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Currents/I Like It When/Vega Intl: The 1975 Write Up

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by AshleyKerwin, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Kevin Parker turned 32 a few days ago! Will he get a birthday gift or some birthday punches?

    28. Dear Skorpio Magazine- Neon Indian- 7.146
    Highest Score: @CorgiCorgiCorgi (10) @Consideration (10)

    Lowest Score: @enjoy (4)

    A seemingly wholesome song in an album full of Smut(!) and hedonism. Until you Google it and find out that Skorpio is a glorified **** magazine that ran until 1996. Imagine a song in 30 years called “Dear @SexualGifsDaily”. Or maybe even “Dear What do you look like?” thread”. The lyrics are about encountering a model from the magazine in real life, feeling nervous, stalking her from a few blocks away, and making brief eye contact with her, inspiring the letter. Beautiful.

    Between the lack of commentary for this song (shout out to @Remorque !) and the placement, I guess it wasn't too popular. Musically, his vocals are a little more R&B on this and this feels more like a midtempo (ie- when you can drink orange soda on the side of the gym during your 7th grade dance before they played Everytime We Touch by Cascada again and you and your hennies had to run back onto the dance floor). There's some interesting guitar and sax work. It was notable enough to get revisited by the blog, who also praised Palomo's vocals and the "glofi synthwork". Dinner Party Download called it "It’s almost like a diary to nowhere", which sounds pretty bleak.

    @Remorque (7.5) called this a lovely shuffle.

    Here's a lively performance at the Pitchfork festival.

  2. 27. Techno Clique- Neon Indian- 7.185

    Highest Score: @Consideration (10)
    Lowest Score: @Chezam (4.5), @soratami (4), @happiestgirl (4)
    In 1989, Janet Jackson proclaimed 6 bold words: "Get the point? Good, let's dance". In 2015, Neon Indian made a similar statement. Sort of. In this fun, “Mario Party in space” round bop, gives us a fun break between Slumlord and Baby's Eyes, telling us there won't be any heartbreak or names to remember that night and no politics to keep up with, because tonight's just about anonymous dancing and disassociation and having a good time. I can see this being on the new Gorillaz album. The last bit of it sounds like the end of a ride when everything goes dark and quiet. Maybe it means that the attempt to have fun flopped? I came out to have a good time and honestly, I'm feeling so attacked right now.
    Consequence of Sound compared this to a Matthew Dear track.

    @happiestgirl (4) did not want to be a part of this clique, saying that it was "Very repetitive and kind of hard to listen to".
    @Remorque (7.5) says "Probably the most ‘neat’ (for lack of a better word) electronic track on the album. I quite like it, as the production is quite full on and although it’s five minutes long, it actually never drags…".
    @constantino (8) liked this, adding " Bop! I adore the plodding beat, despite it overstaying its welcome slightly due to how repetitive it is.".

    There was a music video for this made through Super Deluxe. Alan seems to be DJing for a surreal party where a guy chokes on some food and nobody, not even the EMT, cares, and they all just sort of dance and go into space.

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  3. 26. Street Level- Neon Indian- 7.258
    (Yes, it's The Beatles cover).

    Highest Score: @Consideration (9.75), @Jwentz (9), @inevitable (9)
    Lowest Score: @happiestgirl (4) , @enjoy (5)

