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Coronation Street

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Nothing less than what he deserves.
  2. I hope they kill him off so he can never, ever return. What a permanently miserable moany git.

    Or at least bring Adam Rickitt back.
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  3. Adam is slowly but surely transforming into the current Nick.
  4. He's still more of a He-Man than a Skeletor though...
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  5. Sinead becoming bearable, Nick getting killed off, several storylines that don't involve Carla's everything I ever wanted.
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  6. I love that they've had to give Denise a bit of a makeover so that she looks different enough from Joanne.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Yee haw.
  8. I wish Corrie could always be on after the watershed.

    It has actually been good this week!
  9. The shock I got when my gran said "Your one Katy Oates is doing a fab job she brought Emmerdale back from the brink and she's doing the same for Corrie" Come on Dame Kate!.
  10. Dame Kate's influence is spreading across the land!

    I feel like we are finally seeing her vision of Coronation Street. I just wish she would/was allowed to axe 33% of the cast. The Rovers could really do with a new family too.
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  11. Roy Barraclough who played Alec Gilroy has died aged 81 following a short illness.
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  12. Drunk Anna >>>>>
  13. Rosie and Sophie are serving female power rangers in those outfits.

    I live.
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  14. That was very sad about Roy Barraclough passing.

    Bet and Alec were the first soap couple I really remember thinking had amazing onscreen chemistry.

    Julie Goodyear and him remained close friends which I found very touching. Her words.

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  15. Paris?

    She looks stunning.
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  16. "Did he share you?" - Audrey Roberts asking all the right questions.

    I also slightly fancy that bent copper, I'm a mess.
  17. I hope nathan and the bent cop learn the error of their ways and move on to the street as nicer people. Nathan could get a job in the salon with audrey doing spray tans
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  18. Why are we like this?
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