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COMPLETE GARBAGE: The Discography Rate (WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 21, 2017.

  1. Witness is lovely. It could have held out for a while for me.

    Bright Tonight is quite nice, and my 4 might have been a bit tight. It's not very exciting though.
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  2. Bright tonight is has that soft psych feel that I love, and which is pretty different for them. I think I scored it a 7.5. It's just missing that little spark in the vocal melody.
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  3. Getting caught up:

    101. Butterfly Collector - 7

    This one sometimes irks me as I think the whistle noise in the chorus draws too much attention to itself, but I like that Garbage made the song their own. It sounds brilliant live.

    100. Felt - 10

    Y'all don't here what I hear. I totally appreciate what they were going for with this, and I adore it. That middle-8 and third verse section just explodes out of me. This song *did* take a while to grow on me, so I can understand that not everyone will like the phased guitars and the drowned vocal.

    99. Begging Bone - 7

    I actually prefer the original demo to this, which sort of sounded like a funk version of a Holy Bible era Manic Street Preachers track. The severe L-R split on the chorus is bit annoying to be honest.

    98. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses - 8

    I ADORE this. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, as the first taste of the band's sound after the hiatus... and then the Don't Turn Around part hits, and it sounds like a classic Garbage song. It helps that it's one of the few U2 songs I care for.

    97. Lick the Pavement - 7

    Fun, short, perfect little b-side. Whenever I hear this it takes me right back to when Push It and Version 2.0 were riding high in the charts, and Shirley was on the front cover of every magazine. I'd love to relive that era again.

    96. Because the Night - 7

    Fairly straight-forward "rock" cover, but I love Shirley's vocal variation of "the WAY I FEEL", and that humongous guitar solo is brilliant. My biggest criticism is that Shirley is basically redundant from the half-way point. Could they have not stuck in a couple of wee adlibs somewhere?

    95. Bright Tonight - 3

    I really dislike Bright Tonight. It's just so twee. It's like a song that Atomic Kitten recorded as a Live Lounge style b-side.

    94. Witness to Your Love - 4

    I love the Edinburgh references in the lyrics, and from the moment the bass guitar kicks in it sounds like it could be a big stomper song but from the chorus onwards it just falls flat... I don't like it. It just sounds like they hit a deadline wall and couldn't finish the rest of the song in time.
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  4. [​IMG][​IMG]


    AVERAGE SCORE: 6.538
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 (@Andy French)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@magictreehouse)

    Cruelly remaining a vinyl-only track, Fucking With You closed out the LP version of Strange Little Birds and while Amends definitely feels like an album closer, to hear Fucking With You come snaking in afterwards definitely works somehow. Spacey, creepy and quite sad I love this but I guess until Garbage decide to make it available to those who don't fetishise vinyl I'll have to make do with a YouTube rip like it's 2008. SIGH. Also shout out to the intro sounding exactly like the intro of the Spirit Temple music from Ocarina of Time. Was that intentional?

    @sfmartin: Too much of a snooze fest, takes ages to get off the ground and then does very little. The title deserved a banger.

    @digitalkaiser: This really feels like a b-side, a blast from the past.

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  5. [​IMG][​IMG]

    USE ME
    AVERAGE SCORE: 6.558
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 1 (@etienne)
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 (@blissteria)

    Use Me is another beautifulgarbage g-side, appearing on the Cherry Lips single and to me, it's one of the better g-sides from that era and apart from that slightly unfocused sounding ending could quite easily have held its own by appearing on the main album with a bit of tweaking.

    @tylerc904: Would have liked this on the album over a couple others.

    @sfmartin: Definite b side material, but I do still use.

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  6. [​IMG][​IMG]

    AVERAGE SCORE: 6.574
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 3 (@Andy French, @enjoy, @nikkysan)
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 (@GimmeWork)

    Strange Little Birds loses its first track proper and coincidentally its the first track on the album too and as such it's the perfect deep dive into the murky, cinematic sound world of Garbage's sixth album. Brief and almost Pretty Hate Machine NIN-ish, Sometimes is angular and confrontational in instrumentation but with almost whispered in the ear confessional vocals, the song was created to what almost became a template for the album, starting with Shirley's lyrics which were often only a few takes and left dry. Butch described the songwriting process in one of the many interviews the band gave around the time of the album release:

    "Through the process of writing, the songs all kind of evolved around Shirley’s lyrics. She wrote quite spontaneously and didn’t want to go back and second-guess herself. In fact, some of the vocal takes on the record are like just one or two takes. We started to fit the music more around her lyrics and her singing. That’s where we started to take out some of the rock – like live bass, drum and guitars, a lot of that we kinda just took out – and relied more on the atmospheric stuff and a lot of the processed textures that are in the album.