    Street Level reminds me of a Chopped and Screwed work out tape. This song details a drunk walk back home after a night of shenanigans and debauchery. As the third song on the album, Neon Indian acts as a tour guide for a wild night. There aren't any tickets for public intoxication, thieves, assaulters, or 6 AM alarm clocks to worry about yet, it's all just about having fun. Apparently a lot of people on RateYourMusic loved this song. Other people called this song inspired by 80's hip hop and synth funk. AVClub calls this the closest he gets to chillwave and maybe the best representation of his sound. Huh, how about that.
    This song was the focus of a podcast from Mom and Pop Records. More like Mom and Wig records, amirite? I don't know how people transcribe quotes for their rates, so I'm just gonna try to get a rough outline of what he says in third person:
    The first concept for this song was recorded around Fall 2011 during the Era Extrana tour. Just like our favorite 50 cent pretzels, it was worked on in a van. He talks about winding up with a high bar tab ($3,000!) and blacking out and being judged by his friends.
    He went back home at 8 in the morning and was locked out of his apartment. He fell asleep on his porch and was woken up by a stranger. Unfortunately.... his laptop was stolen from his porch, along with the original demo for Street Level! Yikes. He had his mic pack still on him at least.
    Fortunately, someone recorded a demo while he was playing it at the show so he was able to keep some of the original demo and he stumbled upon it in a Youtube video while Googling himself (Hi Alan! We're big fans here, ignore the consecutive streaks!). Originally he was just gonna remake the audio as an interlude but he was able to reconstruct a new version of the song. He had a friend play the trumpet part to add a cartoonish element to the song, citing Bugsy Malone and its tongue in cheek approach to a gangster film. Overall, I would say that at least we got a great song out of this, although I was surprised to learn that musicians pay for alcohol at shows and he has a roommate.
    Fun fact- his drummer from his live band likes Street Level the most from this album.

    Here's what you had to say:
    @happiestgirl (4): "Only track 3 and its already gotten too weird for my tastes".
    @Remorque (8.5) said "Stylistically very much in the same vein as Annie, just a bit… sloppier, I guess? Still quite enjoyable and lyrically a highlight.".
    @constantino (7) said "The production is really fun, but it ends up drowning out the other elements of the song, especially the vocals.". Yeah, I definitely agree. The lyrics are witty but I wouldn't have noticed without the Genius page.
    Here's an unofficial music video! It's really cool. It's done by people like you and me and doesn't even have 500 views! Give them some love.

  4. Neon Indian being done so dirty here.
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  5. Keep at it @happiestgirl, I guess that they achieved the cartoonish edge they wanted maybe to fill in the gaps for it mot to become an interlude.
    But maybe we all would have liked it better without the saxophone or played in a different way.
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  6. Can we have a list of what's in the top 25?
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Sorry that I've been busy the last few days, but here's a quick recap before things pick up tomorrow:
    (9/16 ~0.5625)
    Tame Impala
    Let It Happen
    The Moment
    Yes I’m Changing
    The Less I Know the Better
    Past Life
    ‘Cause I’m a Man
    Reality in Motion
    New Person, Same Old Mistakes
    List of People (To Try and Forget About)
    Taxi's Here

    (7/15 ~0.4667)
    Neon Indian
    Hit Parade
    Street Level
    The Glitzy Hive
    Dear Skorpio Magazine
    Slumlord’s Rerelease
    Techno Clique
    Baby’s Eyes
    C’est la vie (Say the Casualties!)
    61 Cygni Ave
    News from the Sun (Live Bootleg)
    Smiley Sticker

    (9/18 ~0.5)
    The 1975
    The 1975
    Love Me
    A Change of Heart
    She’s American
    If I Believe You
    Please Be Naked
    The Ballad of Me and My Brain
    Somebody Else
    Loving Someone
    I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It
    The Sound
    This Must Be My Dream
    She Lays Down
    How to Draw

    1. Tame Impala
    2. The 1975
    3. Neon Indian

    What was the most shocking cut yet? What has stuck around far too long? What will go next? Will Neon Indian hang around? Will we see Tame Impala at the pit stop (that's a car joke, for those of us who can't drive)? Will The 1975 Brexit from this rate? Find out next time on One Day at a Time, the hit Netflix show and also the pace of this rate.
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  9. The 1975 really need to lose some more songs.
  10. When did we lose Slumlord’s Rerelease? I'm shocked if that has left.
    My 1 needs to leave ugh!
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  11. Wait, I didn't catch that one either. That was one of my 10s too.
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  12. I think AshleyKerwin crossed it off instead of Techno Clique. I hope it stays around, I gave it a 9.
  13. 25. News From the Sun- Neon Indian- 7.312
    Highest Score: Me (10), @Consideration (9.75)
    Lowest Score: @enjoy (3)

