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Confess something.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rainbow Trousers, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. I was desperate for the bathroom once but everywhere I went was closed so I ran into a caravan showroom and made my boyfriend keep watch while I went in a demonstration motorhome, and then found there was no cassette installed so had to leave the toilet bowl full of piss.
  2. Oh.

    I'm a master pisser at outdoor gigs and festivals, an extra long shirt, a Mac round the waist, a quickly picked up pint cup...
    My friends don't even notice until they see me pouring something away.
    Us boys have it so much luckier when we're stood five hours in the sun infront of a stage.
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  3. OMG, why hasn't this been made into a short film?
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  4. Have you had sex with him? That would be the ULTIMATE revenge on your sister (saved for when you need it obvs).
  5. Where are your confessions heaux?

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  6. Something messy for you:

    When I was 16 I slept with a gay guy that lived in my street (I think he was around 30). I found out a few weeks later that he was married and when I was 18 I slept with his husband too.

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  7. This is my new favourite thread. I have many confessions but I will serve you two here (maybe the rest will come out when I'm drunk posting...).

    So in my last job I really hated this woman I worked with. We had this tradition that you brought in something when it was your birthday so I brought in a selection of biscuits. She asked me if any of them contained nuts and I said no, knowing full well that she had a nut allergy.

    This other time when I was much younger I was working in a sandwich shop. There was a packet of ham that had a 'best by' date of that very day so at the end of my shift I threw what was left of it in the bin. Someone comes running up while I'm clearing everything away to ask for a ham sandwich so I got the ham out of the bin and made the sandwich. It was in a (mostly) wrapped package when it was in the bin though....
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  8. I knew if I summoned you it would be worth it! My married men confessions are staying fully locked up thanks very much.
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  9. @Jwentz I want to give this my 11 in your rate.
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  10. Pm me xx
  11. Snap here about the married men, considering most of mine happened before gay marriage was legal, so...

    They messy.
  12. An ex of mine from a few years back that cheated on me (but didn't know that I knew of it) came over for sex a few weeks after we had broken up. I played along and got him naked. I told him to lube his dick up completely unaware I had emptied a can of Deep Heat into the lube 10 minutes before he arrived.
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  14. So was he. Ha.
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  15. This thread is criminal & y'all need to go into the light and see Jesus.
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  16. Agreed. They all need Jesus.
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  17. out here poisoning people for petty pleasure. You need the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost to sweep you up right now.
  18. Well I've reformed now...
  19. Oh hell no, I love my sister too much to do some shit like that. Like, I'll be petty about secondhand information but I wouldn't be directly disrespectful kii.
  20. So I used to work as a waiter in a hotel up until a few months ago and during the summer we had a gay wedding. One of my managers, who is an all-round shit person, was being awful about it and showed himself to be seriously homophobic, to the surprise of no one. He was making fucked up comments like 'which one will be wearing the dress?' and didn't want to put Mr. and Mr. on their desserts, like we do for every wedding. Anyway no one was having his shit and told him to shut the fuck up but I was shook. So that night I made an anonymous Trip Advisor account and started making reviews for places, pretending to be a mother of two I think. I did this sporadically for a few months to make it look legit. I gave good reviews to restaurants I like so it wasn't a total waste ddd. Then around the time I was leaving, I made a review of our hotel saying I really enjoyed the stay but I overheard that manager making horrible homophobic comments when there was a gay wedding on and treating the staff like shit. I dragged his ass. I don't know if any of you work in a hotel or restaurant, but they take Trip Advisor reviews very fucking seriously. Then about a week after I left the job I was talking to my work friend and she told me that there had been customer complaints made about the manager making homophobic comments. She said he denied it but other members of staff said that they heard him saying things like that so he was put on probation and demoted to restaurant supervisor DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. itswhatshedeserves.gif

    I am fucking crazy
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