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Currents/I Like It When/Vega Intl: The 1975 Write Up

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by AshleyKerwin, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. He's making his list...... he's checking it twice....

    22. List of People (to Try and Forget About)- Tame Impala- 7.438
    Highest Score: @enjoy (10)
    Lowest Score: @soratami (5), @Jwentz (6), @2014 (6)

    Wow, I guess this was time for this to go. It lasted way longer than the other 2 bonus tracks and even longer than some official Currents songs. Maybe they should've put this on the album?

    Originally a leftover from Lonerism, the theme fits in with other songs from that era such as FOMO anthem Why Won’t They Talk to Me?. This song deals with the idea of closure and not being stuck in the past. In the age of social media, when you can literally reverse image search after having them pop up on your dating app of choice alone, can you ever really escape the past? Can you forget about them? Or will you find their ex’s sister’s workplace with a public social media account and follow along for new posts?
    In an interview with Zane Lowe (wow, I just found out those are available to even us non members of Apple Music), Kevin says this was one of the first songs he recorded for this album in between Lonerism and Currents, but ultimately, that's what hurt it in the end:
    I guess maybe one of the reasons it didn’t end up on the album Currents was that it was started on so early and I was so over it by the time I was finishing the album.
    But by the time I got to finish the track, I was really kind of like satisfied with it as a song and as a chunk of my creativity and emotion and stuff.
    I guess that makes sense? I'm not going into a study for how mature their lyrics are, but I feel like the title alone sounds kind of middle schooly and something you write on scrap paper to throw out and get off your chest promptly. I guess it could've fit earlier on in the album before he got closure and moved on but yeah. My general policy is interludes can always be replaced with full songs but I'm glad Kevin is giving us something during the wait for their next album.
    Musically? It's mopre guitar based than the rest of the album but it's also pretty short (4:42). There's a consistent drum throughout and some synths. His voice is a little deeper than usual. There's a bleep around the 2:40 mark. Towards the end of the song it sort of sounds like Eventually and Yes I'm Changing where it carries off.
    @happiestgirl (8): "Sadly relatable!"
    @Remorque (8.5): "The struggle to not tag people is fucking real, y’all."
    Don't worry, this thread never leaves page 2. Your secret is safe with us.
    @constantino (7): "I really like this as a bonus track but I don’t think it would’ve added anything to the main album."

  2. I heard 2 male voices.... one was Luann.

    21. C'est La Vie (Say the Casualties!)- Neon Indian- 7.538
    Highest Score- me (10), @Untouchable Ace (10), @Jwentz (10)
    Lowest Score- @happiestgirl (4)

    Built around a sample from RAH Band's The Crunch, this nutty and kooky song uses groovy synths to detail another night out. The title can refer to people passing out and going home as the night goes on and they get more drunk and high? I guess this would be the closest thing to his earlier vapor/chillwave stuff. Some people (like the reviewers at Sputnik) complained about the lack of hook while others noted that his vocals are a distinct higher pitch over here. AVClub compared this to Easy Lover era Phil Collins, which recently played on American Crime Story. I guess I also can hear some Goldfrapp going on.

    I want a cracked out music video to this that takes place on some kid’s gameshow a la Double Dare 2000 but has the main characters (played by puppets of course) doing ~messy things as the games, like doing shots or sniffing… powder or whatever. Someone contact Tove to direct this.

    @happiestgirl (4): "Toe-tapping beat, but the singer’s voice is not pleasant on this”.
    @Remorque (6.5): "Though there’s not much to cling onto here, I do actually appreciate this in all its glam rock-ishness." I guess when you put it like that, this album fits in with the late 70's machismo/materialistic subgenre.
    @constantino (9): "B*Witched found ROTTING. This is so much fun!". Tea! The only witches we acknowledge in here are the Halliwell sisters.

    This song is pretty popular live.

  3. Oh no, my 1st 10
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  4. These are the rest of my lower-than-7 scores, so please make them go away!
    61 Cygni Ave (how can this outlast Loving Someone! How???)

    Anyway, this is the top 10 I'd have wanted:
    10. Love Me
    9. New Person, Same Old Mistakes
    8. Loving Someone (fuck you all)
    7. Annie
    6. Let It Happen
    5. The Sound
    4. She’s American

    3. The Less I Know The Better
    2. Slumlord
    1. Somebody Else
    I'd be ok with Slumlord's Rerelease being there too.
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  5. Hey everyone! Sorry for the silence this week. @Chezam noticed I miscounted the songs and we're actually at the top 21 rather than the top 20! I honestly thought I was going insane because I kept trying to count and figure out where I went wrong. Then I just got lazy with updating in between being busy this week but now I just decided it's better to go ahead with the updates and go through the thread later on.