    Wow. This one hurt. Closing out the original tracklist on the album, News From the Sun is a live track. I guess the title refers to "things you missed while you were sleeping in and the rest of the world was still going on". This is one of my favorite songs in the rate and an 11 contender for me but I can't recall the exact moment this clicked for me. I think it was on a Friday last February when I was worrying about finishing my thesis and graduation updates and having general FOMO as a commuter student and I was just pulling out of a parking lot when this came on and I didn't really understand the lyrics but I liked how it had a relaxed vibe compared to the rest of the manic album. I guess the placing of it just makes it feel like in a teen movie/show where it’s like the prom or whatever and the teen realizes all the problems they had that they were worrying about were for nothing and they get to have fun now for a brief time while the credits roll?
    It appears to be about participating in life and making the most of it instead of just watching it from the sidelines, or even worse, from your smartphone the next morning as you watch Roseanne and/or The Golden Girls on TVLand (those 8 hour marathons are really important, okay!). Sure, staying up all night can be fun, but is it worth missing out on things like walking in the park or watching The View live? The bridge includes the lines "We're all just waiting for something till love touches you like a hand in the dark" which I like because it applies to both demographics of the album (in my eyes)- the people who are out having a good time and the ones who are imagining at home.
    While other tracks tell us C'est La Vie as we walk around Street Level to 61 Cygni Ave looking for Annie and some Smut(!), this track sees right through us and calls us out for being afraid of dying as a flop and using hedonism as a defense mechanism for everything. A nice keyboard moment during the bridge begins to wrap the song up as a credit for the album. In another life, you can imagine it as the credits for a John Hughes movie, or more accurately, a trippy Gregg Araki one.
    Pitchfork describes this as the quintessential Prince tribute track from the album, saying it pairs the neo psychadelia of Around the World in a Day to the communal ecstasy of Sign O' The Times.
    Jorge, Alan's brother told Medium that the song was "super progressive" and the first one completed in the New York sessions but the last one with the vocals recorded.

    The song even ends with applause! Sniff.
    Here's what you had to say:
    @happiestgirl (6): "I liked this more at first bc it sounded like a 1975 song but then it devolved a bit towards the end".
    @Remorque (8): "I like this one. Seems to have come straight off a Scritti Politti album."
    @constantino (8): "A fabulous closer".

    Also, thank you to @Chezam for noticing my mistake!

    Tomorrow: A mild shocker, and I don't just mean consecutive days of results.
  14. I really underscored News From The Sun.
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  15. 24. Loving Someone- The 1975- 7.369

    Highest Score: @inevitable (10), @2014 (9), @Chezam (9)
    Lowest Score: @soratami (4)

    Wow, let’s give it up for The 1975! They haven’t gotten eliminated in the last 10 rounds, with The Ballad of Me and My Brain being the last song that got eliminated.

    Okay, this is one song that I can’t really interpret that well. I guess it’s about a song for role models and what we “should” be doing. This critique on society says we should mature and focus on making the world a better place. I understand lyrics individually but putting it all together? Whoa nelly. So let’s leave it to the crew at NME to tell us what they have to say:

    It’s a half-rapped social observation, including lines on how the media and popular culture conditions its youth (“It’s better if we keep them perplexed/Better if we make them want the opposite sex”). There’s also the golden lyric “I’m the Greek economy of cashing intellectual cheques”, which is an outstanding highlight on a record full of brilliant lines, and a spoken word bit from Matty that’s buried low in the mix.

    Um, maybe it’s time for me to read more world news, because I don’t really understand what the Greek economy line is trying to say. Anyway, the band turned this into a #LoveWins moment and had a more LGBT themed video than this song would “require” released on Inauguration Day in 2017, with the typicial rainbow colors. They even tagged the former reality show host in the White House on Facebook!

