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COMPLETE GARBAGE: The Discography Rate (WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 21, 2017.

  1. Ray


    Your autocorrect made a typo, but I fixed it.
  2. Recap #3

    103. On Fire - 3 - I was never going to get past the effects on her vocals, especially on a pretty boring song.

    103. Time Will Destroy Everything - 4 - Just like On Fire they tried something else with Shirley's vocals and I'm not here for it. This is just noise to me.

    102. Girls Talk - 10 - I love the combination of the laid back verses and manic-paced chorus. I think I was ready to call it a low-key discovery when voting but then the screaming vocals automatically bumped it up to a 10. I didn't expect to get this in a Garbage rate but I was oh so pleasantly surprised. Didn't really expect it to go far.

    101. Butterfly Collector - 5- I probably overscored this because I can't really pick anything out as I listen to again now. The "Frozen" comparison in the comment...WTF!?!?

    100. Felt - 5- Good, this is one of my lower scores on an otherwise brilliant album. The problem lies in the fact that Shirley can't really shine on it, despite loving the guitar work in the interludes of the song.

    99. Begging Bone - 5 - I don't know what happens to the song at times when it falls into indiscernible dirge, but whenever it breaks out of what I'm assuming is supposes to be the chorus, it's pleasant enough. Might have snagged something like a 7.

    98. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses - 6 - Uh yeah, not really here for U2 songs. The chorus is something of a moment, but I don't know if it's just the youtube video but the quality seems to drop off the planet at that exact moment which kills anything it could've been. I think my 6 is paying them forward for potential if that ever got fixed.

    97. Lick the Pavement - 7 - I love it sonically but I don't really understand what it's about at all. I think the lyrics just kind of bothered me a little bit. It's got a nice groove to it though.

    96. Because the Night - 7 - I quite like it, but I downgraded from an 8 last second because I think I was scoring based on how familiar the song is more than the song itself. Also like @Filler said, where are the screaming females? Also, why use the Cascada cover and not post that video? Grrrrr Best version of the song ever, but I'm a Cascada stan so I'm biased.

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  3. For Butterfly Collector, I think it's the parts like 25 seconds to 29 seconds with the strings. Reaching, but still.
  4. I love the ultraviolet cover on that cd
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  5. Dont get the hate for this at all - its an incredibly atmospheric mood piece which id put up there with milk
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  6. Not me massively bopping to both the Garbage and Cascada versions of Because the Night.

    Versatile queen.
  7. So does anyone want to hazard a guess about the meaning of Lick The Pavement?

  8. I hate the people here. No one had anything to say about this marvellous piece? Seriously?

    My score: 10
    My comments:
    This is one of their best b-sides. I actually like it more than the Androgyny. Apart from the fact that it is incredibly produced, its such a well written song. Shriley's delivery throughout is amazing! Studio experiments aside, this could have been not only an album track but also a single.
    I like how Shirley is mocking someone in the verses and then being sarcastic but caring in the chorus. The heavy drums and guitars towards the end of the song is an epic moment.

    Shame on all of you for not taking this song further in the rate.

    My Score: 7
    My Comments:
    I like that they changed the song so much. Of course I love the original, but Garbage made this version their own.

    I cannot believe Begging Bone went out before this one.

    My Score: 6
    My Comments:
    I've always thought of this song as Shirley being the mistress. Never liked that image of her in my head, I also don't like that she's craving here...She's always seemed more like the dominatrix. The mild S&M metaphors about being on the knees and licking the pavement are very meh. Lyrically, the song could have been so much more.

    Even this one outdid Begging Bone. Shame.

    My score: 5
    My comments:
    Its alright. I don't like the feature, but its alright.
  9. Leaving this here for those unworthy of this great band:
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  10. Yes, The Killers and Garbage are what that tribute CD's all about for me!

    Well, whilst I'm highly glad to see the back of Because The Night (positive thinking: Can't Cry These Tears will be next!), I fucking love Begging Bone and Wild Horses.

    I have to say, whilst I am very much used to my opinions being very different to those of others in these rates, there's some absolute stormers going out far too early here, whilst other, lesser songs seem to be clinging on simply because they're better known.

    Maybe it's because I know Garbage's work so well and have loved them for so long, but I'm finding the lack of love for the likes of Get Busy, Come Over and Space more frustrating than I normally would!!!
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  11. @bichard you and I have similar opinions...and its not just with Garbage is it? I'm glad that there are other people who love Fizzy, Come Over, Space and Begging Bone.