    The first track, Sometimes, being what we typically do in Garbage – that’s pretty much how we recorded that song. But then we spent months, and we recorded layer after layer of things, on it – extra keyboards and riffs and I put in live drums… Then, when we mixed it, we took all of that out and left it pretty much how we recorded it – which is very, very minimal. And that set the tone for the record. We just decided we wanted the record to sound more spare and more confrontational and have more space. So, even though we went on this rollercoaster journey, we kinda ended up where we wanted to start."

    @GimmeWork: Is this even a song or just an intro track?

    @tylerc904: Works as an opener/intro, but as a song it leaves a lot to be desired.

    @Sprockrooster: On an album with a lot of lengthy songs, this one really feels too short and having a way too abrupt ending. It does however serve a great lead in into Empty and gives it a somehow extended 'intro'-feel.

    @sfmartin: What a lacklustre opener. Especially considering that their openers are all 10s (more or less) Interesting production but zzzz which is not what I want from a Garbage opener.

    @digitalkaiser: This album is going to get such a lashing, but after seeing it live I feel like I get it a bit more so I’m going to try and do it justice. There are some pretty big sonic switches in this album and this is one of those moments. It’s a slow and ambient sort of track and works to set the stage for quite a dark album.

    @magictreehouse: Strange Little Birds is a tough rate as, without any of the mega-hits of their earlier work, it’s actually the only album of theirs that works as a whole rather than in individual parts. This song is the perfect example. It sets the tone for the album, leads into Empty rather nicely but when you isolate it there’s not much to it.

    @Oleander: I feel like this would be better as a closing track. Still enjoy it though.

    @constantino: This is an atmospheric opener, but it never quite gets going like I want it to, rather, it just fizzles out abruptly.

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  7. Ray


    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST your artwork for #91 just gave me a heart attack.
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  8. Sometimes??????? Bye at your tastes.
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  9. What If I told you............that was the official album artwork for that particular release.

  10. Use Me and Sometimes both deserve better. Both are really atmospheric and totally Garbage.

    The BG b-sides in particular seem to be taking a real caning, which is a shame because, the studio experiments aside, I think that eras b-sides are the best. Begging Bone, Enough Is Never Enough, Confidence and Sex Never Goes Out Of Fashion are four of their best for me, but I do like Use Me too.

    Ah well...
  11. Ray


    I know. I've seen it before on "worst covers ever" pages. It's just the... juxtaposition... I need to lay down AGAIN.
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  12. Sometimes is fucking AMAZING and I hate that it's out already. Strange Little Birds is going to get done so wrong, I can already tell.
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  13. Ouch, Sometimes is my first real big loss. Very simplistic but it works so brilliantly as Strange Little Birds' opener.

    Also, I didn't hand out too many low scores so when I get notified that I've been tagged in this rate I'll know one of my 10's (and my 11) has been knocked out.

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  14. I've had two 10s go already (but I knew those particular two wouldn't last long).
  15. I've had about five 10s go out I think...!
  16. I'm pretty sure that I overcompensated with my scoring for Strange Little Birds, possibly because I knew that it would be hard done to. When I revisited it I realised how much killer stuff there is on there so I'm hope that some of the songs at least finish much higher than Sometimes.

    The G-sides have really taken a beating haven't they? Are there m/any left? Totally agree with @bichard that the beautifulgarbage ones are some of the best.

    EDIT: Ah, there are quite a few G-sides left. Good good.
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  17. I've just re-ordered my list so I can tick things off as they go. Thankfully the majority of songs that have gone appear in the tail end of my list. My list does appear to be missing a song though. Not quite sure how that happened!

    My biggest losses are Why Don't You Come Over and Time Will Destroy Everything but having only lost two 8s and four 7s I don't think things are tow bad. I have a few dregs at the bottom that need to go next but I have a feeling that at least one of those is going to hang around for quite a while.
  18. A&E


    So did I but I honestly love the album so much, I've listened to it loads and still can't have enough of it. It's the combo of a gloomy mood, surgically precise production and the atmospheric electronics that just does it for me.
  19. Exactly, and I was super thrilled that the mastering was actually decent unlike the previous album. Funnily enough, when I went back to Not Your Kind of People I realised that it's a very mixed bag.
  20. I'm happy Sometimes is out. It is simply an intro track and barely even a song and certainly not as good as most of the g-sides we've lost already.

    What is really upsetting is that y'all think that Sometimes is better than Can't Seem To Make You Mine, Why Don't You Come Over, I Just Wanna Have Something To Do, Candy Says, What Girls Are Made Of, Butterfly Collector, Lick The Pavement..etc

    Did you even listen to the songs before you rated them?

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