    21. Reality in Motion- Tame Impala- 7.762
    Highest Score: @Remorque (9), @inevitable (9)
    Lowest Score: me (7), @enjoy (7), @Chezam (7), @soratami (7), @happiestgirl (7).

    The “new relationship” song that shows that the narrator is slowly but surely moving on from the end of their relationship. It’s okay but a little basic for me. Obviously this average is great and 7’s and up shows how it’s well received, but nobody giving this a 10 feels accurate for it just being there. I don’t seek this song out but I don’t mind it. I actually didn’t find a lot of stuff written about this song online. Usually, I can find it written about in reviews without adding in other search terms but I just found lyric and instrument information. I found a Reddit thread accurately titled “Why people aren't just crazy about Reality in Motion? List of reasons to love it inside” which I guess can apply for us. Some of the reasons include the synth sound, the connection between old and new Tame Impala, and Kevin’s happiness.

    The song sounds okay, synths and all. I guess the more that I read the lyrics, it sounds like it's about coming off a high with all of the nervousness. With Kevin’s falsetto vocals, I guess this is pretty representative of the album. Tame Impala’s Jay Watson (aka GUM) did a remix which appears on the bonus EP. It’s even more synthy and Kevin’s vocals are more altered.

    @happiestgirl (7): “Chill and sweet, plods along just a bit too much though”

    @Remorque (7): “A pure psychedelic pop song. It speaks to me in more ways than one, but on this particular grey angsty morning it’s helping me cope with a bout of anxiety that snuck its way into my head when cycling to work this morning…:

    Up next.. a shock elimination I can't believe.
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  6. 20. Love Me- The 1975- 7.769

    Highest Score: @constantino (10) @Jwentz (10)
    Lowest Score: @Untouchable Ace (1!!!!!!!!), @soratami (5)

    Now, I know it’s in poor taste for a host to critique and single out people for their opinions, but a 1!!! Wow. Especially for a lead single. And I don’t even think it sounds that different from other songs on the album for it to get a 1. Usually for rates, I just assume the lead singles are a shoo in for the top 5, but this result will certainly shake things up for the rate. I’m shook at one of the most poptimist moments of the decade barely scraping the top 20. Whereas something like Reality in Motion (pleasant but not polarizing) had 7’s to 9’s, this sonic leap for The 1975 had a 1 and a 5, which I guess show that risks don’t always pay off. At least it had more 10’s though?

    This song is the lifestyles of the rich and famous anthem. I always thought he was singing “lick it, lick it, lick it!”, so unfortunately maybe I’m not the best person to give insight for this song. Inspired by 80’s pop stars like David Bowie or Scritti Politti, Love Me talks about fame and reputation, especially heightened with their popularity in young and impressionable demographics. People always call The 1975 the Tumblr band but in my opinion, the Arctic Monkeys have them beat in that spot. For more dissections on fan culture, watch Charli XCX's video for Famous.

    Described as funk rock by Wikipedia, new wave and pop rock by RateYourMusic, and wig shattering by yours truly, this was released as a lead single in October 2015, months before the album. Matty told Billboard

    “It came from jamming. We're big Talking Heads fans, big Scritti Politti fans, and Japan as well. "Love Me" was just three years of being on the road and not wanting to soundcheck the same song every night. That riff just happened. "Love Me" sounded bombastic and ridiculous and a bit arrogant and I was like, "That's what it needs to be about. The rock star buying into his own self-constructed mythology." We found ourselves, as a band, being immersed in a world we didn't feel part of. So it's just… love me, if that's what you want to do”. .​

    And in case you haven’t noticed that I’m going line by line from Wikipedia, this song has been compared to Fame by David Bowie and Burning Down the House by Talking Heads. Spin compared this song to a Neon Indian record track, which reassures me that this rate concept is more appropriate than I realized. The strong guitars are definitely the most memorable things about the track.

    Matty also said “The way I address [our fans] is by giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming that they’re in on the joke. I’m making an observation on the glaringly obvious superficial elements that surround my life and the culture that I feed into.”. Is pretending to be ironic a quick way to backtrack out of any former pretentiousness? Well.

    A music video was released (naturally) that included cameos of celebrities including Ed Sheeran, Elvis Presley, Rita Ora (?), Harry Styles (who he kisses), Miley Cyrus, Charli XCX, Mr. Bean, James Dean, and 2 people I don’t recognize (the man in black and white and the man in blue). Well, their cardboard cut outs at least. Here’s what Matty has to say about that:

    “The [cardboard cutouts] were people who were very culturally relevant and famous. We’re not having a go at them, they’re just representative of this generation the same way that I am.”​

    And if you’re into queerbaiting, there’s a hot tub scene for you! #Equality. There’s also 2 fans dancing near giant balloon letters of The 1975. If you love pop academia, someone had a professional analysis of this video over here.

