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Cheryl - 5th Studio Album & Singles

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Up Down Suite, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. I'm quite excited to hear what she's been working on. The relationship "drama" was rather well times, wasn't it?
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  2. It always is with Cheryl.
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  3. Don't get me too excited again...when nothing happends!

  4. Can they act on this?
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  5. When do y'all think we'll get new music? Hopefully sometime this year!
  6. I sure hope so. I need some new Cheryl tracks to bop to. Ready for some new performances too (ha)
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  7. Not sure where it was confirmed but...

  8. OMG YES!!!! About damn time.
  9. I don't think they are reliable.
  10. I feel like Britains Got Talent performance could be true but they are propably just jumping a bandwagon to get 100 retweets from last remaining soldiers.
    Or I just really want to believe that it's true ddd.
  11. It probably would be the smartest option, release the track Friday and perform on the Final Saturday.
  12. Now I think that it would be nice to know where she's actually signed, before jumping into conclusions when her new single will be released.
  13. I hope it's Virgin EMI, purely for the mess that could ensue between Nadine and Cheryl fans.
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  14. Oh yeah I forgot about that, hope wherever she lands they go big with her comeback.
  15. Lil Cola Records

    These 'Grimmey loves dis bop' / 'Calvin loves Cheryl' tweets scream looking for a label.
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  16. I would expect to hear about her signing a new deal before we get any real news about music/performances. I hope it's not too long though. I gave A Million Lights a spin this morning, and it really is her best album by far. If she can serve something on that level again I will be very impressed.
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  17. 100% agreed!