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Country VS Rate: Winner

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by MollieSwift21, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    (I'll write up something more eloquent later tonight.)
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  2. Mayday is a really beautiful track from Cam, and I definitely agree that her take on a 'dying relationship' is kind of fresh for a country artist. She manages to capture the situation in a more vulnerable yet empowering way than we would perhaps usually see..I love the video, too; the shots of Cam in the water are so stunning.

    Mayday x Work From Home mash up is certainly interesting. It kind works, actually..
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  3. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    We have broken into the 9 averages...

    8. Village - 9
    Highest Score: 11 (@Pecans @Sprockrooster)
    10: (@Espeon @Robsolete @MollieSwift21 @RainOnFire @Jersey @Beginner)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@unnameable)

    Cam has referred to this song as her most personal. Cam stated "That is one that I actually started writing with another writer, and then I sort of hijacked it and said, 'I really need to write this song about this specific thing.' I grew up with a girl named Claire Rudolph and from like fourth grade to the end of high school, we were best pals, and her older brother was like my older brother because I didn't have one. So just family time and hanging out at their house, they were like a really close family group. And when we got to high school, he'd drive Claire and I, because we were freshman, he was a senior, so he'd drive us to school and I'd be terrified and in awe of how cool he was. He wasn't like the jock or the best looking dude. He just was the nice guy that everybody knew and loved to be around. A lot of times in your 20s, its hard to encourage each other because you're so in your own head and kind of insecure, and he just was like, 'I love what you're doing with your music and I'm so proud of you.' And a few years ago, he was killed in an avalanche, and that was my first time losing someone that was so close, and so young, and I didn't know how to handle it. I definitely knew that Claire didn't know how to handle it. I remember spending some time with her. She was living in St. Louis at the time and we were just up there hanging out. She had just had her first kid about a month after Chris passed away, and we'd sit there and just talk about how it's such a bummer that he wasn't going to be around for a lot of stuff. You think about that stuff a lot when you have a new kid, and the thing that I really wanted to do for her is tell her what I thought he would want to tell her, and this is what I would want to tell my sister if something happened to me. It's just that your heart is made up and shaped by all these people that have loved you in your life, and that you have loved. So I pictured it as this little village with all these little houses in it, and the people that have loved you live in there, and even when it feels like they're gone, they're never really gone."

    It's really just a beautiful touching song.

    @Sprockrooster shares a touching experience "This was a 10 before I read the backstory from this track. The concept of the village she describes is watering my eyes. Definitely the best lyrics in this rate. I cannot pick a single line, because these lyrics as a whole make perfect sense. At the beginning of March, my grandmother, who suffers from dementia, wants to end her life by euthanasia, but it has been declined. She is too happy in her 'child'-phase to let her go. Yet one of her children has passed away three days after the decline to perform euthanasia. She has to bury one of her children, when she wants to go herself. It is damn sadistic. I feel like her part of the village in my heart for her is a dead end street. There is no way out, but at this point the end of the street isnot in sight yet and my grandmother is picking up the pace to find the end of street as fast as she can. And I am standing at the start of the dead end street and seeing my grandmother fade away more and more. But I know I will always see her house from my 'front-row seat'. The house we build together in my village. In my heart. 9 days after the funeral from her daughter my grandmother suffered kidney failure. Two weeks later she passed away, forgetting she lost her daughter and she was terminally ill. The one time I was glad she dementia. So she could die without the pain of her personal destroyed village, that is her heart. This song gives me comfort. Much needed comfort in these times. I used it as a blue sprint for my speech during the funeral. It has to power to heal me and is the signature for the troubling times my family dealt with in March (losing both my aunt and grandmother). Thank you, Cam. For this song. "

    @Pecans wrote "Cam really missed a trick by not releasing Village as a single. Really beautiful imagery in this one; Village highlights the very best of Cam’s ability in songwriting. They made something undeniably special with Village. Everything about this track is so gentle and yet powerful at the same time.. The opening "Claire, don't you dare believe them... I'd never leave you alone.." gets me every time. That last line "and I know you'll live your life well.." feels like she's singing directly to me. What a way to end an era for Cam. Stunning."

    @Espeon added "A lovely way to close the album and great message more of this and burning house would have made the album stand out for me." @Beginner noted "What a sweet song.". @Jersey stated "There's no song in this rate darker than this little gem. Written from the perspective of a sibling long gone, it's a cutting tale of looking over a loved one from the beyond. As the lyrics go on, they paint such a vivid picture. This is story-telling at it's finest, and Cam nails it in every aspect. Shed a few to this stunner and I'm sure there'll be more to come. Incredible." @unnameable wrote "pleasant enough".

