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Country VS Rate: Winner

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by MollieSwift21, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    My poor Second Wind. Maren needs to not lose anymore until the top 10.
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  2. Appropriate time for both. I'm praying that Ashley's tracks hold on until the Top 15 but I'm thinking a shut out before the Top 10 is imminent, waaaaaah.
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  3. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    16. Mayflowers - 8.4
    Highest Score: 10 (@Espeon @Robsolete @MollieSwift21 @Jersey @Beginner) Lowest Score: 6 (@Remorque @2014)

    The song was written with Brendan Benson in 2008. The two had great chemistry writing together. Within a week they wrote 14 songs. Mayflowers is the song that stuck out most to her. She wants to eventually make an EP of the songs they wrote together. When she sings the song now she sings it more to herself about going through the hard times and sees it in a way being a Like A Rose part 2. I absolutely love this song. It was in the running to get my 11. The chorus just soars. Her voice on the "if I have to wait well that's what I'm gonna do for spring to come" is just perfection. I'm glad it got this far as I wasn't really sure where this would end up when we first started.

    @Beginner wrote "Using "April showers bring May flowers" as a metaphor for a stormy relationship is just sheer brilliance. I love how... tactile(?) the songwriting is. I feel like I'm right there standing in the kitchen, sun streaming through the windows, looking out at his hair bleached blonde by the summer sun." @Jersey added "So traditionally rooted in the older country realm, I was smitten on first listen to this one. The way the pre-chorus swells into the chorus is easily one of my favorite moments in this entire rate. The way she sings, "And I'll bring them hooo-oo-oome to you", is probably one of the most sincere, loving moments ever. Just all around adorable." @Espeon exclaimed "A beautiful love song." @Reboot stated "I really like the playful lyrics." @unnameable noted "Very appropriate for this time of year, and a very tender love song"

    15. Late To The Party - 8.5
    Highest Score: 10 (@Robsolete @ohnostalgia @Beginner)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@2014 @Sprockrooster)

    The track was Shane McAnally, her frequent writing partner, favorite track on the album. The instrumentation is so beautiful on this. Her voice is gorgeous on the the you and groove. The line I'm never late to the party if i'm late to party with you is so sweet. I really thought this one had a chance at going to top 10!

    @Beginner marveled "What a beautifully intimate song." @Jersey reminisced "Ever have a song with an ex that suited y'all almost too well? Look no further (PS it was usually my fault for arriving one hour or later to events) at this delicate little flower of a song. It's beautifully breezy and the sentiment is almost too sweet. Fond memories of this one."@unnameable stated "this is a wonderfully sweet love song" @Espeon wrote "A cute little chilled song if a little throwaway. Weed reference 2. *yawn*" @Sprockrooster was not impressed "This doesnot really excite me that much."
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  4. Mayflowers and Late to the Party are both stunning.

    This is starting to really hurt now.
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  5. Shocked that we've lost Brandy, though I'm equally surprised Mayflowers made it this far.

    I'm scared for Mayday.
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  6. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Were over an average of over 8.5 now

    14. Drunk Girls Don't Cry - 8.533

    Highest Score: 10 (@Remorque @Beginner @Jersey @unnameable @Espeon) Lowest Score: 6 (@Number @Sprockrooster)
    The song made it onto Rolling Stones top 25 songs of 2016. This is one of my favorites from the album so I'm glad to see it scored so high. I like that is shows the goofier side of her too.

    Our commentary comes from our 10 pointers. @Espeon liked the change of pace "This song is great and different from most of the album." Wrote @unnameable "How can Maren keep up such high track-to-track quality?" @Jersey stated "The attitude and snarky presence sells this jam to Hell and back. I've known too many friends who fall into the territory of this track, and even myself sometimes. Just too damn fun to not sing along to."

    13. Miserable - 8.56
    Highest Score: 10 (@Number @Jersey @MollieSwift21 @Espeon)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@2014)

    The song originally was shelved during the recording process until Musgraves came back to it in the final stages. On the song Musgraves stated "It’s about the idea of someone not being happy with what they have, and kinda wanting to selfishly bring you down with them" I love the lyrics to this one and her voice sounds great on it too.

