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Cupcakke - Ephorize

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. I need this work of art on every seating area in my home
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  2. Walking around with a pillow on your face seems weird but work.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Guys is it possible to know how much an album is selling on iTunes?
  5. She was at #18 yesterday afternoon, I'm hoping that means she sold at least 1k. I want her to have money so she can afford better production- it gets better with each album.
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  6. I feel SO bad for her. Her instagram is talking about how she has "thousands" of death threats from BTS fans and that she can't even do a proper promo run for the album because she just gets inundated by these twats. I can tell how much she loves to make music, but with the fiasco with the samples on the last album, and the mess she's in with this online lynch-mob for this album, it's just very unfortunate. I hope she doesn't give up.
  7. What did she do to BTS?
  8. She said she wanted to fuck one of the members and do other filthy things to him. There were a couple of tweets that I don't have at the moment. It was tame by her standards, and he is not a minor. She has since apologized, but his teen fans have been sending her death threats and making Korean memes against her and telling her to kill herself. It's really vile.
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  9. She said she wanted to fuck one of the members, and his fans started claiming sexual harassment. Ironically, to protect their boyband heartthrob, they’ve resorted to... harassing Cupcakke. I think some of it is that she’s black (Kpop is not known for its uh... inclusivity)
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  10. So she does something on-brand and their fanbase gets jealous and offended on someone's behalf when this member has probably never even heard of Cupcakke and they till her to kill herself?

  11. She tweeted there would be a Duck Duck Goose video when she hit 300k followers and she's at 297k. Queen of already keeping 2018 on the edge of its seat.
  13. Talent stays winning.
  14. I love that Pitchfork correctly stan her.
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  15. I think someone from pitchfork is secretly one of us. Who is it?! Expose yourself!
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  16. [​IMG]

    Me typically: Pitchfork and its scoring system are trash

    Me whenever an artist I like gets some shine from them: *gay jubilation*
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  17. I can't believe Crayons ended homophobia.
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  18. The hook on Cartoons is legit incredible.
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  19. Snatch that critical acclaim, Cupcakke! This album is such a nice start to the year.