    7. My Church - 9.17
    Highest Score: 11 (@Remorque)
    10: (@Reboot @Espeon @Sprockrooster @unnameable @Beginner)
    Lowest Score: 7 (@ohnostalgia)

    Morris got the inspiration for the song while in her car. She stated "I get a lot of my songwriting done while driving around Nashville - sometimes it comes to me that way. I tried to write about that feeling, that connection. The day before the writing appointment at busbee's studio in Los Angeles' Glassell Park neighborhood, Morris was both emotional from a recent breakup and frustrated by her lack of a solid idea. So, she went for a drive with the radio turned up. "I was trying to find Santa Monica, and I just headed west, wherever that would take me, finally hit the water. I just remember seeing the ocean, having a good song on, and it was just the soundtrack for this cathartic moment in my life," Morris explained "I just remember thinking to myself, 'This is like church to me.'

    This one took some growing on me to finally come around to it. It's the last song to leave the rate that I didn't give a 10 to. It got a 9. Using Cash and Hanks have become a cliche in country writing but I really like its use here!

    @Beginner exclaimed "A perfect song to debut with. It captures a feeling anybody that loves music can identify with and is music award catnip--no wonder she picked up a Grammy.". @unnameable wrote "Amazing song, but sis needs to look after her soul." @Jersey noted "Never been enamored or in love with this one but I respect what it's done for Maren. I'll get on my knees in church and be thankful for it's success.". @Sprockrooster proclaimed "A serious 11-contender. In fact it might be my runner-up for the position. What a well-crafted and brilliantly produced song. A true staple for months now and it is not slowing down." @Reboot added "A song about the power of music. I’m in love." @Espeon wrote "It's a religious experience without all the bad stuff. It's got a great soul/pop vibe.".
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    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Fixed! Sorry about that!
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  5. Love that we have eight songs with 9+ averages.
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    Village is seriously amazing, loving the hell out of this Top 10.
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  7. Oh wow. My 11 and runnerup lost both in a row. But with Village I am glad it got this far. My Church should have been top 5.
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  8. Was hoping My Church would go top 5 but I can't complain with the remaining songs being so strong.
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  9. Village is an absolute stunner.
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    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    We're saying goodbye to an artist today...
  11. Peace out Ashley.
  12. If we lose Burning House......
  13. I didn't mean to be the low scorer on Village, but I only moderately like the song so only gave a 6. It's a sign of how strong the top 10 is that there's not a bad song there and most of them are getting 9s and 10s from us.
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    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    The artist just missing the top 5...

    6. Dime Store Cowgirl - 9.23
    Highest Score: 11 (@ohnostalgia @Number)
    10: @Robsolete @MollieSwift21 @Jersey @Beginner @Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 7.5 @Sprockrooster

    The song's title originates from a real experience Musgraves had as a young pre-teen performer back in her home state of Texas. "I had this title saved for a while," she said. "It's something that someone said to me a long time ago. I was probably 11 or 12, and this stage mom, this certain stage mom of this girl I used to sing with, well, we would wear these really Western outfits and she would like to wear hers down real low, and I like to cock my hat back, my cowboy hat, kind of retro-like, which I still think is really cute today. And I was like doing my own thing, and this stage mom came over and she was like, right before we went on stage, she was like, 'Don't wear your hat like that! You're gonna look like some dime store cowgirl.' So, there's a song now."

    Who would have thought Kacey to be the first one out. This is a masterpiece. This really should have been the lead single. Biscuits killed all the momentum. This would have a least done better! I love the imagery she sets up with the song.

    @Jersey stated "This special track just missed out on my coveted 11. What a brilliant, gentle stomper that never misses a beat in it's two step. I want to adorn my Joanne hat, $400 Nashville boots and find the nearest gay cowboy bar. It also holds a special place in my heart for one of my best friends that moved to Indiana, always puts a smile on my face. One of her shiniest moments yet." @Beginner noted "One of the best choruses to hit country radio that year. "And I kinda fell in love with a Palm Springs trailer park / But those California stars could never steal my heart" is a stellar line.". @unnameable added "I love her lyrics on this" @Espeon wrote "Great story telling and catchy to boot." @Reboot wrote "I don’t usually listen out for lyrics unless I’m listening to artists I’m particularly invested in, but I love the image she’s creating with this. I appreciate the song’s sentiment" @Sprockrooster wasn't completely sold "The banjo is a nice touch, but it still is not something spectacular for me."
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  15. I couldn't be fucked to bother with the Cam album. What'd I miss?
  16. Kacey is out of the rate before the top 5.
  17. Oh and Cam and Ashley are still in? A mess.
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  18. I am the lowest scorer for a #6 track with a 7,5?!
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  19. [​IMG]
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