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Cupcakke - Ephorize

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Get ready to cum, y'all.

    Queen of humanity is releasing her new album, Ephorize, on January 5th.
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  2. Serving Missy on that cover.
  3. Hope she follows through on the "I wanna fuck Jungkook" bop.
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  4. The cover is amazing.
  5. really stunning cover, really serving missy.
    I am PERCHED.
  6. It looks very PC Music aesthetic. I wonder if AG Cook served her a beat or two.
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  7. I hope she gets more expensive production to match her talent. She's amazing.
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  8. Gorgeous cover. Charli must be proud.
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  9. Great cover, we love the cover.
  10. That’d be great.
  11. Do u think this album of hers would chart on Billboard 200?
  12. I'm so ready for this, hoping this is her highest budget album yet too so the queen can get all that she need to get that $ma$h! That pic is literally breathtaking. You nail it every time Miss Cupcakke!
  13. Queen of fucking up my 2018 after only 5 days.
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  14. Why is the title and cover making me think of SEPHORA.
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  15. Yas! Her work ethic is insane!
  16. Why has this got me wanting a 'cupcakKe Beauty' range. Imagine the items. Sticky Icky Lipgloss. Pussy Lips Lipstick. Cumshot Highlight. Deepthroat Circus Lip Liner. Fenty would be shook.
  17. I'd buy all of this.
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  18. Fenty would flopnty.
  19. So much to look forward to in 2018 already. I can’t wait!