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COMPLETE GARBAGE: The Discography Rate (WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 21, 2017.

  1. Ray


    Ugh. I like "Felt". But this entire album is horribly mixed and mastered. It fits "Automatic Systematic Habit" very well because that song needs to be wall of noise. The rest though... sigh.
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  2. Wow, Felt sounds nothing like Felt and sounds exactly like Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins. I love how different it is from their other stuff and it's one of my favorites off NYKOP.
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  3. Felt is shit. Butterfly Collector is shit.

    Both should have gone long before the gloriousities of Sex Never Goes Out Of Fashion, Get Busy With The Fizzy and various other GarbageWonders.

    Cooking Funts etc...
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  4. So many good songs dropping before the lesser album tracks
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  5. I fucking hate myself for not sending in my scores even though they were ready (with commentary). I still want to be a part of this, so I'm going to respond to each elimination and post my scores and commentaries. I hope thats okay with you @NecessaryVoodoo

    This got a 7 from me.
    My comments: Like I said before (i.e. with reference to Alien Sex Fiend), they made b-sides with the intention of making b-sides. This was a bold one - I'm sure nobody expected a disco track from them... it may not be "disco" but at the time, i definitely thought this was disco.

    Not surprised to see this go. This is the only b-side I don't care about.

    It got a 5 from me.
    My comments: I'm glad they kept it short.

    Blasphemy! This is a fucking 10!
    My comments: This was experimental and fun. It showed us a side of Garbage that we don't see on their albums. I love it! This will probably end up in the top 90, which will be a shame.

    And here I was thinking this would be in the top 90. Heathens, the lot of you.

    As expected.

    I gave it a 7.
    My comments: I won't be surprised if this one leaves first. Over the years I've seen so much hate for this song - and I've never really understood it. Its experimental shit like this that makes Garbage such a special band to me. They weren't afraid of showing the world that they weren't just a band, but a group of 3 producers and a singer. I wish they'd make more songs like this (actually, I wish the concept of b-sides makes a comeback soon)

    I gave this a 6.5.
    My comments: I love that they decided to keep the "Part 2" bit even on the title. Love the "oh holy shit" bit.

    Seriously, ya'll have no taste. This cannot be the first album track to leave the thread. What the fuck!

    My score: 10
    My comments:
    This is bonkers, almost like Garbage does punk, with a little wink. There's a little back story to this - Garbage's label hated this song and didn't want it on the album but Garbage loved it. Considering the general hate for all things related to Bleed Like Me on this forum, I'd like to see where this ends up.

    I had no idea this was a cover

    I gave this an 8
    My comments:
    I'm absolutely certain some people are going to say nasty things about this because of the vocal effect. I actually love it! Like I said before (i.e. with reference to Alien Sex Fiend and Tornado), they made b-sides with the intention of making b-sides. They were always so experimental on their b-sides. Gotta appreciate that.


    I gave this a 10
    My comments:
    I'm guessing this will be the last track from the Bleed Like Me era to be cut. Its such a fun little track, very Version 2.0 inspired. I like the part-psychadelic-part-funk-part-pop-part-rock feel that this song has. I think they did something similar years later on Blood For Poppies.

    I gave this a 7
    My comments:
    Servicable bop.

    This was my only 0.
    My comments: What were they thinking? I just can't stand this song. I'd never rate a Garbage song a 0, but this one genuinely deserves it.

    My score: 5
    My comments:
    I'm okay with it being a Japanese bonus track. It wasn't good enough to be on the album anyway.

    My score: 3
    My comments:
    I don't like this one at all. Its awkward. The RSD releases that came after should have been bonus tracks instead.

    My score: 6

    I didn't have a comment for the song

    I didn't expect it to go far... alas!

    My score: 9
    My comments:
    This song is pure sex. Confession - I've actually jacked off to this song and played it in the background while watching porn. Sorry if I ruined the song for anyone. I love the instrumental. I wish they put a little more effort into the lyrics and made this an album track instead.

    Not fussed at this one leaving..