    This song was performed with The Sound on their Saturday Night Live appearance in February 2016.

    Did voters love Love Me?

    @happiestgirl (8): “This song is really upbeat and I like it, but I think they could’ve chosen something more special for the lead single”.

    @Remorque (8): “Okay, so usually I’m not here for the preachy “Oh, you’re instafamous, you ain’t a real star!”-kinda songs, but this is a bop and a half, innit. And it’s actually quite cleverly brought, so yeah… I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.”

    @constantino (10): “Already better than pretty much everything on their debut, so a good start. I adore the production quirks, they add a great sense of energy and texture to the track. Matty’s delivery is also on-point, you can really see the leap in confidence from their debut - so much charisma.”

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  7. 19. 61 Cygni Ave-Neon Indian-7.815
    Highest Score: @Jwentz (10), @Remorque (10)
    Lowest Score: @Chezam (4)

    Pitchfork compares this to Scritti Politti and The Police and even calls it reggae but I don’t here it at all? But then
    it all made sense. Qwhite the surprise! I bet this could've been a really urban hit.


    I like this (giving it a 7) and it’s a fine uptempo song but I don’t have a lot to say about it. I just found out that 61 Cygni is a “binary star system in the constellation Cygnus” about 11.41 light years away from earth. The song is another who/what/where/why/when song for nightlife. Honestly, this album feels like expository writing exercises for The Sims 2 Nightlife sometimes, but I mean that in the nicest way possible. Bringing that pop sensibility to indie music! I guess I don’t mind the song but I would’ve like it earlier in the album. I don’t hear any of the Annie comparisons, though.

    Here’s a really interesting interview I found from Alan, where he talks about the role his heritage played in his writing (his dad was a musician in the 80s!) and what his plans are next. Regarding 61 Cygni Ave:’ve mentioned before that where you were born in Monterrey, there was a larger audience for synth music. Could you speak a little bit about artists from Monterrey specifically who have inspired you?

    As far as inspiration goes, I draw influence from a lot of things. I’m a pretty avid record collector, but I would say it didn’t initially click. When we [Alan and brother/Neon Indian bassist Jorge Palomo] were coming back with something like “61 Cygni Ave” – it sounded a little like Maná on acid. We understand the concept of that music, in terms of its Caribbean influences, but I’m more inspired by what’s happening in Mexico as a whole, just in terms of the kind of people you might find in Mexico City, like NAAFI, or some Mexican-represented artists that you might find on a label like Cómeme, or even the kind of collectives that are popping up like NRMAL in my hometown of Monterrey.​

    Wow, so maybe Ian Cohen was onto something. Huh! says this sounds like Men at Work meets Cameo “melted together”, whereas The Last Magazine says it reminds them of disco legends Supermax. AV Club compared this to Howard Jones doing reggae.

    @constantino (7.5) gives some backhanded shade: I really enjoy this despite my interest in the album waning at this point.

    @happiestgirl (8) gives her seal of approval: “The best song on the album! Invite me to your party boyzz”.

    @soratami (9) also gives high praise for the song: “This would be a 10 if it weren't for that annoying vocal effect

    @Remorque gave it a 10: “Melodically probably the poppiest song on the album. I’ve always loved it in its 80 Madness-ish glory. A simple hook, but a fucking catchy one at that.”

    @Jwentz gives this more compliments (10): “This is the type of distorted party anthem that I LOVE.”

  8. Unfortunately this song was my first exposure to The 1975 but I did not know who tgey were. I heard it everyday at work in 2015/16. It was not loud enough to be heard and enjoyed but the speakers were at a volume to make everything sound annoying.
    I actually find some of the production too derivative of 70's band sounds. I would have assumed that The Sound was the lead single.
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  9. NOOOOO!!!!!! And a measly 7.7 average? Really!?

    Girl!... I forgive you though because of your avatar. Battle of the twinks.
  10. Thank you, more like they should collaborate in many different ways.

    Now onto the rest of the songs all with near perfect scores.
  11. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Love Me out already is unexpected!
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  12. Needed to add one more item to my Amazon basket to get a discount so I ended up getting the Neon Indian album. @AshleyKerwin your promo is working.
  13. 18. Paris- The 1975- 7.838

    Highest Score: @CorgiCorgiCorgi (10) @2014 (10) @Untouchable Ace (9.9)
    Lowest Score: @Remorque (6.5) @Chezam (6) @inevitable (6)

    I gave it a 7. I feel like I’ll be hated for this score but this song is nice but nothing too special for me. This song was compared to Every Breath You Take by The Police from The Verge and PopCrush which is weird because I thought I never heard that before? I guess the general vibe works and I feel like it’s sampled in a lot of stuff so maybe I just don’t notice it anymore. Huh. Allmusic compared this to Tango in the Night era Fleetwood Mac, so now I definitely know we’re all just throwing words that we don’t understand around!

