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Cheryl - 5th Studio Album & Singles

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Up Down Suite, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Yeah cos Nicola wrote Fight For This Love, Telescope, etc
  2. Not the single mix I guess?
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  3. I've never heard it. Everybody said it was crap so I didn't bother listening to it.
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  4. Neither of those songs are anything like the song "Poor Me"... and if you're referring to a "poor me" narrative, I see that in the tabloids, not Cheryl's generally subpar music. How on earth is Fight For This Love saying "poor me"?
  5. Telescope is actually rather lovely.
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  6. My hopes for the new Cheryl single whenever we get it:

    She could pull that off, easily. It's giving me Crazy Stupid Love vibes.
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  7. Cheryl for Eurovision 2019!
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  8. What label is she with off is she doing it independently?
  9. She is apparently still staying with Universal, we just don't know which division she will go to.
  10. Universal would be fools to let her go. There's no telling how she will do in the post-streaming era but if I was a betting man I'd say she's more likely to do well than not. She might even bag a 6th UK No.1 single!
  11. I think it's most likely them having to compromise. I'm betting she's putting up a fight against a 360 - or at least trying to drill the percentage down as much as possible, which is understandable.

    I actually think if she wasn't on a 360 then she'd HAVE to put the work in because there would be nothing else for the label to fall back on. Although now she is a Mum, I can't really see that happening as it's clear she's not gonna want to leave Bear travelling around the country/world all year.
  12. I wouldn't place a bet on a No.1 but I wouldn't put her past achieving similar success as Rita Ora's "Your Song" last year.
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  13. She will need to promote more,she’s not a priority artist anymore so they would easy let her go now ,as you said there’s no telling how she will do ,but the record label will want success, and her past gos against her 1 big hit ,then nothing and she stops promoting she can’t do that now. I hope it works but she’s not the uks sweetheart anymore.
  14. I liked how she promoted the third album, she actually put some effort in rather than the 3-4 big performances thats all.
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  15. But it will need to be more than that.
  16. I am guessing you mean more promotion than she's ever done for any of the albums ever before? In that case, yes it will. She'll have it harder than she's ever had it but luckily for her people still seem to be obsessed although less than before with her.
  17. Obsessed with her love life yes , but that never helped Victoria Beckham. But if she has the right song and the right promo campaign ,then there is no reason why it can’t work
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  18. RMK


    Okay, so when did Only Human get released on Spotify in the US? This is news to me.
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