    My score: 6
    My comments:
    I had no idea this song existed until this rate. Flop fan!

    Not surprised, again

    My score: 10
    My comments:
    This such a fun little song. Their b-sides are pure quality. They're being intentionally cheeky on this. I'd like to see where this ends up in the rate.

    You people don't deserve Garbage.

    My score: 6
    My comments:
    I get what they were going for, but they didn't do it right.

    My score: 9
    My comments:
    Better than the A-side. It should have been a bonus track on the album, instead of the actual awful bonus tracks we got.

    My score: 5
    My comments:
    Brody ruins the song for me. Their voices don't go togther.

    My score: 5
    My comments:
    This one is overrated. I used to like it a lot too, but I think I liked the sound of the song more than the actual song itself.

    My score: 7.5
    My comments:
    I used to actively hate this song when the album was released. But it has since grown on me. This one and the closer are the lowest rated tracks from the album for me.
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  6. Great comments, @kaushik ! Sorry you missed out. It's clear you really love the band.
  7. @NecessaryVoodoo I love all the GIFs. You're conducting this so well. Shame that people have fucked up with the scores...

    Thanks. Yes I am. Sophie and Garbage are the two artists i live for! There are a few more in the list, but they're the top 2.
  8. I didn't comment on the Mariah Carey cover before because I was on data but I saw it now and I screamed.
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  9. Ray


    Garbage's label in A&R Saying Something That Makes Sense shocker!
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  10. Now, hang on. This is the same label that got rid of the original tapes because it was labelled Garbage; they forgot they had signed a band called Garbage to the label. So, everything they say or do is stupid. Their opinion about Why Don't You Come Over was also stupid.
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  11. Yeah, Why Don't You Come Over is ace.
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  12. Ray


    That's why I said "something"!
  13. Ooh, what did they think of Why Don't You Come Over?
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]

    AVERAGE SCORE: 6.250
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 (@Andy French)
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)

    We continue to whittle away the G-sides and next to go is Begging Bone which was a b-side of beautifulgarbage's lead single Androgyny. And guess what...I don't really have much to say about this one either. Can we start eliminating album tracks PLEASE so I can at least type a bit and earn the likes? I guess I can always rely on you lot to pad this out with your commentary, right?

    ...Oh only one person had something to say about Begging Bone...

    @sfmartin: I like this a lot! Nearly good as the a-side. I really like Twisted underwater chorus.

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  15. [​IMG][​IMG]

    AVERAGE SCORE: 6.308
    HIGHEST SCORE: 9 x 3 (@Andy French, @bichard, @Oleander)
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 3 (@GimmeWork, @magictreehouse, @marie_05)

    Rather oddly for one of those free cover mount tribute CDs that are often terrible, featuring acts you've never heard of doing covers that sound like they cost about 50p to make, Q Magazine roped in some big names for their 2011 AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered. So you had NIN rubbing shoulders with the likes of Patti Smith and Snow Patrol, and of course Garbage, all paying homage to U2's 1991 album Achtung Baby. Garbage took Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses and rather than doing a straight ahead cover version, to quote an Irishman more annoying than Bono, they "made it [their] own".

    In the accompanying magazine Butch talked about U2 and the making of the track: "Achtung Baby was a huge influence on the first Garbage album. It's groovy and gritty, hi-fi and lo-fi, industrial and orchestral. We picked this song because we love the lyrics. We stripped the verses down and changed the major chord to minor chord, which makes the lyrics more bittersweet. We were in the studio making the new Garbage album at the time; this was a good distraction." Butch Vig, king of padding out my write ups.

    @Sprockrooster: Talent stanning talent.

    @sfmartin: Surplus to requirement. The song suits the band but I've got no desire to listen to it again.

    @magictreehouse: Nobody invited you to the party Bono.

    @Filler: I only downloaded this album for the Nine Inch Nails song. Sorry Garbage

    @Epic Chocolat: The original version is one of my favorite U2 songs, it's hard to live up to that.