    @Jersey wrote "When the album first debuted, I criminally overlooked this beaut. Months roll on and I'm in the midst of two of my best friends' messy break-up. Mascara drenched cheeks and lipgloss that's just barely there, K and I drove around Lima. OH as she belted this one out. It was then that I realized just how deep this one cuts. Amazing." @unnameable was impressed with the full album "This is a consistently good album". @Sprockrooster added " This highly acoustic feel of this song is exactly what is needed to prevent this album becoming from one long drag. But as a standalone track definitely still holding up neatly." @Espeon noted "I can relate to this only many levels. It's a good take on making yourself miserable and just embrace your happiness."
  8. Ah what a shame, Miserable should have made the top 10. The harmonies on the chorus are brilliant and amplify the fragility of the whole thing. It's so beautifully understated. And the lyrics are a powerful and unique take on our self-destructive tendencies, it really hits me.
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  9. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I would have had it my top 10 too.

    The last two songs before we enter the top 10 is one I was surprised got this far and one I thought was sure to be in the top 10 and was until I put in the final vote!
  10. I am sure my 11 isamong that.
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  11. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    12. Pageant Material - 8.6
    Highest Score: 10 (@KamikazeHeart, @Jersey, @Beginner @Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 7 (@Espeon)

    Musgraves had this to say about the song "'Pageant Material' is a satirical song poking fun of myself for being a real human. After writing I could instantly see this hazy, slightly off-kilter, retro pageant world. I'm a super visual person and I thought not only that it was a great song but that it would make for great aesthetic, especially because I come from the South." I wasn't aware of this but after losing to Lambert at CMA awards she was caught frowning. On the situation she added "Especially for women, you need a certain face at award shows when you lose or you're an a--hole" and "You can't have a potty mouth or an opinion. In the South, getting judged on superficial stuff is a real thing. And I'm not attacking the people that might get something positive out of pageantry, I'm just not into being judged in that way. I'd rather lose for what I am than win for something that I'm not." I like this one but I was kind of surprised it reached so far.

    @Beginner added "A wonderful showcase of Kacey's ridiculously likable personality." @Jersey noted "This could have easily fallen into Follow Your Arrow / Biscuits lane but thankfully, the subject matter is a step up here instead of being a rethread. I just love the persona she adopts and she wears it well." @unnameable wrote "I don't rate the title track from her album as highly as other songs". @Sprockrooster stated "Very down to earth lyrics and vibe. A big fan of the long outro.". @Espeon wrote "Weed reference 3. I'm sensing a theme here. I do wish there was an expansion on themes."

    What will be the last song to exit before the top 10?

    It will never be a good time to drop a...

    11. Bombshell - 8.633
    Highest Score: 10 (@Espeon, @Sprockrooster @MollieSwift21 @Jersey) Lowest Score: 7 (@Pecans @2014)

    On the song Ashley stated "We were talking about all the bombshells that you have to drop in life. I was thinking about telling someone you don't love them anymore, you're leaving them, you're pregnant - it could go on and on. Telling somebody you lost your job - it could be so many different things. There's never a good time to drop one, and I've never heard a song that actually talked about that." Additionally on the song she said "When you first hear the song, your mind automatically goes to a relationship, like you're leaving somebody, but I just think it's interesting in life how many different types of bombshells we have to drop," and "There are so many. When my dad had cancer, my uncle came into a room to tell me he died. That's a bombshell. And the older you get, the more you have to start doing them yourself, which is hard." Aw I was really hoping this song would have made the top 10. It hung around from 8 to 10 for the whole rate but slide into 11 with the last few votes. I really love what Monroe has to say about the track. "Morning or midnight, it'll never never be a good time to drop a bombshell" is such a striking lyric.