    Lyrically, this song is about nostalgia in a relationship. The relationship had issues, such as depression (his and outside people’s), narcissism (I want to say the “because her friend kept cutting her wrists” line is supposed to reflect badly on Matty?) and drug usage. Despite all of this, he wants to go back to Paris, when things were easier. It ends with them not ending up together and parting ways.

    Overall, I just feel ambivalent towards this song. It’s not my least favorite but I don’t have any opinions on it and it’s not like the ambient songs or whatever where I can figure out why I don’t like it.

    Anyway, if you want to watch a 90’s movie about a lesbian photographer heroin addict starring Ally Sheedy, check out High Art.

    @Remorque gave it a high praise and a mediocre score (I kid!)(6.5):”The Chainsmokers found rotting. This is how you make a song about being a heroin addict and make it sound simple.”

    @happiestgirl (8): “Sweet and simple”

    @constantino (9):”Okay wait at how sweet this is. We love a brief moment of genuine vulnerability and softness breaking through the shell that is toxic masculinity.”

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  14. 2014

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    Aw no poor 1975!!! Any song titled Paris is destined to be great, see also Friendly Fires, Kate Nash, Little Dragon and Fleur East
  15. Oh another 10 gone.

    And don't forget Magic Man.
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  16. I didn't say that ddd (and also I gave it a 7).
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  17. You're right! I apologize. @Remorque gave it a 6.5. Glad to see you bought the Neon Indian album!
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  18. (To be fair, this is probably one of the better Chainsmokers songs.)
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  19. 17. Eventually- Tame Impala- 7.846

    Highest Score: @constantino (10), @Untouchable Ace (10)

    Lowest Score: @soratami (6), @Chezam (6.5), @Consideration (6.5)

    Released as the last pre album single, Eventually came out May 8 2015. It starts out with a brief guitar moment before following the rest of the album’s synthpop formula. In an interview with Under the Radar magazine, Kevin talked about the song a little:

    How about "Eventually"? What was your original idea for that song?

    All I know about the genesis of that song is that I was on the back of a scooter. I think I was in Perth and my friend was driving the scooter and I was on the back. I don't know why, but I started singing it in my head. The song is about knowing that you're about to damage someone almost irreparably, and the only consolation you get is this distant hope that they'll be alright eventually, because you know that they aren't going to be now or soon. It's like "Fuck!" That's all I remember. I was on the back of the scooter and the wind was rushing through me.
    It sounds like a breakup song.
    Yeah. I guess I can't really deny that, but at the same time I like songs to be ambiguous. I hate to say that a song is about this and you must interpret it this way, because one of the cool things is to hear someone's interpretation of one of your songs that is completely different. That's when you feel like you've done something that belongs not just to you. That's when you feel like your music belongs to the world, when you hear all these different interpretations and what it does to people. It's a good feeling.

    Additionally, in the same Reddit AMA where he debuted Disciples, he says thisL

    “I have to say though, there's a song on the new album called Eventually that is still very moving for me to listen to even after 951520974 listens and mixes.”

    This song has grown on me. I used to just look at it as a weaker version of Yes I’m Changing, in my opinion. Is he sincere or should this have been called “Gaslighting- the Musical!”. But now, I like it more once I focused on the (extremely weak) one worded chorus less. Pitchfork, flaws and all, sums it up for me with “The structure of the chorus ("But I know that I'll be happier/ And I know you will, too/ Eventually") makes it plain that it's always about me first. And even if Parker honestly wishes eventual happiness for "you," he wants it to arrive on his schedule.” from their review for Currents. But I guess that’s realistic? How many of us care about the other person at the end of a relationship? Heck, I barely can get myself to update this on a regular schedule, and that’s letting a dozen of you sweet, innocent contributors down!

    Apparently, there was a plagiarism controversy that Kevin brushed off:

    Here’s what you have to say:

    @happiestgirl (7) is not happy with the 5:19 length: “This is great but just TOO LONG””

    Kevin Parker feels happier, but does @Remorque (8.5)?: “This one kinda hits home… It’s never easy to put an end to something you, after time, thought would last a really long time. This song has helped me through some emotional turmoil in the past in that it didn’t make me stronger, yet it gave me strength to keep on and hope for the future.”

    @constantino (10): “This is..huge. Swirling, euphoric and epic - such a #moment.”

    Here’s an indie girl group cover I found:

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