    @AshleyKerwin: I think it’s just because I’ve listened to all the B sides in one sitting but I hit my breaking point and I just want this to be over.


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  16. [​IMG][​IMG]

    AVERAGE SCORE: 6.327
    HIGHEST SCORE: 9 x 3 (@enjoy, @Oleander, @Remorque)
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 1 (@Epic Chocolat)

    The g-sides cull continues apace with Lick The Pavement from Push It leaving at 97. I've always quite liked this one with Shirley almost spitting the lyrics in full I-will-fuck-you-up-dominatrix mode but with those sugary pop backing do do do do do's tempering the anger of the song a bit in that wonderful way that only Garbage manage to do.

    @sfmartin: I have no idea what this song is about, hopefully this rate will enlighten me. The production hasn't stood up well unfortunately.

    @magictreehouse: There’s fire and anger and a pace to this song that is all very Garbage. Yes I will lick the pavement Shirley, OH GOD PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!

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  17. [​IMG][​IMG]

    AVERAGE SCORE: 6.328
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 (@Andy French, @constantino, @Sprockrooster)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 3 (@bichard, @magictreehouse, @ohnoitisnathan)

    Some of you (@bichard) have been calling for this exit for a while. Garbage's team up with Screaming Females from 2013's R***** S**** D**. The recorded cover of the Bruce Springsteen-penned Patti Smith song Because The Night came about after performing the song live together at dates on the Not Your Kind of People Tour. In the run-up to release Shirley explained the decision to cover the song in a post on the Garbage website, "This year we once again wanted to release something special in celebration of Record Store Day 2013. We decided to record the duet that we had been performing on tour with the Screaming Females towards the end of 2012. The SF flew across country from New Jersey to Los Angeles so we could record it all together at EastWest Studio 1 in Hollywood; 2 drum kits, 2 bass rigs, 2 guitars, 2 microphones and 1 piano. No mean feat. The song? A cover of Patti Smith's 'Because the Night.' Why? Because it’s awesome."

    In an interview with MySpace (lol) Shirley waxed lyrical about Patti Smith, "She is absolutely, without a doubt, one of my greatest inspirations. When I think I can't do things, I think about her and what she's achieved and what she continues to achieve on her own terms—always. That really inspires me. I don't know if she's aware of the cover we're releasing, or if she's aware that I covered "Kimberly" with Angelfish"

    Because The Night was pressed onto Coke bottle green vinyl and backed with your favourite NYKOP bonus track Love Like Suicide and the winning Automatic Systematic Habit remix from a competition run by Beatport. The sleeve was designed by Screaming Females frontwoman Marissa Paternoster. The 10" single was delayed in the UK due to problems with the distributors poor dat, so it actually surfaced a few weeks later than in the US. A video shot during the recording process by Sophie Muller was released to promote the song.

    What do I actually think of the cover? It's a faithful and reverential reproduction but being so familiar and in love with the Patti Smith original, it's kind of a curio I never find myself scrambling to listen to which is a shame because Shirley and Marissa's voices are more of a match than Shirley and Brody's on Girls Talk.

    @Sprockrooster: I simply wasn't ready. There is a Jan Wayne eurodance version and now we have this spunky version too. Amazing song, but even better covers.

    @sfmartin: A really punchy cover. I think Shirley's vocals sound really strong and powerful on it. The pairing works really well. The final instrumental is just out of this world.

    @ohnoitisnathan: I like the Patti Smith one, but this sound/looks like Garbage trying to be down wif da youf. Pointless cover.

    @Filler: What is this for and why don't I hear any females screaming?

    @Ray: Why does this need to exist? It sounds like self-parody. Is it? Was that the point?

    @constantino: Who knew Shirley and Marissa 'foghorn' Paternoster would be a match made in heaven. Their voices, power and passion makes them a perfect fit for such a classic. EDIT: Oop this is doing a lot for me right about now, lemme chuck them a 10.

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  18. Art.
  19. That Because of the Night version shouldnot work but it is so damn delicious.
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  20. EVERYTHING!! OMG thank you for this! dead!
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