    By the way, I laughed so hard at your "ear-rapage" comment about Can't Cry These Tears. I have a very similar comment about the song.
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  12. [​IMG][​IMG]

    AVERAGE SCORE: 6.407
    HIGHEST SCORE: 9 x 2 (@constantino, @Sprockrooster)
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 3 (@etienne, @heartmightmelt, @magictreehouse)

    A brief respite from the G-sides cull to knock out Bright Tonight, one of the deluxe tracks from Not Your Kind Of People and yeah, this is one that could've gone a bit further and I wouldn't have been mad. Bright Tonight sounds to me like it was lifted directly from Hole's amazing Celebrity Skin album, with those same sort of dreamy sun-kissed California vibes especially in that guitar sound and melody. Shirley dueting with herself is also a nice touch, even if Courtney Love low voice Shirley does sound a bit off-key compared to Melissa Auf Der Maur high voice Shirley in places.

    @Sprockrooster: This should have been on the album. So mellow and beautifully drifting.

    @sfmartin: Pretty but that guitar reminds me of Coldplay which i'm sure Shirley would hate!

    @digitalkaiser: It’s a cute uplifting sort of song at the end of the deluxe. I don’t use very much!

    @constantino: Whew this is LOVELY. Melodic, rich and lush - all things that would’ve contributed greatly to the mess that is the standard tracklist of this album.

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  13. Bright Tonight and Begging Bone both deserved to stay longer.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]

    AVERAGE SCORE: 6.519
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 (@LE0Night)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2.5 x 1 (@magictreehouse)

    Recorded specifically for the 2008 Urban Outfitters/Filter Magazine charity compilation Give Listen Help to benefit the Pablove Foundation and the LA Children's Hospital, Witness To Your Love opened the 2CD album.

    At a benefit gig for the Pablove Foundation the following year, Shirley and Butch performed the song

    Witness To Your Love is actually really sweet, without being too cloying and sees Shirley reminiscing with an unnamed accomplice on her own childhood growing up in Edinburgh, name checking The Canongate district in the city and talking about the things they used to do as kids, such as shoplifting and skipping over the Heart of Midlothian mosaic. Speaking of shoplifting, someone used this gif on the genius page for the song and it's hilarious so I stole it:


    You're welcome.

    @sfmartin: Now this is a hidden gem! It just builds and builds and Shirley shows a new side to her vocals in quite a high belt. It really suits her.

    @digitalkaiser: This feels like something that could have come out of beautifulgarbage? What sessions is it from?

    @Oleander: Take notes, Kety.


    AVERAGE SCORE: 6.527
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 (@marie_05)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)

    Thirteen is the b-side and Japanese bonus track for Version 2.0 and is an oft-covered song by influential American group Big Star from their 1972 album #1 Record.

    As you can hear it's a pretty faithful recreation, just given the usual Garbage twist of adding electronics and Shirley's gorgeous vocals. When asked by Rolling Stone magazine whether there were any versions of Thirteen Big Star leader Alex Chilton was particularly fond of, he chose Garbage's. I love it when talent stans talent.

    @Sprockrooster: Offensively boring. I cannot keep focused with this.

    @sfmartin: This is so pretty! Definitely belonged on an album. It's a lovely come down after the beast that is Push It on the single.

    @AshleyKerwin: This sounds so soft and lush and the lyrics make me go :’)

    @Epic Chocolat: Interesting cover.

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  16. Wow at this Bright Tonight slander. I never noticed the Celebrity Skin comparison but I definitely hear it. I think they compared Felt to Coldplay?
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  17. A&E


    Bright Tonight is one of the best tracks on the album, ugh. The guitar hook reminds me of another song but I can't quite put my finger on what it is. I'm thinking something by The Cranberries or R.E.M. but it might actually be neither.

    On Fire is massively underappreciated but I guess I can blame it on lack of familiarity. It's one of those tracks that needs to be listened to at the right time.

    I actually love the Because the Night cover mostly thanks to Screaming Females providing powerful vocals and a killer guitar solo. As for the U2 cover, I can't hear how Garbage supposedly made it their own, I'd say it's pretty straightforward (check out the Patti Smith track on the CD for comparison). My faves on the album are Killers' Ultra Violet, Depeche Mode's So Cruel and Gavin Friday's The Fly, and I guess I'd place No Just Like Them Wild Horses 4th.
  18. A&E


    @NecessaryVoodoo cooking up yet another photoshop / gif for each reveal:

  19. Felt always reminded me of Smashing Pumpkins - that opening guitar riff is straight out of Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.
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  20. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Nooooo Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses? is great (the whole CD is surprisingly ok tbh)