    This blog seemed to have a pretty great line by line analysis. Unfortunately, I limit my copy and pasting of major article snippets to things written by major publications, so you’ll have to click to read more.

    Musically, I like it. I like the mix between the spoken word delivery and the chorus. It’s a calm song for all the societal takedown it has. Pitchfork compared this to Lily Allen while Rolling Stone says it has the moody buoyancy of Brit soul. In “Beyonce? Beyonce sweetie I am so sorry” news, Drowned in Sound compared this to The Knife and When Saints Go Machine. Actually, that’s just a snippet from their best of list. The original review compared it to Alt J, Prince’s Sign O’ the Times, The Avalanches and Air. I don’t even think all of these are wrong (and I only know Lily Allen and Air enough from all of these people) but I think it’s neat that one song can have so many different sounds for different people.

    Here's what you have to say:

    @constantino (6.5) “This is cute and all, but it sure does get repetitive for a while. I can totally believe that they would be immature enough to extend the track’s length just so it could clock in at 4.20.” Is Matty leading our youth to the evil Mary Jane!?? Someone, think of the children!

    @happiestgirl (6) “The rap-talk verses and the beat are great, don’t really like the shouted chorus though”. Up next- will Matty be on XXL's Freshman 2018 list?

    @Remorque (7.5) “Lyrically it’s fantastic, but it was always going to suffer from coming after that masterpiece. It sounds like a continuation of Somebody Else, yet isn’t.” Funnily enough, I saw a lot of people compare it to Love Me.

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  16. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Loving Someone is brilliant!
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  17. I have to change the subject for a minute.


    23. Ugh! - The 1975 - 7.408
    Highest Score: @happiestgirl (10), @enjoy (9), @Remorque (9)
    Lowest Score: @Untouchable Ace (4), @Jwentz (5), @soratami (5)
    Released in December 2015 as the second single from this era, this song describes Matty's addiction with physical symptoms including numbness, diarrhea, increased heart rates, obsession, money issues, and so on. It vaguely reminds me of the Rugrats theme song. I'm also surprised to see this one out early. This song is produced by Mike Crossley, who has worked with The 1975 on a bunch of other songs in addition to Wolf Alice and Walk the Moon. Clocking in at 3 minutes, it is described by Wikipedia as electropop, funk, and synthpop. So by that logic, is the Rugrats theme song also funk and synthpop? A mild hit for the band, the song reached number 10 on Billboard's rock chart in the United States and number 42 in the general singles chart back in the UK.
    Many reviewers praised how it combines dark themes with light sounds, although I would like to ask if they know anything about the band they're writing about. Nylon compares it to their earlier song Menswear. It's funny seeing earlier reviews be shocked at how pop and dance this sounds, but I think there are enough typical indie songs here to keep even the most serious listeners happy.
    Fun fact: At no point in the song is the titular phrase "Ugh!" said. What a rip off!
    Favorite lyric: "This conversation's not about reciprocation no more/But I'm gon' wait until you finish so I can talk some more". I love networking.

    @constantino (7) writes: "Fun, albeit repetitive. I enjoy the grit in Matty’s voice on this track."
    @happiestgirl (10) says: "“Very fun bop about….cocaine”".
    @Remorque (9) adds: "Okay, so this is hitting a little too close to home… Give it to The 1975 to make a weighty song like this sound like a bop and a half. The lyrics are so fucking effective though and a testament to how good of a songwriting team this band is.". Too close to home!?! Shall we give our friend Lisa Rinna a call?
    Bonus gifs here.

  18. The closest he comes to 'Ugh' is his raspiness when singing words like 'Up'.
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  19. What! 2 of the best songs in this rate. Tame Impala needs to lose more songs before anything else from The 1975 (except for Paris, it can go).
  20. Ok but UGH! should have been top 5.
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