    @Espeon stated "I think Ashley has this great melancholy to her voice. The verge of deep sadness but the sweetness lightens the mood. " @Jersey wrote "This song is so unapologetically honest and raw, a prime contender for that 11. It's essence is so chill and nonchalant, and it feels like the coolest kiss-off ever." @unnameable added "reminds me of classic Mindy McCready" @Sprockrooster noted "I can't love you anymore" has me weeping every fucking time.".
  12. Sad to see Bombshell go, but I am overjoyed with my 11 making it to the top 10.
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  13. I cannot believe how wrong Ashley has been done in this rate. Shame on you all. I think it's safe to say Maren has this in the bag.
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  14. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

  15. Cam having 3 songs in this top 10 is very unexpected, but COUNTRY-JUSTICE
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  16. That's a strong top 10! I'd say 80s Mercedes or maybe I Could Use A Love Song has it, but who knows?

    yass cam!!
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  17. I have no idea what's going to go next. It feels like either one of these could be the winner.

    Except probably not The Blade.
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  18. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I thought this a big shot of winning when we started but it was out of the top 10 almost the whole time.

    10. Somebody to Love - 8.76
    Highest Score: 11 (@KamikazeHeart) 10 (@Espeon, @Sprockrooster @unnameable @MollieSwift21 @Beginner @Number)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@Reboot)

    "I just really love the idea that everyone is just here living this existence and just looking for love, looking for somebody to love," Musgraves said. "I mean, I feel like that's the human experience goal is that you just want somebody to love and somebody to love you in return." Additionally Kacey had this to say "The idea, sometimes when I see people or meet people or I'm looking at my friends or whatever, I see like the little kid in them and I'm just like, it's just easy for me to see each person as like the little boy or girl version of themselves," she continued. "In the song, we say 'we're all just little kids looking for somebody to love.'"

    The production to this absolutely gorgeous. I really love the lyric "Just tryin' to hold it all together we all wish our best was better just hopin' that forever's really real"

    @Beginner wrote "This is just her showing off as a songwriter, to be honest. Flawless." @unnameable stated "One of Kacey's best". @Sprockrooster stated "Easy or simple, but nonetheless effective ballad." @Espeon added "I wish there were more songs like this on the album, that beautiful melancholy reflection." @Pecans noted "Gets a little repetitive although it’s a lovely track."

    Next one pleasantly surprised me doing so well!

    9. Mayday - 8.8
    Highest Score: 10 @Pecans, @Espeon @Robsolete @MollieSwift21 @Jersey) Lowest Score: 7 (@Beginner @Number)

    Tyler Johnson who also co-wrote Burning House originally started this song by himself but couldn't get passed a few lines. When Johnson started writing with Cam, she was in a relationship that wasn't working, so the singer readily connected with the concept. While Johnson's original few lyrics were full of resentment about the sinking relationship, Cam added some positivity. "Maybe you're saying you're the victim, but really it takes two to be in it," She continued "You want more, and you know you want better, but a part of you might be like, 'No, this is all I can get.' You hear this internal monologue back and forth, just trying to decide with yourself, 'How bad is this really? Should I put up with this? Oh, it's their fault that I'm here.' You're putting all the power and the blame on the other party." Cam stated "I'm really proud that we tapped into something that's probably not comfortable to talk about. Go figure. It's what we do," Cam added. "It's a dark one, but it's something that I feel like, everybody knows that feeling."

    The first time I heard this song I just felt it was refreshing. It's kind of rare for female country singer to cover lyrics like this. I love how brutal the song starts off "You are overbearing, I'm not in love". The mayday chorus is fantastic too. The music video is really nice too. Fuck country radio for letting this peak at #36.

    @Pecans exclaimed "I’m glad that Cam gave this a push as a single; the visuals in the music video are glorious and the song itself is such a standout moment for the album. Mayday should have done much better than it did." @Espeon "This song is a real stand out on the album." @Sprockrooster "This production feels very Ryan Tedder. Combine it with that hook and you have got yourself a jam." I agree with is I'm surprised you didn't like it more because of it @Beginner. @unnameable noted "What a beautifully sad song" @Jersey wrote "At first what I thought was undercooked, is brilliantly playing at it's almost demo state. It's like the destruction, or fall Cam's metaphorically interpreting. She really did that with the soaring middle-8. The chants at the end are also such a triumphant, in a crossing the finish line kinda way."
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  19. Okay back to Marren now so it all becomes a bit ballanced. But looking at the songs left I am not sure which one. Once perhaps.
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  20. (I scored Somebody to Love a 10, @MollieSwift21, but I'm sure it was just missed off the write up)
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