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COOCHIE SWELL: The Janet Jackson Discography Rate (RESULTS - #2 & WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Apr 4, 2017.


Favourite Janet album 1986-2001

  1. Control

    7 vote(s)
  2. Rhythm Nation 1814

    25 vote(s)
  3. janet.

    13 vote(s)
  4. The Velvet Rope

    44 vote(s)
  5. All For You

    7 vote(s)
  1. I probably should have rated Go Deep based on this beauty, the first (???) collaboration between Janet and Missy Elliott -

    Alas, I didn't...

    I think the album version is fucking inane and terrible
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  2. I totally agree with this! For my scoring it had the most amount of 10's from any album for me with 5 of them, but still ended up with the 2nd lowest average. It's long enough that it seems there could have been some editing.
  3. God, Go Deep is such a jam! But still give me the album mix anyday.
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  4. I have never voted in one of these before but Its Janet so I am going to try find time to do it, what do I do with my scores pm to someone?
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  5. Yes, pm them to @P'NutButter as he is the host of the thread. Happy rating!
  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    How long have we got I can get them done by tomorrow???
  7. 17th May I believe is the deadline date.
  8. Up until the 19th.

    My computer got fucked by that virus going about, so I'm trying to get all my cover art back. I suspect I'll have to make them again before this closes.
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  9. Oh no that's not good! Hope everything gets sorted out for you.
  10. Ray


    Ouch sorry to hear @P'NutButter! (Don't lose my scores.) (Just kidding.) (Maybe.)

    I am #moist thinking of the reveals. Can we just start already? Also if my 11 is not in top 10 at least (I have a knack for losing my 11s first) there will be a gentle and very polite massacre.
  11. All the voting data is in a separate file saved away, I was getting ready to transfer the cover art onto an Image host next week that's why it was on my computer.

    I worked bloody hard on 'em too!!!
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  12. Take a "like" but of course I don't like it, that's got to be bloody annoying.
  13. Very curious that Twenty Foreplay and Runaway aren't available on the US Spotify version of Design of a Decade.
  14. haven't properly listened to TVR in a long time - such an emotional rollercoaster!
  15. Wait at Japan getting Who and keeping it to themselves.
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  16. I'm trying every program going to recover my lost files, but don't be shocked (and please don't hate me) if the rate is delayed a couple of weeks so I can redo all the graphics.
  17. Oh, I’m so gutted for you @P'NutButter; that sounds like such a rough deal. I would be absolutely heartbroken. I hope you are able to recover at least a few of the lost documents.

    Take as long as you need so you can get your ducks in order again. To be honest, I wouldn’t say no to a bit more time. I’ve had the albums on repeat but have been putting off actually rating them because I’m slightly anxious where each of the first four (which are all nearly equal in my head) will end up landing.
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  18. Certainly is!
  19. [​IMG]
    (who the feck is Karla Jackson?)

    Not long left now until voting closes, thanks to everybody that has sent scores in so far!
  20. So, I actually looked to see whether "Karla" was a lesser-known Jackson child (even checking Rebbie's kids because I am stupid and didn't compute that she's married so her kids aren't "Jackson") and I was surprised to see that Jermaine's are as follows -

    Jermain Jr



    I laughed out loud (mainly "Dawn" seeming a bit commonplace compared to everyone else and me picturing Dawn Weiner from Welcome To The Dollhouse)...
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