already posted in the Pop 2 thread but it's relevant here as So Far Away was just eliminated AND she correctly gives the Sucker album some of the love it deserves (and mentions my 11, yas at me being a talented stan!)


  18. Charli weighs in on the rate.
  19. No Heatwave, What I Like, Nuclear Seasons or Sucker's title track it that caption?
  20. YES queen you better give me that rate promo and stan Need Ur Luv a bitsy!
    I'm shook that she loves boom clap so much, stay loyal to those gold coins girl.

    Also of course she still stans 'Dance 4 U'.
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